What’s there to talk about?

From tonight’s special meeting.

They must not want to ask themselves too many of the tough questions contained in the packet:




The official packet from this Board organization btw only costs $10. There’s no issue there.

(P.S. Why the sudden need for an unscheduled meeting tonight about this topic? Is someone using their lack of formal self-scrutiny against them right now? Like, in a lawsuit? Or OCR complaint? The Toolkit’s only been around for 15 years!)


Board Self-Evaluation Toolkit
Toolkits Now Available
CSBA’s Governance Consulting Services has announced the availability of a new governance tool, using the CSBA Professional Governance Standards for School Board Self-Evaluation.
Governance teams are effective when they take collective responsibility for the team’s performance. To do this, they should periodically evaluate their own effectiveness and ability to create a positive organizational culture focused on improved student learning and achievement.
While there are a variety of ways to self-evaluate, perhaps the best criteria for boards to evaluate themselves against are CSBA’s Professional Governance Standards for School Boards. Adopted in 2000 by board members from throughout the state, they set a standard of excellence for board performance.
The board self-evaluation toolkit can be used by boards to assess their collective performance against the Professional Governance Standards. It can be used by boards without outside assistance and is designed to help boards have productive, collegial conversations about what they are doing well and areas in which they would like to improve.
Copies are available for $10 from the Governance Consulting Services. Contact Chris Pruitt at (916) 669-3293 to order.



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