He’s still at it with the racist slurs


You Trump supporters should be mighty proud.



Un-friggin-believable. This is your Republican candidate.


Btw, when is the BUSD going to get rid of that insulting “Indian” mascot at Burroughs? They appear instead to be going out of their way to play it up with additional decorations and identifiers.

Making the students proud, yes.





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22 responses to “He’s still at it with the racist slurs

  1. CornFused

    They’re both horrible candidates. This has to be the first time in the history of this country that both parties would love to push the election back a year and start over with 2 new selections. It’s really embarrassing.

  2. chad

    Not true. While I would prefer Bernie, I firmly support Clinton as her public record supports she will be a very good president with vision, expertise and most of all experience working in government. Because, if you haven’t notice, the two candidates are running for a position in government not the private sector.

    • CornFused

      Get in line with the rest. I’m guessing when Hillary took her fall in ’12, she must have hit your head on the way down.

      They’re both an embarrassment to our political process. Considering what “politics” has turned into, I used to think that was impossible.

  3. Deplorable Californian

    Elizabeth Warrens claims to be indian have been under question even by the Cherokee Nation ? Ever hear of the dolls roll or a 5 dollar indian ? If not watch the video, it’s a part of American History and Warren well let’s just say she should be forced to take a DNA test

  4. Jan

    Watching Trump give his policy speech on chid care. Very awesome finally a new approach to address this issue. I am so impressed with his plan to help families and to rebuild our economy.

  5. Anonymous

    CNN actually has some specific rationale about why his using ‘Pocahantas’ is ‘fair game’ but listening to it made my brain implode… we are all so seriously screwed….

  6. chad

    Trump said he supports a deduction of child care costs from our taxes. Great. Millions have been doing that for years. Move along thank you. Nothing to see here.

  7. Anonymous

    Trump only wants to make money for himself, his family and other rich people whatever it takes — bankruptcies, tax loopholes, etc. etc.

    • Tom

      Hillary wants to make money off the American people and selling o her office for cash

      • semichorus

        You people are truly psychotic in your dishonesty. The guy you support is a fucking shady billionaire who’s “gonna let the kids run my company If I get elected.”

        How do you even walk around without falling down?

  8. donkeypunch

    Anyone have a recent pic of the Oxygen Thief that runs this “blog”. I really am curious what this pathetic bastard look like. Maybe upload it to the facebook page that has his old HS pic as a public service. You don’t get to be this much of a whiny bitch and still be “anonymous”.

    • semichorus

      I’m better looking now. Ask around, shithead.

      Btw– bet you grew up in the Flatland. Right?

      When I was growing up in Burbank the people who lived down there never had any books in the house.

  9. Citizen Cane

    Trump used his own money to win the GOP primary. He spent $50 million of his own money. The only tax payer money spent was for the SS detail, the same that other candidates received.

    Trump”s Child Care plan is different in that the working class will receive a tax break rather than those who are receiving entitlements. The liberals and the GOP Never Trumpers both hate the plan, why? I don’t know why? Probably because it comes from Trump.

    Meanwhile, Hillary recently used a jet to fly 20 miles between two campaign events, is spending mass amounts of DNC money for her campaign, and who is using the POTUS on tax payer money to campaign for her along with the MSM.

    Trump is self funding and liberals hate it!

    As for Warren being an Indian, that’s OK. She can be whoever she wants to be each day, whoever she identifies with.

    Make America Great Again! Trump 2026!! Those phrases are making liberals have nervous breakdowns!

    • semichorus

      So a billionaire buying an election for himself is a good thing. Glory be!

      I can only imagine the GOP’s reaction if “The Clintons!” had done the same and paid for her victory. Plus that’s not true about Trump’s 100%.

      His “family plan” is a farce. It favors tax deductions for the rich, ridiculously goes after “unemployment” to pay for it, and is way johnny-come-lately.

      Yes, Donald Trump came up with the idea of helping working mothers. What a mensch.

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