It’s now official: Republicans are going to Hell


They’re all irredeemable. And they’ll be sitting there right next to our criminally corrupt corporate media crowd.




Btw, the weather in NYC can be horrible in the summer– and ever-changing. Manhattan’s an island in the middle of a true subtropical climate where it can easily be 10 degrees warmer at 9 a.m. than at noon- – and where when the intermittent rain comes the temperature will actually go up and not down.

Try dealing with that in Burbank, you right-wing assholes. You whine and go crazy when some stranger walks down your block during the daytime (yes, we’ve seen that paranoid, cop-fucking “Burbank” Facebook page run by the Talamantes). People in LA would absolutely freak if they had to put up with the same.





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29 responses to “It’s now official: Republicans are going to Hell

  1. Just another right winger

    I think the establishment of both party’s are going to hell.

    This was interesting. It seems to me that the playbook of the left never really changes. She’s going to have hard time walking this back:

  2. Anonymous

    Nice to know Digby now speaks for God.

    • Nancy

      We can not and will not be able to change anything with the same politicians that created the problems. Hillary can not say she has all this experience and then seriously think she will change anything. She is part of the problem.

  3. Just another deplorable American

    There is a saying it goes like this. If you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen. Hillary has been getting help up and down stairs even in cool weather. Ear buds for that rare appearance to answer questions ? Hillary is bought and paid for by all the worst in the world she needs to look in a mirror

  4. Eileen

    Clinton apologizes for calling millions of Americans deplorable baskets but I agree with the statement here – it is far to little far to late. #NeverHillary

    • semichorus

      Millions of Americans ARE deplorable.

      She was seriously underestimating the percentage.

      • Doug

        Let me guess anyone and everyone not voting for Hillary is deplorable ? So infortunate that the years of evil are catching up with her now ? She never should have said she would put the coal miners out of work or that she would end the second amendment and now deplorable baskets ? I wonder what stupidity Hillary will utter next.

  5. chad

    How much do you people get paid to write this nonsense?

    • Doug

      Get paid ? I have never been paid to write anything, I am guessing I would need to write stuff for Clinton to get paid and I would never sell my sole to that dark side. Nonsense ?

      • Anonymous

        Nonody has paid me should I apply to crooked Hillary for some money from her little foundation ?

        • semichorus

          If you’re hungry and sick and live in an impoverished part of the world, sure. That’s what it’s for.

          But if not not, go fuck yourself. You’re a horrible human being.

          In fact, hurry up and die and go to hell.

    • deplorable American 2

      I used to think the chad, semi, anon3 and others were just deflecting when you would say “where do you people get this stuff?” or something like that. I’ve now come to believe that you’re all naive and ignorant as to who and what the left is.

      That’s one of the reasons why I stopped posting here a long time ago. I always kept saying to myself “are they pretending to be stupid or are they in fact, stupid?”. No matter what facts are laid in front of you, it’s never a real conversation. It’s just deny, deny, deny.

      The bottom line? I‘ve drawn the conclusion that you guys just don’t know this stuff very well. Many rank and file on the left have a very narrow way of looking at things and anything that contradicts that view is dismissed as ‘right-wing’ or something like that.

      To me, that thinking stifles conversation and frankly it’s boring.

      Well, good luck with all that …

      • semichorus

        There’s an explanation for your opinions. You’re delusional. Your crowd makes up your own facts, most of which you get from propaganda TV shows on FOX.

        You’re also ignorant bigots looking for excuses to continue being so. Or — in many cases — angry, hateful ones. I’ve seen those Trump rallies. They’re 95 percent angry old white people calling for vengeance against the world.

        It’s on camera for all to see. The proof is there.

        I almost want you clowns to take over running things just to watch what happens. Of course when it all falls apart under your watch you’ll just blame the “liberals.”

        Or foreigners. Always the Other.

  6. Doug

    Nonsense ? Does that mean what Hillary says is nonsense ? In her own words she will put the coal miners out of business.

  7. Jim R.

    a basketful of deplorables and she says it to a small group of wealthy donors.

  8. chad

    You folks are spinning in an echo chamber if you honestly believe this crap. First, remember, I voted for Bernie and now am supporting Clinton. Trump is a horrible candidate. This is why many, well-known Republicans will not support him under any circumstances. (When is the last time you have seen Republicans make such public stands about their own candidate?)

    Trump stands for nothing other than promoting himself because that’s his public record. Clinton has a substantial record of public service and is imminently more qualified to be president than Donald Trump. Clinton has a public record of being First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State. It’s all there for the public to see. Trump’s record is obscured by being a billionaire, private citizen. The only things we know about other than what he has said are his series of bankruptcies along to the way to building casinos and hotels. It would be nice to see his tax returns to get a better appreciation of who he is. Clinton is much smarter and better prepared to be the president than Trump is. Their records prove it. Tell me I’m wrong now without posting another bit of youtube nonsense.

  9. Juan S

    I want to set something str8 I have never watched Fox News or CNN or MSNBC ever I don’t even get those stations. The one who is dilusional is you if you think I get my information or thoughts from those stations. I am a proud member of the basket of deplorables because what Hillary means by that is Americans who are proud to be American and don’t accept all her failed ideas and lies. I want change and she is same old same old. She had years to make change for the better and she failed so now she needs to retire and enjoy her millions of dollars she made off our suffering.

    • semichorus

      Not only are you out of your mind, you’re also a fucking liar.

      I don’t believe for one SECOND that you don’t watch FOX or the other cable channels. You certainly get news from them. You’re also a total and complete moron to be slamming Clinton for her “millions,” but not Trump.

      You people are diseased. You traffic in hate, lies, and stupidity.

  10. s proud American deplorable

    dilusional is the very definition of a person who looks at our country and with a straight face tries to say look how well the liberal agenda is doing for us. I’m not conservative but what we have been doing is failing very badly and it is time for a change to a differet approach

  11. another deplorable

    semichorus the only one here calling people names and telling them to fuck themselves is you and your hero Hillary. Shame on you.

  12. Burbank voter

    Google the weather and temperature in new york when Clinton overheated, it was only 77 degrees I just looked at it. Bht wait what started as overheating is now phenomia. What soun comes out next.

  13. chad

    Juan S. If you want change why in god’s name would you ever support a billionaire, establishment scumbag like Trump? He’s going to change things? No way. He has too much invested in the way things already are.

  14. Citizen Cane

    Timing of Hillary and her medical issues could not have happened at a worse time. Biden and Michelle O will be immediate 2nd team replacements. A tough Duo but a horrible record to defend in any debate or convincing Americans 4 more years of failed policies is good. The Far Left knows their dreams of bringing America down is very close if they can win the White House. After 2010 and 2014 in which Conservatives won both Houses, the thought of Trump and two GOP controlled Houses is serious on both sides.

    I wish I had some chalk so could write Trump 16 on the sidewalk, just to see liberals cry and convulse, just like Hillary.

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