God’s laughing at you too







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14 responses to “God’s laughing at you too

  1. Deplorable

    Wondering what strange and exotic disease hillary will claim to have next. Maybe she is trying to run on the sympathy factor, you know we are all suppose to feel sorry for the old hag because she has something exotic ? What do I know anyway I am just a basket of deplorables anyway.

  2. Delporable voter

    The similarities are between Hillary Clinton and Hitler. Trump doesn’t say his mentor was a klan leader. Basket of deplorables ? What does she say next ? Her plan for deplorables in death camps ? Maybe camps for anyone who disagrees with her ? Nothing would surprise me about her at all.

  3. Ashley

    Don’t forget, Jesus is coming , Tuesday night.
    Be sure to tune in.

    • A deplorable American

      Just heard the there will be another congressional investigation into Hillaryx emails. Now they are looking into the who of the deleting emails. I feel this Clinton Foundation and the emails connect. She was selling out America for money I think. If you or I destroyed stuff after receiving a subpoena we would be on lock up.

  4. Jan

    I watched Clintons remarks about ‘basket if deorables’. She made the remarks at a small gathering of major wealthy donors. Nit surprising they applauded the foolish remarks
    They are part of the out of touch liberal climate change elite that has disdain for us and believes only they know what is best for us. I am really tired of these elitists in the establishment.

  5. Voter

    This is amazing.Bill Clinton has been saying Make America Great Again is racist but right here on this video is Bill Clinton saying the exact same thing for years and even on a current Hillary Campaign commercial. So why is it racist Trump says it and not racist when Bill Clinton says it ? Watch this video and what is going on here with the double standard ?

  6. Anonymous

    I already heard about this the same day that Bill Clinton said make America Great Again was racist reporters were pointing out that he said in numerous times running for president. Best guess for me by what he says now is that he is admitting he is and was a racist. Love how he says all us southerners know what it means lol such a fool

  7. Just curious

    The video is 4 minutes and 10 seconds long. I heard the buzzer indicating time expired. How did he run out of time? We still have five minutes right?

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