It’s because he was Black

More proof that too many cops are liars and racists:

Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan called the shooting “very difficult to watch” and called for an investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Before the video of the incident was made public on Monday, police spokeswoman Jeanne MacKenzie told reporters that Crutcher “refused to follow commands given by the officers.”

She added, “They continued to talk to him. He continued not to listen and follow any commands. As they got closer to the vehicle, he reached inside the vehicle, and at that time there was a Taser deployment, and a short time later there was one shot fired.”

Officer Tyler Turnbough, who is also white, used a stun gun on Crutcher, according to police. The reason one officer drew a stun gun while another drew a handgun against the unarmed man remains unknown at this time, as does why he was considered a threat to officers in the first place.

It’s because he was Black. And then they lied about him.



Btw. Has Burbank ever released any police video to the media?


We can’t recall a time that they have. It’s always outside news shots we see of incidents.

Oh, and then there was this:

With three officers standing in a line behind Terence Crutcher and at least one more officer standing several feet behind them, the video shows, his body falls to the pavement.

Blood pools around his body. Roughly two minutes appear to pass before anyone checks on him.

Arrogant murderers.



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60 responses to “It’s because he was Black

  1. chad

    Notice the audio comment, “He looks like a bad dude. He might be on something.” Oklahoma. OK!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    The little woman should of never been given a gun. It was her only way to defend herself in any situation.

    • CornFused

      Defend herself from what? She should have never been on any police force at all. I saw one of Burbanks PDs officers awhile ago and it was pretty similar. There’s certain jobs that require a different body build and being a cop is one. Putting some little lady/man in a uniform and expecting her to be able to contain larger people makes using a gun about the best option. Get rid of the old fat dudes too or at least keep them behind a desk somewhere.

      • Dan

        Cornfused you are correct. Body build and strength should be an absolute requirement. You are also right everyone can not be a cop it is not something anyone can do just because they are alive.

  3. Scotr

    Tubby Luby just said that traffic on new projects is not part of environmental review now. Great just one more reason to allow more over building while they try to make us pay more for electric and water and push for a bigger new airport. Great job politicians. We need to get rid of so many of these establishment politicians

  4. Eileen

    The womens achiever award ? Really Mayor puffer fish ? Yawn.

  5. 91505

    No target in Magnolia Park .

  6. Russ

    Watching this city meeting and I have a question. Isn’t it dangerous to build a block wall on truckloads of fill dirt ?

  7. Anonymous

    I never bought the BPD’s or prosecutors claims regarding the shooting of Burbank resident and citizen Carl Strunk a few years back by officers Chris Canales and Fernando Munoz of BPD. Especially considering that both cops were both later fired for abuse and lying in the course of their jobs. At the time, there weren’t enough black lives for BPD to mess with. They had to settle for shooting our white homeboys, but mostly Mexicans. All lives do matter! Burbank police abuse of any kind to anyone needs to stop!

  8. Tim

    Wow where did green hair dude come from ? Is he ready for Halloween ?

    • R

      That green hair was weird. Do you think the guy even knows how weird he looks ? Is green hair a Magnolia Park thing ?

    • Lie Detector

      He looks like a nice guy who is just catching onto the total disregard that the City of Burbank has for existing residents and merchants. That 3400 block already has a massive parking problem and now the city let in a huge makeup distributor. There is zero parking enforcement on Magnolia.
      The City cannot do anything about who is allowed to move into Magnolia Park. Lie! Lie! Lie! They have denied people right and left. Lie! Lie! Lie!

      • semichorus

        They only listen to the nearby residents. Small merchants be damned.

        Here’s a little secret. Burbank nabobs want to turn both Magnolia and Burbank Blvds into a mixed-use paradise for their developer friends. These two streets are the next big profit centers.

        It’s called Burbank2035, which made it easy as pie to rezone those old C-1 to C-3 areas.

        They want you little guys out. That’s why staff could care less. They’re in on it too.

        • anonymous 4

          Nice guys finish last in Burbank. He needs to learn real fast that the last place he wants to go is to the idiots at city hall if he wants to protect his neighborhood. Those are the people that are trying to destroy his neighborhood. First lesson do not trust Burbank City Hall unless you want things to get worse

      • anonymous

        He should organize his neighbors and demand that his alley and street be baracaded from the rest of us his neighborhood deserves the same protection that the ones got a couple weeks ago. Maybe he should start by inviting Fritos over for drinks and he to could be baracaded at tax payer expense.

        • Anonymous

          Magnolia Park is bursting at the seams and the city could not care less. The opposite side of that block has a bad history of parking problems -being ignored.
          But, I agree to unite the residing neighbors. They do get way more respect than the local loser merchants.
          The city workers had fun denying many businesses desirous of opening in Magnolia Park. Now, they have opened the flood gates. It’s retaliation after landholders stopped funding their control because of misuse of funds. Does anyone else see this?

  9. chad

    Rogers’ response to Public Comments. 😮

  10. chad

    Was there a cocktail party before the meeting? At Quizno’s?

  11. chad

    That BWP report was ahh…performance art.

  12. Anonymous

    Canales was reinstated by an arbitration board that only reviewed if all the I’s were dotted and T’s were crossed in his termination process. They did not evaluate his possible criminal acts. We know that the U.S. Justice Dept. gave up persuing criminal charges because there were “no credible witnesses,” who, by the way, were all Burbank cops. NO CREDIBLE WITNESSES IN the Burbank Police Department!

  13. Carlos

    It is time to stand up to these people who want to say it is not politically correct to be patriotic. We must stand against those who call patriotic Americans “deplorable”. It is time to stand up to those who say it is racist to be patriotic to our country. God Bless America !!
    #LatinosWithTrump #MAGGA

    • semichorus

      And god bless the days when white people ran everything!

      (When did patriotism become about bigotry, racism, fear, and hate?)

      • Anonymous

        If you ask me liberals, and that is both liberal democrats and liberal republicans have made patriotism into something not correct and biggted but in reality its the bigots who say patriotism is bigotry. That’s you Hillary

  14. chad

    Also, what does “politically correct” actually mean?

    • semichorus

      Anything they don’t like. Anything tolerant and sensitive.

      Their correctness is ok.

      • anonymous

        Sure Semichorus political correctness is just fine if it protects your sensabilities but remember Luddy and Golonski call you and your blog despicable because you offend their sensibilities. I think Rizodi even called you something like demonic. At the same time they try to enforce their form of politically correct speech on you and everyone else. Poitically correct speech needs to be trashed, Speech is not about sensabilities and if it were no one would ever be able to say anything which is what the establishment actually wants and it needs to end.

        • semichorus

          I think Bric called me that.

          It’s actually Rizzotti who’s demonic. People will see that when he gets elected next spring to replace Gordon.

          • Anonymous 3

            Gordon is not running for reelection? First I’ve heard.

            There is no way that Rizzotti can defeat Gordon. Not one chance.

            • semichorus

              Easily. “Dr. No” hasn’t a chance against the newly empowered establishment here, especially if the airport wins. Rogers has already sharpened the knives.

              And why would Gordon want to anyway? Good works are useless in this corrupt, lying, chickenshit town.

              • Anonymous

                Some people are not fond of Dr. Gordon because he tells it like it is. Sometimes it is not what people want to hear. I thought he was negative when I first got involved with him in a city endeavor. He told a few of us exactly what was going to come down if we voted “our way” and he ended up being 100 percent correct.
                Dr. Gordon gets that Burbank has huge room for improvement in the behavior of many city employees. I watched him being helpless (to get a situation “back on track”) as many city workers sabotaged and controlled.
                His coworkers ignored everyone requesting fairness. Disgusting!

                • semichorus

                  He’s up against a quite arrogant and insensitive council membership. Ironically, it’s Rogers who’s the most compadre-ish of them all in terms of a critical point of view. But it doesn’t help him any, because Rogers also has a weird ego thing going on where he’ll actually go out of his way to attack and undermine the people he agrees with if he happens not to like them or thinks they’re morons.

                  It’s very peculiar, and also very destructive when it comes to reform. He’s been that way for years. The only conclusion I can come to about Rogers is that he’s just one of those guys who really doesn’t give a fuck, but enjoys making fun of those who do — especially if they’re not very polished or sophisticated.

                  To put it simply, he has a horrible bedside manner. He doesn’t just not suffer those who he thinks are fools gladly, he then tries to go out of his way to destroy them. He loves going after the little guys.

                  So I think it would be quite unwise for Gordon to run again considering what he’s up against. The Chamber-landlord-developer combine will be out to get him if the airport wins.

                  It will be very ugly, and to what purpose? Lone wolf status in a declining town?

                  I’d sell the business and move if I were him.

  15. Anonymous

    JUDGE ME BY MY CHARACTER” all live matters

  16. Tina

    I am usually a reader and not a talker standing on the sidelines and suffering more every year from the things our politicians do. The things are not limited to here in Burbank. The politicians in Sacramento and Washington are constantly doing things that make it cost more for me to survive while reducing any chance I have to obtain more money and what I do obtain they want to take away from me with taxes in oh so many forms. I see that money they take from me wasted time and time again on foolish ideas that only make it possible for them to make sure they themselves and their friends are well taken care of at our expense. I see so many things that do not work, and we all know they do not work yet politicians take more and more from us in order to continue doing them. My country, My city, My state are all a mess. Even worst these politicians have caused us to forget who we are as Americans. They have obliterated our history and now young Americans can not even tell us what the reason for national holidays are. It is so distressing to see what politicians have done for us. I believe the silent majority is back and for the first time I am awake and part of that majority. I hope all Americans open their eyes and see that God always gives us what we need and right now we need a patriotic man who loves America named Donald J Trump.

  17. millennial for Trump

    The deplorables are uniting to end the slavery to globalism and make the world safe again NO MORE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

  18. Burbank Bill

    interesting that the CDD Patrick Prescott used the comments section of to imply prejudice against approving tjhe mini Target proposed for Hollywood Way. see the last sentence in his statement:

    Patrick Prescott
    September 20, 2016 at 7:09 pm
    Hello. Patrick Prescott here. I’m the city’s Community Development Director and I would like to clarify that the City of Burbank has not approved a Target store at 1033 N Hollywood Way. Target inquired about the property a week or so ago and the planner they spoke to told them we needed more information about what they are proposing. They have submitted no applications and the city has approved nothing, although we have some preliminary drawings of how they would like to use the building. We agree this is an unusual location for Target to pursue given the limited amount of parking at the site.

    Here’s what we know:
    1. Target is building a new small “flexible format” store concept and they would like to open one at 1033 N Hollywood Way.

    2. The size of the 1033 N Hollywood Way building is about 24,000 square feet. For comparison, the Target at the Empire Center is about 146,000 square feet. The Ralphs at Buena Vista and Victory is about 35,000 square feet.

    3. A business like this could require special permits from the city, but we haven’t determined which since we only received their drawings of the building on Friday. We have to figure out exactly what is being proposed before we can provide information on permit applications and possibly help them find a different location in the city.

    I hope this information is helpful to you.


    Reply ↓

    • semichorus

      I suspected this was the case.

      Will and some of the others must have asked them about it. Good scoop for Craig on this story.

      I doubt it will go through unless it’s a truly innovative small project.

  19. Barrett

    Kudos to the green haired homeowner for
    Speaking out Tuesday night at the city council
    Meeting. He questioned the council about
    why they allowed another “High Profile”
    Retail store to open it’s doors with
    absolutely no parking facilities for their
    Customers ? He said he is a current home
    owner who’s garage access is in the alley on
    The 3400 block of W. Magnolia Blvd. He said his neighbors and himself find it impossible to
    Be able to park in front of his or their houses.
    Magnolia Blvd between Avon and Lima has
    had continuous parking grid lock for the past
    Couple of years after Romancing the Bean opened it’s doors with zero parking for her high profile customer base!
    The green haired home owner found out
    Last night that the city council doesn’t care!
    Only Dr. Gordon gave him some good advice
    To keep coming back and staying on it!
    Now it seems that the homeowners are feeling what the small retailers have been experiencing for the past few years! Frutos said the street was almost dead several years ago? That’s a total lie coming out of his mouth. To allow another high profile retail store on the 3400 block is a bad call !
    Parking on that street is a disaster !
    They should be required to have the proper
    Amount of parking spaces for their heavy
    Customer flow?
    Frutos comments about the parking situation
    to this homeowner were disgusting and
    disgraceful !
    Frutos forgets that he’s supposed to be
    Serving the community he’s speaking for!
    Frutos should be “voted out” in this upcoming
    Election. The city needs fresh leadership
    Without all the B.S.

    • semichorus

      To be fair, I think the city was blindsided by this new Target plan. I also don’t think it will pass muster with them right now.

    • 91505

      Amen Frutos and Talamonty need to be out we need more resident protectors like Gordon.

    • Anonymous

      Did Frutos say the 3400 block was almost dead a few years ago? I’d love to hear that. That’s proof of how out of touch he is. The president of the Magnolia organization has been quoted saying that there is not a parking problem. During the height of parking chaos she was blabbing that. It’s almost creepy to me to be that out of touch. Years ago there was – It’s a Wrap, a very busy large nail salon, a busy Armenian Market, and HANDFULS of stores within two blocks. These people are idiots and they need to shut up. They know they’re full of crap. They’re playing to their crowd.
      During all the feuding Talamantes put his card in one business doorway when she was closed (to make a showing)!
      Semi, I see why you lose it. These people are beyond creepy.
      I want to hear the mayor announce at the next city council that he viewed the tape at Romancing the Bean and Mr. Poopie is definitely not on it. Let’s start with simple little things that need to be put to rest.

  20. chad

    Hey “Tina,” there’s a phrase ,”participating in one’s own demise” that I think you should reflect on.

  21. Bryan

    Milo addresses whats going on with this alt right and politically correct speech crap and he does it great

    • semichorus

      He’s a recognized moral shithead. A quite ugly soul.

      He’s also wrong factually. And his women-hating is evident to all.

      • Anonymous X

        Semi don’t hold back now, tell us how you really feel. /s

        “He’s also wrong factually” – can you detail that out for us.

        I caught on to Milo from the whole GamerGate scandal a few years back and followed him ever since. He says some stuff I disagree with, but on the whole I like what he writes.

        I find him not to be a women-hater. He does expose feminism as just a bunch of crazy libtards that hijacked the womens movement.

        • semichorus

          Outside of that why, he loves the gals! Just not the overeducated ones with brains.

          Just like those Black people. I’m not racist against them, I just think they’re lazy and prone to violence. That’s all.

          • Anonymous

            Milos is dead on target on the things he says even if maybe he could say them with a little less Mike Nolan style the truth in what he says remains

  22. Canalas was reinstated only because he blamed everything on Gunn Sr. in his hearing and there was no one to dispute it. He was one of the biggest liars in the department and very crooked. Munoz was not fired. Munoz was a good cop except when he hung around the likes like Canales, Gunn Sr. and the devil Duran.

    Women are good cops, but as long as they know their limitations of body strength and they use their verbal skills they actually make better decisions then male cops. A lot of male cops think they are the baddest thing in the world. Most police shootings (about 95%+) are not criminal in nature. They are just very poor police actions where cops under severe stress make very bad decisions. Whether it be poor or no training or they are just unable to do the job under those sever stressful situations. They should not be cops if they are not able to handle the most stressful incidents and should be fired and sued, but they usually did not commit a criminal act, because they were acting as a police officer doing their job, it just turns out to be a very poor job performance. There are some criminal acts and those officers should be charged. This female officer in OK should be charged but probably wont be convicted because in her mind she believed the subject was a threat to her and that in the law gives her the right to use deadly force if she needs to. Now in everyone else’s mind this guy was not a threat but if a person has not done the police job you do not have the experience to say what she did was right or wrong.

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