The deleted Tweet




Taken down an hour after it went up.

This was interesting– his Newsweek story on Trump is coming out this week:





So he deleted it because of the timing. Not its accuracy.

Which means a big story on this could be on the way. He’s being cagey in how he’s developing his sources. He knows, but is finding out more.





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7 responses to “The deleted Tweet

  1. Gary

    LOL oh sure no story because his emails confused people ? Sounds like this guy is a bit off in his head.

  2. The phantom

    So what do you have to say about the hacked DNC emails released today ? The ones that show that high government positions were being sold by Obama and Hillary ? Come now the speculation is one thing but the emails are really hard facts and again they come out but remember there are thousands of them still out there and my guess is more to come out to the public.

    • semichorus

      You people are psychotic. No other explanation.

      • duh

        I am really starting to think you are psychotic Semichorus and just like the media with your stuck on an agenda attitude. Your agenda is to elect Hillary that is so obvious to everyone and you defend that agenda by spewing back that people are stupid or racist etc. Look in a mirror buddy.

        • semichorus

          Why don’t you people all move away to some place like Idaho and use each other for target practice.

          • RN

            I think I remember Mayor Brick telling you that you should move someplace else didn’t he ? Are you trying to sound like Brick now ? Why should anyone move to Idaho, unless of course you move there first

  3. Citizen Cane

    I believe Hillary was institutionalized in the past for mental reasons.

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