Face it, Burbank boosters. There ain’t gonna be any “beloved” stairway boarding at your proposed new dream terminal




What can you say about this desperate and sleazily expedient airport booster crowd?

Because we’ve been promoting for the last six months the idea that our current Burbank Airport terminal has an old-fashioned stairway boarding procedure that people everywhere apparently just love to death — and thus shouldn’t be torn down in our view, for this and about a dozen other good reasons not to — all of a sudden the local terminal replacement fans are trying to claim that their proposed new facility will be just the same!

This despite the fact that Burbank’s admittedly antiquated (but still quite charming and useful) stairway access has long been reviled by this same exact crowd, and has for years been cited as one of the prime reasons why this “seriously dated” airport of ours needs to be replaced. And pronto.

So don’t believe them. It ain’t gonna happen. You’re gonna get ramp tunnels and walkway accordions just like every other “modern” airport if you vote this dumb plan through. You’re not going to be waiting on the tarmac next to a bunch of metal stairs. Not for $400 million. And because the city’s suddenly discovered “beloved rear boarding” is dependent upon stairways and nothing else, that ain’t gonna happen either.

How many other airports have double accordion or tunnel access into their waiting planes? How many have rear de-planing?

Think about it. You’re being lied to folks. They’re doing whatever it takes to win.

So — if approved — say buh-BYE!



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25 responses to “Face it, Burbank boosters. There ain’t gonna be any “beloved” stairway boarding at your proposed new dream terminal

  1. chad

    James Mason and Zsa Zsa?

  2. Anonymous

    If they tell the voters that the stairs will remain and they get a yes vote doesn’t that mean they have to keep the stairs because the votes said so ?

    • semichorus

      Don’t mean shit.

      I take that back. It means they lied about this “beloved” rear boarding in order to induce a “Yes” vote to get their hoped-for new terminal approved.

      Whatever works. They (meaning Rogers– the statement’s obvious author right now) are lying through their shithole right now and got caught on it by me almost at once. So let the personal abuse and whisper campaign begin. I’m used to it.

  3. Anonymous

    They’re called jetways, and it’s up to the airlines to determine their boarding procedure not the airport.

    • semichorus

      I’m not aware of any that do rear boarding other than Burbank. Nor are friends of mine who fly all the time.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve done plenty of tarmac loading all over. Those turbo prop commuter jets for one. The biggest problem is no drawings or plans that show anything. We’re voting on lies and deceit.

        • Anonymous 3

          You’re voting on hysteria and conspiracy.

        • Daryl

          How can an investigative reporter investigate something that has no plans ? So he investigates just by being told something by oeople crossing their fingers saying oh we promise ? Where is the hard proof that the loading of planes remains unchanged ???

        • semichorus

          Yeah those planes sure. But I’m not aware of any place other than stairway Burbank that has rear-loading on commercial jets.

          I found something about the Southwest terminal in Albany NY that can do it, but they usually don’t, and never de-planing. Apparently rear entering people can get into mix-ups with those coming in from the front all racing for seats.

          And yes, where are the plans? This has only come up after I brought up the super-positive Yelp about the current facility. It’s an obvious ruse.

    • Anonymous

      Not if the terminal is on the ground like this one. Where has any airline weighed in on this project? They’re too bizzy making the billion dollar profit reported today. Why would they care how they get the cattle on the plane.

      • semichorus

        Ramps will be used if it’s one story. That’s what they do. And it will also handle handicapped access.

        There’s no issue here. There won’t be stairway boarding at a new $400 million facility. The whole idea’s preposterous.

  4. chad

    Amelia will make her triumphant return and not believe what she sees.

    • DixieFlyer

      Be more careful, chad.

      Some of us know which Amelia you mean.

      Others may think of the runt, who Can’t Understand Normal Thinking.

      • Tom

        Um who is Amelia ?

      • Anonymous 3

        Hey Mike.

        Why do you hate women so much? What did they ever do to you?

        • semichorus

          Ah, it’s “Mike Nolan” again.

          Hey, I had acne when I was in high school. Why don’t you guys bring that up too?

          You’re all such sleazy, dishonest fuckheads. Classic Burbank.

          • Doris (not so dumb)

            How many women have you campaigned for and when did you start?
            Which Offices were they running for?
            My husband and I can go back 40 years with Mike and campaigns.
            They didn’t all win, the first time.
            Be careful anon3, whoever you are, some of us are still here.

  5. Anonymous

    So I went to the web site and discovered there are no plans for jetways. The plan is to load just like the current terminal. It’s all on the ground story with offices on the second. All these people talking out their ass about a modern terminal have no idea it’s going to be the same so much for the ADA complainers. It’s just a new mall we’re getting.


    • semichorus

      It’s a lie. And quite a dumb one.

      For instance, if they’re going to keep the 1940s “stairways,” what’s the point then of doing the $400 million project in the first place? You’re right– to make it a mall with shops?

      That would be like building a big new high school in town, but then saying — because many of us don’t like all of this high tech stuff, and want to keep the old, vintage high school around to boot — that, well, OK then, we just won’t in put all those electrical plugs around the new classrooms for all the chargers and computer equipment. You know, because many people like the old style of doing things…

      In other words, it will NEVER happen. It would be pointless “quaint-ery” and fetishism. It’s a ruse. Plus, where ELSE are there “stairways” and not jetways in the US?


      Not only that, boarding is an AIRLINE issue, not airport. The choice has nothing to do with the airport’s point of view— which in this case is bullshit anyway. And there’s no way in hell that the airlines and FAA are going to go for stairway-only boarding at the new “21st-century!” Burbank airport.

  6. Anonymous

    What’s the point? They say unsafe to close to center line 400 million will save the children😀 . It’s not Burbank tax payer money so why not. As dixie flyer says the airport don’t print money. The same out of touch residents think the old IKEA plan is a good idea. Burbank old and run down bad, developers including the airport to the rescue.

  7. Cynthia

    Who remembers the Jet-Way that the Airport Authority RIPPED out?

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