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  1. DixieFlyer

    BTW, From time to time the name Ashley comes up on this blog,
    one way or the other.
    Many of the neighbors living or attempting to live in Magnolia Park
    have lately been known to shout her name out loud at 5 or 5:30AM.
    Most assuredly it has nothing to do with her physical attributes.

    It’s those stinking gas blowers at 5AM–yes 5 AM.

    How not to win friends and influence people in Mag Park.

    The hired outfit is named STAY GREEN.
    Guess who pays for it?
    Why 5 AM?

    Ask Ashley.

    • Cheetos Lover

      What role does Bobbi Fritos have in this 5 AM mess?
      The City should not be involved, period.
      Merchants and Property Owners voted NO on the PBID.
      Along comes this Ashley Group, and we BAIL them out.

      • semichorus

        Is this where the money’s going? So shopkeepers down there don’t have to sweep their sidewalks?

        Meanwhile, BTAC (and Burbank) needs a real homeless shelter. Kid’s theaters could use help. Etc.

  2. Honoring Constitution Day

  3. chad

    Time to put Stay Green in the “Ash” can.

  4. chad

    I remember Albee got arrested in Miami once for being passed out naked on a Miami beach. Early nineties? I get a hangover just watching that scene.

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