President Trump, let’s bring back the Bellamy Salute!


Since the Pledge has been in the news lately, let’s all remember how it used to be done.



They didn’t have God in it back then, so that’s a minus.






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11 responses to “President Trump, let’s bring back the Bellamy Salute!

  1. RINO Poacher

    I spit out my cereal I laughed so hard when Chaffetz served him right there on the spot. SWEEP!

    It’s nice to see a few of our congress-critters reigning in the rogues. The ‘enforcement class’ has gotten far too powerful and political.

  2. Honoring Constitution Day

    • semichorus

      A Constitution that applies fully to some citizens only.

      Like gun owners and white people.

      • Kook Fringe

        Thank GOD we have the Left keeping things honest. I was almost felt good about our Constitution after watching that video, but after Semi’s comment? Now not so much. I think I’ll move to Venezuela or Cuba where things are actually fair for all. Then I’ll be able to live guilt free.

  3. Anonymous

    Are you kidding ? Putting God in the pledge and on our money was the beginning of the end.

    • Nancy

      Why on earth would putting God on our money be the end ???? It reminds us that money is only a tool and not the most important thing in life. Something that makes many not like it on there because they dislike the reminder.

      • semichorus

        What does God have to do with money? Yes, Jesus loves those new 20s.

        Plus, no one’s complaining about the money, although it was a stupid intrusion back in the 50s. WWII didn’t need this “reminder” anywhere for us to win it.

        It obviously doesn’t take much to set you right-wingers off, does it? You’re just so righteous and worthy we know.

        God, I hate Republicans. Always have– since they turned nutcase and hateful in the late 70s.

  4. Patrick Jane

    I think this guy should run for council:

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