God obviously hates America


And with good reason. May it fall into the sea at last.





You are all so fucked now. It’s time to learn your lesson.


Speaking of that corrupt corporate media, this wretched physician-for-hire has been on all day:


What a cocksucker.



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7 responses to “God obviously hates America

  1. chad

    Not sure why Larry King just couldn’t have said something like,”Did you guys use different sources to get your data?” That might have explained a lot.

    • Mary

      We’ve all heard that “Jesus saves.”
      But why is our Mayor named Jesus?
      If Jesus saves, why is he always wanting ‘Free Money”?

  2. Carlos A

    So first the chairwoman of the DNC and her experts call us the taco bowl engagement and now we are a ‘Basket of Deplorables”
    This deplorable American Taco bowl thinks Hillary lives in a glass house when it comes to the things she says about others.

  3. s proud American deplorable

    God does not hate America but he hates what some people have been doing to America. God Bless the USA

  4. Deplorable

    I keep expecting to hear that God struck crooked hillary with lightning

  5. chad

    Careful Deplorable……

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