Burbank wakes up to find itself with a big new airport

Oops, wrong lede….


A Burbank woman went into labor on Labor Day — something she didn’t plan for because she didn’t even know she was pregnant.

Jeff Parungoa called 911 and “I go: ‘I think my wife’s having a baby. But we’re not pregnant.’ I told her, and she’s like: ‘Excuse me?’”

His wife, Jennifer Favela, was pregnant, all right. She gave birth to a boy after 4 a.m.

Favela said she did not expect to be expecting. “Shocked is an understatement,” the new mom said. “I woke up in the middle of the night just thinking I had a stomachache.”

But all of a sudden, her water broke. The 35-year old mother of a 13- and 7-year-old said she never had morning sickness but did have what she thought were light periods.

As for the weight gain, Parungao said he did say something to his wife last week. “I told her, ‘Hey, we need to do something. Man, you’re gaining weight.’”


That’s how things work in Burbank. One day you get up and can’t figure out what just happened.

Like, who knew?



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13 responses to “Burbank wakes up to find itself with a big new airport

  1. Anonymous 3

    The airport won’t be any bigger.

    The new terminal (which is a different thing) will be slightly larger, but will only have 14 gates, same as the one we got.

    • Cynthia

      The new terminal will be TWICE as large.
      Allowing more areas near the 14 gates to line up passengers.
      The issue all along has been Replacement TERMINAL.
      Anon 3 needs to pay attention to his “backroom buddies”.
      Even sounds like Luggage Lady at last Council meeting.
      Can’t Understand Normal Talk.

  2. Larry

    With the noise from that airport we know it is there, bigger will be even worse.

    • Anonymous 3

      The new airport won’t be any bigger. The new terminal will be a little bigger, but still have only 14 gates.

      • semichorus

        One third bigger.

        That’s big. And with a super-easy method to make it even bigger, and with no more citizen reviews.

        “Folks, we need to ask the Commission to add just three more gates next year to help pay for the facility. That’s all….”

        • Anonymous 3

          We already have that threat. The AA can build a terminal of any size on the SW quadrant, and under the current rules, our three votes could not stop it. Under the pending governance rules we get a super majority veto of EVERYTHING. It takes only two Burbank commissioners to block anything that the AA will do. We will be SAFER under the new agreement than we are now.

          Measure B applies only to the NW site where the city has easements. Not the SW site.

          • semichorus

            That’s a canard– if at all feasible (or vastly expandable) they would have done it already. They’re not choosing B6 to be nice to Burbank. S/W is untenable.

            And a much bigger terminal is in the future. That’s why they won’t pull the already filed FAA plan. They could do it next week if they wanted to– and which the council should have made a pre-condition for the “Agreement.”

            • Anonymous 3

              “They could do it next week if they wanted to”

              Make up your mind, either they can or they can’t.

              The NE site is preferable in an operational sense, no crossing of runways. That is why it is preferred.

              Your dark dreams of a massively larger terminal don’t hold water. We have the veto.

              • semichorus

                You don’t know much about Burbank history, do you?

                “Folks, it’s just three more gates….that’s all!”

                If there’s no chance of expansion then pull the old FAA plan that’s on file. THAT’S what they could do next week.

                I almost want the thing to win just to watch what happens. It’ll be gloriously satisfying.

              • Anonymous 3

                Well, your wish will come true. A week ago some woman asked on the City of Burbank facebook page that people vote no. There were dozens of responses; about 10 to one were in favor.

                It’s gonna pass.

              • DixieFlyer

                Our next door neighbor The City of Los Angeles would have something to say about a New Terminal in the SouthWest Quadrant.

                The traffic would be traveling upon THEIR streets.

                Also, another opportunity for LA residents to question the flight operations directly impacting their homes.

  3. Dennis

    As anonymous 3 predicts the future, what about the City of Los Angeles?
    Should the Airport Authority decide to utilize the SW quadrant,
    LA gets to bite on their asses.
    Pay attention, the questions will only get more difficult.

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