What race-baiting?


He only wants to know…


After all, how many Black people go to Harvard?



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12 responses to “What race-baiting?

  1. Don

    Interesting Dr Alveda King, the neice of Dr Martin Luther King says that Trump is speaking like DR Martin Luther King when he talks about his plans fr the inner cities and the nation. So I am guessing you think Dr Alveda King is just not black enough and has no idea what Dr King thought or do you just call her a name and disrespect the legacy ?

    • semichorus

      She’s not part of the “legacy.”

      She is though an immense personal hypocrite.

      • Jeff

        Hilarious Senichorus! Face it if Dr Alveda King were spoutibg your racist nonsense you would call her part of the legacy bur because she doesn’t agree with your dated racist views shes a hypocrite. Hilarious ! Maybe you need to wake up and look around at todays world and todays problems and realize its not 1970 anymore.

        • semichorus

          She’s a hypocrite because this fervent anti-abortion activist has had three abortions of her own.

          You know nothing about her, do you?

          • Jeff

            LOL and Robert Byrd was a klan leader for years but you say it’s ok because he changed. So why isn’t ok for Alveda King to change ? Or is it you just don’t like that she now says we must protect all life ?

  2. chad

    It depresses me that he went to a Jesuit college. Can Fordham disown this clown?

  3. Anonymous

    Well, “our first black president” (per Toni Morrison) went to Yale…

  4. chad

    Yale Law School. However, Bill Clinton did go to a Jesuit College, Georgetown. At least Bill Clinton can think, synthesize ideas, make semi-intelligent observations.

    • A Crespi Carmelite Critter

      Is someone poaching on chad’s name?
      The Black Birds so revered by Pope after Pope felt sorry for Bill.
      Bill can’t even spell: L-L-LOY-O-O-OLA–LOYOLA!!!!!

  5. chad

    Bill Clinton was famously called “The first Black President” because he actually could sincerely communicate with a lot Black Americans. He also grew up poor and is from the South and a lot people, not only Blacks, recognized he could actually speak to working class people unlike most presidents. Don’t worry, Bill can spell Loyola. As well as Ignatius.

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