Your 21st-century classroom at work

Get ready, Burbank.



In the BUSD’s own report on the topic, from MyBurbank:


“A multimedia control system is placed within the classroom which allows the teacher to change video inputs between their document camera and PC, raise/lower volume, mute and freeze the screen.”

“The control system is also connected to the network will eventually have the ability to monitor projector bulb life and report to staff when it’s time to buy a new projector bulb before it fails. The control systems are ADA-compliant and are consistent with universal design principles.”


Which means that you can find them on the panel if you look for them. And hopefully not get shocked (does that still happen any more?)

Avoiding a bulb blowout must mean something big these days. What’s wrong with the kids just yelling about it? At least they’d be responding to their physical surroundings instead of them all just plugging into the system.

A blown bulb could also lead to better pedagogy, no? Like force them to pick up a damn book.


Study? Nowadays it’s about working in “tٚeams.”




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4 responses to “Your 21st-century classroom at work

  1. chad

    What the hell is a “knowledge factory?”

  2. chad

    Like Willy Wonka?

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