(Shh! Don’t tell staff about the latest buzzword from Europe!)

It’s actually been around for a while, and we’re surprised it hasn’t caught on yet in Burbank. In six months it will: we’ll soon be seeing this word used in every staff report.



It’s the perfect word for glamorizing/legitimizing both big growth and the intrusion of big outside developers and their influence, with the supposed community in mind. And it’s so artsy!

Charrettes can be intimidating. Often in these intensive, user-focused design workshops, facilitators are working with a community they are not themselves a part of. The facilitators are chiefly concerned about participation and buy-in, and whether outcome-focused exercises will sink in with those unfamiliar with the design process.

Get ready. Pretty soon they’ll all be charretting about everything.



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5 responses to “(Shh! Don’t tell staff about the latest buzzword from Europe!)

  1. 91505

    Sorry but charettes are what they have been using for awhile at community workshop meetings on large project proposals. I am almost sure I heard that word at the workshop on the airport I went to. It was a joke where you went from tv screen to tv screen and learned nothing.

    • semichorus

      I should have known the airport would be adopting this term. It’s so perfectly phony for them.

      I haven’t seen it in writing yet– maybe it’s too ineffable for Burbank.

  2. Burbank Resident

    Watching council and all I can say is every neighborhood must get barricaded if these do. Traffic and parking issues are in every neighborhoods. This is what happens when council approved building too large with too little parking in areas.

    • Lima St

      Fruito is concerned for neughborhood safety ? If that were true he would have worried about it before he voted for the Talaria.

    • Ed

      So it’s walkable and friendly Burbank I guess that doesn’t apply to this fenced in ghetto. The people that live there must be bad if they need to be barricaded to keep the rest of us safe.

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