The “test results” must not be too good (update)

(UPDATE: Trump decided to read aloud a one-page “summary” on the show that came from the same doctor they said they weren’t going to use this time — he of the original wacky note. The press doesn’t seem to have noticed the difference between what they were told was going to happen with and on “Dr. Oz” vs. what actually did today.)


What other explanation is there?



The media this morning could care less. They’re fixated instead on Hillary Clinton and her “untrustworthiness.”

What a difference a day makes:


These Trump people are total sacks of shit. And the media gives them cover. It’s noon in NYC by now and not a peep about this huge reversal and cop-out. No, it’s Hillary today who’s America’s big “trust” problem.



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6 responses to “The “test results” must not be too good (update)

  1. Dan

    “No, it’s Hillary today who’s America’s big “trust” problem.”

    It is Hillary because you are comparing apples to paint cans. The secretary of State had a non secure server with non approved people running it and national security messages were being sent to it. This is all so funny to me how so many secrets are kept from the public under this guise of national security yet when the whole thing gets breached we should not be upset ? So how about ending all of it and even Burbank secrets are all brought out into public ? No wait even in Burbank they threaten to prosecute council members if they reveal the oh so important secrets and Burbank has no secrets compared to the US Government. Hillary is a security breech and that is reason for trust issues.

    • semichorus

      No national security “messages” were sent on it. She had her own server for her own personal mail because she didn’t want to be like Colin Powell and use AOL mail.

      You people get that? She STILL used her State Dept email for business.

      It must be very easy and satisfying for you all to be ever so stupid about things. But you’ll be the ruination of the rest of us.

      • DixieFlyer

        Both Officers and Enlisted personnel have historically been disciplined for ANY breech of rules relative to “handling” of Classified materials.

        Non-Judicial punishment as well as Courts-Martial resulted.

        From outposts in Viet Nam to Ships out at Sea, protocals were rigidly enforced.

        Even recently announced from actions in and about IRAQ.

  2. Dan

    Here open your eyes and listen to what the FBI director says about classified and top secret and secret emails that were sent on Clintons private server. You keep trying to make it seem like she just sent personal emails about yoga but that is not true LISTEN TO THE FBI DIRECTOR and open your eyes.

    • semichorus

      The same guy who had to backtrack in front of Congress the next week and admit that there were only 2 “classified” emails mismarked by an incomplete little “C”

  3. Citizen Cane

    Trump is not candidate who is feinting in public, who looks like she is aging by the appearance, and who has minimized her rallies. Trump is flying circles around her with multiple rallies in a day.

    Hillary is the one who one day has pneumonia, and a couple of days later, is out again. The facts are she does not have pneumonia, just more lies from the liberal presidential candidate

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