That’s exactly what they did


Rogers is lying again here, in the last sentence:




As we’ve pointed out many times, even Golonski agrees with us on this one. Instead of just voting to put the whole deal on the ballot for the voters to decide and then staying out of it — like what 2001’s Measure B calls for — the council instead voted to “approve” the B-6 Agreement first and then put it in front of the voters for a “final approval.”

It’s going to be a “referendum” on their previous action, not a voter initiative put on the ballot by the council. That’s what one is in California, and it’s why Albano is calling it that. A referendum.

Who does Rogers think he’s kidding, capital letters or not?





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3 responses to “That’s exactly what they did

  1. 91505

    Rogers is a LIAR they did vote for a new terminal I watched them do it on TV and will never get over the fact that Frutoes voted for it and also lies.

    • semichorus

      They certainly did. They 4-1 voted to APPROVE the negotiated B-6 version first and then put it on the ballot for the voters to have “final” approval in an acknowledged “referendum,” which legally in California means a voter ratification of a previous official action..

      Rogers has known full well that this raises a serious question about rightful process — especially since Golonski raised it as well — and so he’s now resorting to lying about the real deal here.

      That whole advocacy statement of theirs is FULL of lies. My favorite of them all is this sudden “beloved” boarding style.


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