When did it turn from a phone to a “video camera”?


The new version, in today’s Leader:

According to the claim, the city used to have a policy banning male employees from the aquatic center’s towel room, which is connected to the women’s locker room by a window that’s covered by a “mere piece of plastic.” The policy, however, was “inexplicably” changed this year to allow male employees to go in and out.

Because of the change, Montano was able to hide the video camera, which captured women and girls changing inside the locker room, the claim stated.

The original version, told in admirable detail by Craig at MyBurbank:

Burbank Police have arrested a Burbank Park & Recreation employee after he was caught shooting cell phone video in the lifeguards locker room at Verdugo Pool.

The man, identified as a current lifeguard at the pool, was caught by a staff  member with the phone earlier in the day.  After the staff member reported the incident to their supervisor, the man was confronted by the supervisor and his phone was confiscated which had the video that he shot still on it.

According to a source that could not be identified, the employee has been with the City as a employee since 2009 and was promoted to lifeguard in 2010.

Burbank police were asked about the incident and only confirmed that an arrest had been made and did not identify the employee and will be putting out a statement at a later time.

The employee was put immediately on paid leave with the City Attorney’s Office is aggressively pursuing termination and charges.

It was not immediately known if the person being taped was a member of the public or a staff member.

There is also a possibility that the phone might have been placed in public locker rooms.

Which version are they going to tell the jury? A hidden “video camera” of course sounds so much sleazier and insidious and evil-y conspiratorial.

But of course too there won’t be a trial.  The unaffordably high bail being set for this kid means that he’ll have to plead out on the charges, rather than wait in jail for the two or three years it’ll take for a public defender to ready his case for a judge or jury. That’s whether he’s guilty of everything they’re saying or not.

This is the kind of justice poor people get these days btw, and it’s a great deal for the prosecutors. They always get to win. You want a trial? OK, be sure to tell the warden to bring you out in three years.

Isn’t there a bit of a conflict of interest too for this guy’s employer to be the one who’s also prosecuting him? Shouldn’t the DA be doing it instead?

There’s also this blatant attorney-client conflict. The city is now in the position of representing both sides of the allegation:

The Burbank city attorney’s office, which is responsible for reviewing Gambale’s claim, is also prosecuting Montano’s pending criminal case. Montano is due in court next month.

If they’re doing their job for the public in good faith, they have to defend the allegations against the kid at the same time they’re prosecuting him for them. How is that fair for anyone, let alone justice?

And again, when did it become a video camera? Was MyBurbank originally lied to? Or is the Leader just trying to overly sensationalize the case by making it sound like the kid had standing cameras down there running all the time?

They seem to be big on this type of sex stuff lately. Headline news, and without much scrutiny of the details. Kudos to MyBurbank for doing a much better and more honest job of reporting.




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9 responses to “When did it turn from a phone to a “video camera”?

  1. Anonymous

    12 year old ‘reporters’ at the Leader. Amateur hour. And, deliciously, it’s going to cost Burbank BIG TIME. See this comment on the Leader fb page?

    “David Spell: She [plaintiff] should be banned from using any city services if the lawsuits goes through. Or as part of the settlement.”

    Tar and feathers time!!!

  2. LFT

    When did it turn from a phone to a “video camera”? – You’re kidding right?

    and by today’s standards I really see no problem here, maybe he was identifying as a woman that day.

  3. Victim Of The City Of Burbank

    “Which version are they going to tell the jury?”

    When I went to trial for allegedly spitting off my balcony, my accuser ended up admitting to lying on the witness stand and that they never got spit on. Deana Chuang ended up adding a lesser count of simple assault and told the jurors that I was either guilty of one thing or another and misled them to convicting me based on which lie was more believable.

    I’m sure whoever is handling this now, whether it’s “Dickless” Denny Wei or some other dipshit who gives zero fucks about the constitution at the Burbank City Attorney’s Office.

    • semichorus

      You got prosecuted for spitting?

      I’ve heard these juries now are crazy too. Just nasty little chickenshits– they all think they’re Nancy Grace. Our Avenging Angels direct from Heaven.

      They’re so fucking credulous. All prosecutors have to do these days now is engage in “cry and lie,” as one defense attorney I heard once put it. Get your witness to cry on the witness stand (like that Burbank cop did last summer vis a vis K-Mart)– and then just lie about everything else!

      The juries will demand the death penalty. For everything. I’ve heard from defense attorneys that juries now will actually want to ADD charges to the accused, and ask the judge if they can do so.

      Such assholes people have turned into these days. Where did it ever come from?

      • Victim Of The City Of Burbank

        Yes. I was prosecuted and wrongfully convicted for spitting off my balcony. The cops were called by a friend (who lied to the police and said he lived at the residence) who said I was smoking weed and almost spat on someone. An allegation made after my neighbors had a previous claim thrown out in court a week before. The charges then were based on perjury and falsified court documents. They nearly fucked me before, and the alleged spitting (which I never did) was their revenge for me being able to prove my innocence. It’s a very long story, but I know all about the “cry and lie” bullshit.

        During the closing arguments of my trial, Deana “Queen Cunt” Chuang cried to the jury saying that they needed to get “JUSTICE FOR (named redacted)” because my previous lawyer, in her words, “bullied the accuser into testifying she lied” even though my accuser admitted to lying multiple times, and also saying that it wasn’t fair that I had a lawyer in these cases and that the accuser deserved to win based on the allegations made in the previous case, which never should’ve been admitted into evidence, but was.. The trial was such bullshit and I got fucked over badly before, during, and after. Right now I’m waiting on my appeal to go through.

        My jury pool also had ZERO African Americans on it. ZERO potential jurors. It was mostly white people. I got fucked badly even though my neighbors pretty much conned the legal system, lied to the courts, lied to the cops, lied to a jury, lied to the city attorneys, and lied to the judge.

        Fuck Denny Wei, and fuck Deana Chuang especially. I feel fucking sorry for the people of Pasadena who have to deal with her bullshit now.

        • semichorus

          I can’t believe the judge allowed this prosecutor to invoke the positive outcome for you of a previous trial in order to rally the jurors in a new one, or held it against you that you had an attorney. That should have been an instant mistrial.

          No wonder you appealed. What’s going on in these courts? Jesus Christ. And the CA’s office actually chose to retry you on this ridiculous accusations(s)?

          They normally rely upon poor people pleading out early. That’s how they get away with this stuff. Good for you for fighting them.

          Yes, it doesn’t pay to be African American in Burbank.

          • Victim Of The City Of Burbank

            I’m actually a Latino, but yeah, being black or brown in this city fucks you over. I’ve seen it so many times sitting in the criminal courtrooms between 2014-2015. They also give out the same standard sentencing for misdemeanor crimes: 52 weeks consoling, 20 days community labor, and 3 years probation. Minorities were the only ones who got any sort of jail time in that room.

            Judge Applegate let things that shouldn’t have been brought in into the trial, in front of the jury. Everything in that case was unrelated to this one, and none of the previously allegations made (which, again, shouldn’t have been brought in) didn’t match the accusations in the one I got fucked over in. On top of that, when the judge unfairly ordered me to do jail time (during Christmas week) one of the court bailiffs cuffed me so tightly that I passed out from a blood choke in court at 10AM that morning, and I was out until I woke up in LA County jail at 7 or 8PM that night. My clothes were all wet, my right shoulder has been making popping sounds, I might have nerve damage, and I had bruises on my knees. I really wish the Burbank courthouse would be investigated. There’s a shitload of corruption going on there.

            What’s worse is my neighbors have begun to harass me nonstop now, and I can’t do a thing about it since the courts and the cops always side with them. I wish the Burbank Leader or MyBurbank had the balls to cover my story, because people should know what type of bullshit is being pulled and how their tax dollars are being wasted to protect people who should be in prison for perjury.

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