l’histoire de la musique



No schmaltz here for the Ur-film score. And they had faces then, too.

What over the next hundred years didn’t come from this? Phrases on top of phrases.

(Clip comes from our other Burbank TV station. So not everything’s hopeless around here.)



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9 responses to “l’histoire de la musique

  1. Anonymous

    You can thank the wonderful invention of television for such great treasures.

  2. Claudio

    BTW What is the story on the Big New Shiny Bus that just sits in the Burbank Bus Parking lot?
    If there was grant money involved Jesus Tellamoron must know the answer.
    Are they saving it for a Parade, or is it already broken?

    • semichorus

      Burbank has THE worst local public transportation system in all of Southern California.

      That’s why it’s always empty.

      • Charles

        Humor is needed for this one.
        Yes about the grants.
        Unsafe for Public or Highway use.
        City pukes are unsure of the next step.

        • DixieFlyer

          That bus was one of those “environmentally friendly” efforts.

          Haven’t heard boo for some time.

          If the City Council was meeting tonight someone could ask.

          They are NOT.

          Was this originally one of Golonski’s Toys??

          • semichorus

            Maybe they can fill it full of bikes and take it down to the studios for all those bike people to ride to work. Back and forth to Talaria.

            Like it’s fucking Copenhagen or something around here.

            • Butch

              There hasn’t been any news on that experimental bus in a long time.
              Dixie triggered some memories back in the cobwebs. The terms of the grant probably spell out details. Can’t blame the drivers for complaining about the poor shape some of those buses are in. They “whine” as they wind out from gear to gear. We need to learn more, mr. semi.

              • Claudio

                Maybe the Airport can use it?
                They could paste banners on it to campaign.
                More Burbank Voter’s could have a laugh.
                Then Vote NO.

  3. chad

    TV had some positive outcomes no doubt.

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