So who’d she confer with on the phony ballot title?


Because these local city clerks never just keep their own counsel when it comes to the performance of city business — even though as elected officials they’re very much supposed to — we’re wondering who helped ours come up with the cynical idea of misnaming the November airport ballot vote as “Measure B”?

Apparently that’s what they’re doing. The aim of course is to glom onto the wild popularity of the original 2001 measure in order to help get their new dream-terminal through. It’s all about exploiting the name recognition and good will that’s attached to the other, real one.

Their preliminary advocacy statement even deliberately conflates the two by falsely claiming further protections for the residents if you eagerly vote their way. Just like what the real Measure B did, but won’t any more if this stupid thing goes through. There’ll be no more “referendums” if that terminal plan wins in November.

But what’s in a name, right?

(No? Ask them then why they named it “Measure B” in the first place! Is there a “Measure A” on the same local November ballot?)

Keep in mind that this is the same city clerk who last month tried to evade the reality that not all multi-residential tenants on the Landlord-Tenant Commission are tenant advocates. That’s because some of them are indeed landlords — such as her own daughter, who was one of the applicants!



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27 responses to “So who’d she confer with on the phony ballot title?

  1. Anonymous 3

    “falsely claiming further protections for the residents if you eagerly vote their way.”

    There is NOTHING false about the new protection brought on by the super majority.

    Get over it.

    • semichorus

      It’s no protection if you get a booster council in 10 years; and to make it sound like a “Measure B” protection now to boot is rank dishonesty.

      Like here:

      Do not be fooled: Measure B does not expand the airport. Measure B gives Burbank greater protections and power to stop airport expansion.

      They’re trying to spread the real protections and power (and reputation of same) that was afforded by 2001’s Measure B onto this current vote. Measure B gives us protٜections folks!

      But not after this vote if “Yes” wins. That was a different Measure B.

      (That boldfaced statement also contains another lie: it WILL be a bigger, expanded airport if you vote “Yes” on this Measure B. By about a third.)

  2. Anonymous 3

    Ask the Clerk. She’s the author of the title.

    • semichorus

      I’m asking her here. I’ve stated the question.

      There’s clearly an attempt going on to conflate the two in the voters’ minds.

      (Can’t wait to hear what their answer is. Why, it’s just a COINCIDENCE that they both have the same name!)

      • Anonymous 3

        You don’t really think that Mullins reads your petulant, smutty, abusive, and misogynist blog, do you? Did I mention hateful?

        You live in a rich fantasy land if you think she cares what you say or ask.

        But then you think that you made the difference in defeating Rizzotti. You did not. He ran a miserable campaign. He even got beat by that goof ball Gilligan.

        Have your buddy Nolan ask at the next council session. At least he has the courage to be seen in public. Which considering what he looks like is not saying nothing.

        • semichorus

          Smutty. Oh my.

          YL hurt Rizzotti bigtime. And only thanks to me.

          • DixieFlyer

            For the edification of anon 3 and others who claim “inside” dope from Shitty Hall; our illustrious Council Members who met on a Sunday morn with representatives of Glendale & Pasadena with our Congressman:

            Agreed to the title of “Measure B”.

            When was the discussion in Council Chambers?

            Can’t blame the City Clerk.

            When will they come clean?

            What else has been hidden in the “back room”?

            • semichorus

              Thanks Dixie for the info. Of course it went beyond the CC. It always does!

              It’s such a sleazy tactic, too. Measure B’s a good thing!

        • Willie Watcher

          How catty to mention Mike Nolan’s appearance. He is naturally handsome beyond compare. He is very intelligent and stirs thought over and over. That’s why you despise him.
          Semi is also beyond bright. In this city you can’t object to anything or you are ostracized. It’s better that semi stay out of the lime light and prod, poke and ponder. You just hate that he dare question anything.
          Goof ball Juan Guillian? Not quite. Willie, you are the quintessential goof ball.

          • semichorus

            Love that about Mike. He does look good for his advanced age (jk!)

            It’s always a sign of desperation when this crowd has to resort to attacks about personal appearance or — my favorite, from Rogers et al — questions about “character” and moral rectitude.

            And especially accusations about finances and lack of money. That’s a good one too.

          • Anonymous 3

            How about calling little Jimmy a coward for never leaving his basement?

            • semichorus

              Ah, the boosters are getting restless. We’re on to the character issues again. No doubt Will will soon be writing about how he can’t “look into these people’s minds and souls” to see why they’re the way they are, but he finds their deportment mighty “troubling” to those who, like he, are conscientious and truth-seeking.

              Or something like that. It’s been the same script for 25 years. Maybe you guys can also find another junior high picture of me to make it complete. I’m sure Mike has one too.

              • اغتنم اليوم أو وقت النهار

                Nolan is a filthy and disgusting individual that has become sub human and on a regular basis walks through the city in need of a shower and clothes washing or just simple hosing down with a fire hose. Nolan appears to have an aversion to soap and water.

              • Anonymous 3

                That one has that smelly alcoholic pegged.

  3. Anonymous 3

    Rogers suggested the title of “Measure C” to express the continuity.

    Mullins did otherwise.

  4. Buster

    A lack of money…with Nolan? It will never happen, not as long as Mary Lou Howard is alive!

    • semichorus

      Let me tell you something about the Howards, you sinister little asshole. Unlike most people of means they’re quite kind to those who aren’t so fortunate. Brett Howard for instance is very generous to his lower income tenants. He buys their buildings, fixes them up, and then keeps their rents down. Catholic good works at its best. So you and your gossipmonger buddies can go fuck yourselves.

  5. chad

    Anon 3 you don’t advance your critical position very well by commenting on someone’s appearance like that.

  6. Anonymous

    I believe that our city council members are intelligent and they had great experts work with the airport and people like Nolan who know nothing about business and development really know nothing compared to the experts that the city has used on all of this. Nolan needs some grease so he stops squeeking all the time.

  7. Anonymous

    Mike has the nerve to address wrongdoings. Talking about his appearance will not quiet him. Isn’t it kind of desperation to bring that up? It’s a bully tactic that he will not succumb to.

  8. Cynthia

    We just have to humor some of these ignorant newcomers.
    Mike was one of the Community Leaders that SUPPORTED Public Ownership of the then Hollywood-Burbank Airport when Lockheed decided to sell it.
    Burbank residents such as Charlie Lombardo and Mike worked very hard to convince the Airlines to acquire Stage Three Aircraft to address one of the constant complaints.
    They were successful.
    As a matter of fact, at one of the scheduled State Noise Variance Hearings it was Margie Gee and Mike that represented the Homeowners.
    Bill Rudell went into hiding, even though he was subpoenaed to appear.
    Mike tracked him down at the Pickwick Bowling Alley, convinced the
    Hearing Officer to page Bill at the Bowling Alley.
    When Bill answered the phone the Hearing Officer ordered him to appear.
    Rudell, after being admonished by the Hearing Officer and LA County
    Counsel, was asked on the record about the Complaints on the Hotline.
    When Bill claimed there were NONE, he was confronted with earlier
    testimony that they were NEVER transcribed by his ORDER.
    From that day forward the Order has been TO TRANSCRIBE.
    Where were these people back then?
    Gary Bric of all people should KNOW better.

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