We’re all so fcking doomed.





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  1. Burbank Resident

    Hillary we won’t forget about Benghazi. Hillary lied and 4 Americans died.I don’t like her, I don’t trust her I won’t support her.

  2. Anonomous

    A public service announcement about a new coughing illness that is being spread around

  3. Kyle

    Interesting first tweet. Glad the guy who says Trump is the opposite of Trump knows Jesus so very well after all I am just certain that Hillary must then be the spitting image of Jesus in his mind ? Kind of sounds like a heretic to me with that attitude. Not so sure either that Trump has killed anyone yet and I am very sure he never crucified anyone but Hillary and her policies as secretary of state resulted n people being killed for sure

  4. Banacek

    I think this guy should have gone to work in the police department not the fire department:

    • semichorus

      Yeah, but how wise is it to go chasing after people with a gun?

      The BPD certainly doesn’t want homeowners doing it.

      • Eileen

        If the police are smart they will give the old guy an award for capturing the guy and helping to keep the community safe.

      • Anonymous

        Gary is old school mans man. If you listen he just got back from the Bonneville salt flats racing fast cars. The biggest farce was the lack of prosecution on this scum bag. The tri-pod guy got more if the CAs attention.

  5. Virgil

    BTW, will the Burbank Follower finally have a story on aggressive coyotes?
    Check tomorrow morning.

    • Daniel

      Well how wise is it to be unarmed while there are violent felons checking out your house. The second amendment allows us to be able to protect ourselves, our homes and our property. Imagine what could have happened if this guy was unarmed and unable to take the criminal down. I say great job and wish he was my neighbor.

    • Dina

      Time will tell.
      Various TV stations in Southern California.have been reporting on problems in Westchester,
      THE LA CITY COUNCIL is holding community meetings.
      What is BURBANK doing?

      • Amy

        The great local news ORGAN ran a front page story out of Glendale
        about C-Sections at Glendale Adventist Hospital.
        What will happen during the November Election???????

        • semichorus

          One thing they left out of the article too is that so many of these oh-so-pious parents immediately sue these hospitals up the ass if and when their treasured breech births go bad.

          THAT’S the main reason why G-A is stopping them. Malpractice insurance for ob/gyns already stretches into the mid-six-figures a year.

        • Amy

          What I meant was that the Follower had front page room for the C-section story, but no Burbank story about Coyotes
          Then I brought up the November Election about our Airport.
          What local coverage?
          How about Police personnel developments?
          Not a word–C section problem in Glendale–Front page.

          • semichorus

            Coverage of the local election would mean coverage of potential disagreements.

            Ain’t gonna happen any more with this cocksucking paper.

  6. chad

    I was surprised no now at least said “Do not try this at home!”

  7. chad

    Hey Kyle, you might want to check the safety records of Trump construction projects. And while you’re at it, check the hiring records as well.

    • Kyle

      Chad when you locate all the emails hillary bleached and took the hamer to let me know. Who hamers 13 phones anyway ? Bet our taxes bought the phones and the hamer to

      • semichorus

        You people aren’t just dishonest, you’re mentally ill.

        Just such chickenshits, and completely beyond redemption.

        • Kyle

          So start posting up all 30,000 emails and show us Semichorus. FBI director said many of them were classified and many were bleached and hammer taken to all 13 Clinton cell phones. Love the name calling to hide from the truth. How about an expose on Haiti and the Clinton Foundation maybe explain why Haitians are protesting about it all ?

        • Anonymous 4

          Thats right if anyone diisagres with hillary surely they mist be racist and deplorable. After all there can be no better idea than any idea that comes from the hilary establishment
          Nothing else is ever to be tolerated. Hillary and her group are just so tollerant after all.

  8. chad

    How many illegal aliens have worked in Trump construction, hotels, restaurants and casinos. I heard the number is staggering!!! What have you heard? I’ve heard and read of lot things. I mean not saying but I just have read and heard a lot and people are talking and you know I think there’s something there if people are willing to take a look and I’m going to repeat shit so that the media will eventually stop caring and just print what I say and it will make it all true and no one’s really going fact check until I have a friggin’ seizure…….

  9. Art

    I am co sure Chad and Semichorus will tell us that the Los Angeles Times is this right wing newspaper that has a reputation for always supporting Republicans so here goes guys, Even the Los Angeles Times has had no choice but to point out all the story changes, lies and deceit swirling round Hillary and her emails. You got it not one server, no one device but many and that comes right from the FBI So cut it how you want and bring up what you heard about Trump but truth is that Hillary’s problems are not what anyone heard they are factual.

    • semichorus

      Let’s see Trump’s emails from 2008-2012.

      Better yet, let’s see his taxes. And for all the pious among you, this is a guy who’s been married THREE times, and spent the better part of the mid-90s going on radio and TV and telling people what a great fuck the second wife was.

      Imagine what you clowns would be saying if OBAMA had been doing that. Trump supporters prove their deplorableness every day.

      • Anonymous Burbank

        Um Trumps emails 2008 to 2012 do not contain confidential us government content and Trump was not working as secretary of state for the us taxpayers. The freedom of information act does not apply to private citizens but it does apply to government employees like Hillary so where are all the Hillary emails snd why were they deleted after a federal subpoena was issued for them ? You must have gotten the confusion about who the freedom of information act applies to from that Burbsnk City Attorney.

      • Kyle

        LOL I could care less how many times Trump has been married. So whats worse ? Being married 3 times or having sex in the oval office with interns ?

  10. Juan S

    This election is not about how many times anyone has been married. It is not about race or gay or straight it is all about Americans being united and ending the division that Hillary is promoting. We are standing up for freedom of Americans and not the lies of politicians.

  11. Luis Salgado

    Hillary Clinton wants to divide us she spreads the hate and treats us like children. We want a hand up and not a hando out. #MAGA

    • semichorus

      Then you better start paying back all that public school and public college help you were getting. You should have done it on your own.

      Right, you hypocrite?

      You Trump supporters are all such hateful fools.

      A hand up eh?

  12. chad

    I don’t know I’m hearing a lot of things being said about Trump’s hiring practices. And now that crazy doctor who said Trump was healthy he’s now saying he just wrote nonsense. And you know, who knows what’s in his taxes he won’t release. There’s been a lot of speculation as to why he won’t release his taxes. I mean what does that tell you? And you know, he’s been married three times and there are rumors about him beating his wives but he signed them to gag orders. I don’t know I’m hearing a lot of very disturbing things about Trump’s past. I’m just saying.

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