How’d you like being stuck in one of these underground passages in the middle of an 8.1?

And with the San Andreas Fault as part of the pathway?


HSR’s a great idea. Too bad the Highway Lobby is ruining it. It’s now all about making money.

None of the three proposed routes service Canyon Country and Castaic, either — one of LA County’s fastest growing areas. So those folks will have to drive all the way back to Burbank to use it.

Get rid of the tunnels and stretch it to Canyon Country. Then follow the existing highways where there are already public easements and thus less possibility of community disruption.

Anything else is lunacy– or graft.



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7 responses to “Boon-doggle

  1. Anonymous 3

    Betcha that the communities up thru canyon country are against it coming there.

    • semichorus

      Not as much as the ones down here. There was a riot at their last community meeting.

      Build it along the hwys and there won’t be as much complaint. Cheaper, too.

  2. chad

    I have spent a lot of time thinking about whether this is ultimately a good idea or not. Along the freeways tends to make this more digestible for me.

  3. 91505

    High speed rail like metro link was always about money and only money. I just hope that the people who voted for it suffer the most from it and remember November 8 tell then no on every proposition they are putting in front of us they are all money grabbing shams.

  4. Citizen Cane

    High Speed Rail is nothing more than a way to employ and pay union workers for the next 50 years constructing this thing. It will never be as fast or travel times as short as promised. Flying up and down the state will prove cheaper and more practical.

  5. Citizen Cane

    Semi: when High Speed Rail was on the ballot, the cost was 39 billion. After the measure won on the ballot, the cost jumped to 98 billion, which means over 100 billion to tax payers. Is that cost worth a train ride? Who will benefit? Unions will benefit.

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