No wonder Chantal Akerman called it all in




Not to be confused with this:



Or this:



Or this:



Or this:



Rule No.1: Pick your title carefully. Unless you’re a well-practiced genius, the first thing off the top of your head is not going to be it. If in doubt, Google.

Rule No.2: Young people should avoid making films about old people. The reason? There are about 10,000,000 of them.

And just asking– why does a short film have a trailer? How silly can you get?


Notice how with video you can always see the wheels turning behind the performers’ eyes? Close-ups should always be avoided lest it look like a soap opera.

And, if you can’t afford real film, dirty the actors up and don’t let them get any sleep. Then keep them away from the camera. It’ll look more like a real movie.

Great advice, yes. But, it will take an immense amount of ego sublimation before most “filmmaker” people will follow it, and that’s not why these people are in it.

(Yes, we noticed it. Best female short film.)




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One response to “No wonder Chantal Akerman called it all in

  1. chad

    I met her once after a screening. Such a great soul. I see her death as an unintended consequence of the Holocaust. Once depression gets that deep it’s tough.

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