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  1. MJ

    “””Not from this Democrat. I have very little faith in the electorate, in Americans generally, and none in the press.”””

    Really sad to have no faith in anything but yourself and rather self centered. If only he and the others who think like him could just end the ability to vote and the constitution for all the peons he doesn’t agree with. After all He does know what’s best for us right ?

    • semichorus

      Yes, you poor downtrodden white people. All those liberals and scary niggers and Democrats out to get you and make life so difficult.


      Why don’t you all just hurry up and die.

      • Anonymous

        Since when did white liberals become so self righteous and dumb Semichorus ? It is funny that like the rest of liberal whites you have not moved to the ghetto yet, so you really have no idea you just have a dumb ideology.

        • Francisco

          Amen to the Doctor of common sense. This is what politically correct speech has caused. Politically Correct Speech is the new racism.It is designed to make sure things never get addressed, never change and people continue to be kept down.

  2. duh

    Nate Silver who has been wrong on everything so far. The guy is locked into what he wants and not reporting what is

  3. deplorable Amrican me

    The basket of deplorables coming from a deplorable crook named Hillary

    • semichorus

      Only bigots think this is meaningful. Or Black.

      • Deplorable Chuck

        I believe that Dr Martin Luther King would be ashamed of how liberals have co-opted his whole movement and made it the new hate. I suspect today that liberals would be very down on Dr King because he stood for unity and for enabling people to be themselves. He wanted people judged by their character and that’s the last thing Hillary or her supporters want. They want to define how all of us should be and then tell us to die if we refuse to be who they mandate us to be. Americans are starting to think for themselves and that is a very good thing.

  4. deplorable Amrican me

    News Flash:

    Hillary climbing in the polls

    • semichorus

      I can see that’s your idea of Black people. Maybe if you throw them a coin they’ll dance for you, you fucking bigot.

      • Anonymous

        Wow you seriously are a racist semichorus. To you if minorities think for themselves and act differently than youe racust stereotype then they jusr are not minoriy enough for you. You are a racisr and can’t even see it.

  5. Anonymous

    Farrakhan on Hillary Clinton: ‘That’s a Wicked Woman” We all know just what a conservative white guy Louis Farrakan is right ?

  6. R.W,

    Liberals hear this woman and her message and stop dividing America with your liberal hate disguised as compassion.

    • semichorus

      Eat shit and die. Do us all a favor and rid yourself of this world.

      (I love all these white people who suddenly care about the opinions of African-Americans.)

  7. Don

    Dr Martin Luther Kings niece endorses Donald Trump and says why

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