City Clerk still wants to find a way to disqualify late ballots


Even though state law now requires the mandatory counting of mail ballots received up to three days after election day — and requires city codes to be adjusted as such — ours is still balking.

The city council’s being asked to approve the big change tomorrow night, but with these exceptions:




(2) of course contradicts the new allowance. If it’s already arrived in the mail postmarked or not, and you have no reason to believe that it was postmarked after, why make its cutoff date on election day rather than three days later like the rest?

There’s no good reason for this limitation, just like there’s no good reason why someone else can no longer personally drop off grandma’s ballot if need be. So why does the city clerk want THIS bad change as well?

She clearly wants it lined out of the Code. And what’s the deal with omitting the “into the ballot box” drop-off requirement in that last line of the same old rule?

Where else now will it be going? Into someone’s hands?

The council needs to reject these two bad ideas tomorrow night. No justification for them.

The Clerk also wants to raise to $2,000 from $1,000 the lower limit for reporting individual contributions to council races per the new FPPC allowance. No way.

And btw, why is she getting involved in this kind of political decision? Making policy vis a vis campaign rules is NOT HER JOB. When did the council ever discuss this change? The FPPC now allows the raise, but this “charter” city can still do what it wants.

The Clerk also wants to change the threshold limit for campaign committees from $1,000 to $2,000, which is not an FPPC issue. Why?




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10 responses to “City Clerk still wants to find a way to disqualify late ballots

  1. Burbank Bill

    No doubt this item will go before Council ,as Im sure there will be the usual parking concerns. That said, should COUNCILMAN Rogers really be commenting on a potential item? and PS , ALL Trader Joe’s have horrible parking………

    Target Store Coming to Magnolia Park
    By Craig Sherwood On September 19, 2016

    Target announced plans to open a flexible-format store in Magnolia Park. The first store will be located at 1033 North Hollywood Way, and is also projected to open in July 2017.

    The space has been used for different types of stores and real estate offices since Akron’s left the location in the mid 80’s after opening up the original store in 1955.

    artist rendering for the site to be opened at 1011 N. Hollywood Way
    artist rendering for the site to be opened at 1011 N. Hollywood Way

    Following the opening of the store, Target will have nine flexible-format locations in the greater Los Angeles area. The other locations include: Beverly Connection (opened March 2013), University of California, Mission Hills (opening July, 2017), Irvine (opening July 2017), Koreatown (opening October 2017), Los Angeles Central (opened October 2012), Long Beach Bixby (opened March 2016), University of Southern California (opening July 2017), and Los Angeles Westwood (opened July 2012).

    Growth in dense suburban and urban markets is a priority for Target, and Target’s flexible store design allows for stores in smaller locations to bring a localized experience to guests with tailored assortments.

    The Burbank store at approximately 24,750 square feet will provide a quick-trip shopping experience with curated assortments, including:

    A selection of fresh groceries, including produce and meal essentials, as well as grab-and-go items spanning sandwiches, salads beverages, snacks and more
    Men’s and women’s apparel
    A curated assortment of kids’ and baby care products, as well as toys
    Home décor
    An assortment of health, personal care and beauty products
    Portable technology products and entertainment accessories
    Services Target Mobile and Order Pickup
    “Target is focused on serving more guests in dense urban and suburban neighborhoods by adding flexible-format stores in priority markets, including Los Angeles. We look forward to providing a quick-trip shopping experience to two new L.A. neighborhoods with product assortments that are uniquely Target,” said Mark Schindele, senior vice president, Properties, Target.

    Flexible-format stores are a priority for Target and guests have responded well to having these customized stores available in areas where they previously couldn’t have opened. The company currently operates 23 flexible-format stores and will continue to open additional flexible-format locations, including the nine stores opening in fall 2016, and the 18 stores that have been announced to-date for 2017 and 2018.

    One thought on “Target Store Coming to Magnolia Park”

    Will Rogers
    September 19, 2016 at 2:12 pm
    Burbank already has enough target &. Walmart exposure . This space woulda been better as a Trader Joe’s
    Alternative to Toluca Lake and its horrible parking .

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  2. Anonymous 3

    Well, that is all just outrageous. I’m sure you will be at Council to dress her down, now won’t you?

  3. Anonymous

    If it arrives at all it should be counted. What could there be a dozen?

    • semichorus

      If that.

      A couple of years ago I discovered that Burbank was the only local city that threw out votes postmarked on election day that they received anytime after– even the next day. State law now makes this illegal, thank goodness.

      What can you say? Burbank’s a notoriously chickenshit town. It comes from being dumb, sheltered, spoiled, proudly insular in its views, and White.

      I grew up here. I know.

  4. Fron Loo

    It smells as old as Mike Nolan in this blog!

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