Trump Jr. uses current racist alt-right imagery to make a phony point about refugees



It does say it all. The use of “Skittles” is not just some weird example plucked from the aether. It’s what that innocent Black kid in Florida was holding when tough guy George Zimmerman shot him a few years ago. The nutcase racists are now using it for fun as a meme.

What sacks of shit this crowd is. Hello, Republicans!

But not all…




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39 responses to “Trump Jr. uses current racist alt-right imagery to make a phony point about refugees

  1. Francisco

    Latinos With Trump. Let’s unite America and not divide Americans like Hillary Clinton wants to do

  2. Francisco

    There is nothing racist about wanting legal immigration to be legal. The liberal narrative and the narrative proposed by Hillary has only one answer to our problems , that’s to call the people who want to address the issues “deplorables”. Too bad Hillary won’t call the terrorists or the regimes that practice sharia law and torture women and gays “deplorables”
    #LatinosWithTrump #MAGA

    • semichorus

      Too bad the Trump supporters can’t “address’ the issue without being hateful racists and bigots about it.

      • Kyle

        This racism thing is a bunch of lies put forth by people who fail to address the real issues. I have come more and more to see that the real racists are the ones who say this in a desperate attempt to prevent change and they do that because they are the problem.

      • Anonymous

        It’s not hareful to call people deplorables ? Imagine what you would say had Trump called Hillary supporters deplorables. You would be screaming biggot and hateful for sure.

      • Anonymous

        To bad Hillary and her supporters are unable to speak the truth on anything

  3. chad

    1. These people are so out of touch. They will be extinct in another generation and not because of climate change. 2. HW Bush voting for Hillary doesn’t surprise me. Incredibly, he and Bill have been close friends for years which, in a Freudian way, must enrage W.

  4. Steven

    Oh sure now Skittles are a racist thing ? Give me a break. How desperate can these people get to try and prove a point. Obvious they have no point and that’s why they get so desperate. I suppose next if you drink milk that racist because milk is white ?

  5. G.H,

    This is actually hilarious. A Bush being close to Clinton or voting for Hillary is suppose to mean something when Obama and the Democrats have been blaming the Bushes for the economy and the war and everything else for years now ? I am not Bush fan at all but if Bush supports Hillary what does that say about Hillary after the Bush’s are to blame for everything ? All that does is prove that Bernie Sanders was correct about Hillary and the super delagates were a complete fraud and sham on America

    • semichorus

      It only proves how bad the Bushes think TRUMP is.

      I’m impressed about your deep concern for Sanders, btw. So touching.

      • Raymundo

        Bush who is not to be trusted supports crooked Hillary. That’s a compliment to Trump . Crooks and liars stick together is all that shows.

  6. GH

    Really since you and your establishment think that the Bush’s have been wrong on everything isn’t it a bit hypocritical to actually act as if see Bush supports Hillary now ? Let’s not forget the motivation factor with Bush after all his son lost big in the primary even after he spent millions above everyone else, and that loss was due to the fact many Americans know and believe that the Bush’s are corrupt as hell. So now we got sour grapes, Trump called the Bush establishment boy “low energy” booo hooo take that Trump I will support Hillary. Give me a break Bush is no sign of anything and the fact you grasp him as proof is pathetic.

  7. Carlos

    Hillary Clinton has many questions to answer and she hides from them. Talking about skittles is not going to solve our trade problems or our terrorism problems or even our economic problems. Skittles talk will not bring jobs to our inner cities, skittles talk is to distract from the real issues and it is time for America and Americans to talk about the real issues that divide and are destroying our country.
    #LatinosWithTrump #MAGGA

  8. Norm

    Remember with Hillary went from “super predator” to having hot sauce in her purse. The woman panders for votes on a regular basis. Also remember the “taco bowl engagement” emails. I believe that Hillary has an issue with minorities but plays a game to get votes.

  9. donkeypunch

    Great. Now I’m hungry.

  10. Carlos

    It is time to stand up to these people who want to say it is not politically correct to be patriotic. We must stand against those who call patriotic Americans “deplorable”. It is time to stand up to those who say it is racist to be patriotic to our country. God Bless America !!
    #LatinosWithTrump #MAGGA

  11. Citizen Cane

    Ray Nagin, the former black mayor of New Orleans, who is in prison, said something about his city referring to it as, New Orleans is a chocolate city. Liberals not offended by an obvious racist comment dealing with the identity of his city being black. But Skittles offend liberals. Selective race baiting liberals use. If criticism of a Skittles comment is all you have, Deplorable!

    • semichorus

      NOLA has been referred to as Chocolate City for about 80 years. And Black people can make any reference they want to to Blackness.

      It’s also not a known racist/derogatory image like Skittles is.

      Or do you think it is? Better explore yourself on that one if so.

  12. Citizen Cane

    Ok, I explored myself, and I don’t see how Trump Jr’s reference to the vetting of refugees using Skittles is racist. His example was the bowl of Skittles with three Skittles marked Terrorist. You snowflakes are so overly sensitive, yet you dish out attacks against Christisns, conservatives, cops, capitalist, and anyone else you don’t like using obscene and derogatory comments. Everything with liberals is race based and some odd demographic we should all accept as normal when it is not. Liberals are all inclusive unless you are a Christian, conservative , cop, or a capitalist .

    • semichorus

      Ever since George Zimmerman, “Skittles” have been used to ridicule young Blacks. That’s why it’s racist imagery.

      And you have no idea what a “liberal” is.

  13. Anonymous

    Semi, so you are offended by Skittles?
    Google images of Christians, gays, and other Muslims, killed by ISIS. Those are worthy of being offended that our administration had funded ISIS in Syria, and that funding has lead to genocide, murders, and terrorist attacks in other countries. That is liberal foreign policy at work.

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