This country is so fucked up


Jesus Christ. It’s hopeless.


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28 responses to “This country is so fucked up

  1. Anonymous 3

    Bannon was not a mistake, not yet.

    I think the debates will be Trump’s Waterloo.

    • semichorus

      Unless she wipes the floor with him every 10 seconds, he’ll be deemed the winner. “He held his own” and “Admittedly, she has more experience with debates, which means that she should have done better…”

      I can hear it now. The media is already raising the bar for her every day, and lowering it for him.

  2. Burbank Person

    Piroli calls out City Hall …

    • Anonymous

      Congratulations Piroli. You did that with such class. Sneaky antics and lack of straight shooting in Burbank is disappointing over and over again. Most people don’t dare address it. I’ve seen way more than that!

      • 91506

        Piroli is on of my favorites when I watch meeting on TV6. He always makes great points and I always understand what he is talking about. Last night he put some people in their place and did it with class.

  3. Francisco

    Latinos For Trump on CNN

  4. A polite request

    Have you forgotten we’re in California?

    Trump has no chance here. None!!

    So the whole Paul Revere act is a little puzzling.

    I’m not saying stop the Hillary/Trump posts, just a little less often would be very much appreciated. For the first time, you’re giving me a headache.

    Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      We do have a national election and even if California wants to act like its own sicialist republic we actualy are still part of the USA. Nothing wrong with talking about our national election is my view

    • semichorus

      He’s gonna win. Get ready for it.

      Mostly due to a criminally stupid and irresponsible media. They have no values.

      • Carlos A

        Trump will win because it is time for change. Change will not happen if we keep electing the same people. Hillary has had years and has accomplished zip. Mr Trump did great meeting with the President of Mexico today. The big issue is not global warming it is the well being of the American people. It is time to be proud to be sn American again.

      • Doug

        The one with no values is Clinton. Remember Benghazi. Remember the emails. Remember the milliions the clinton foundation accepted from countries that enslave women and kill gays. Hillary won’t take questions from the press because she has serious 5th amendmemt issues and could incriminate herself.

        • semichorus

          You’re all liars. You’ve watched so much television the last 20 years that your brains have rotted away. Your assholes have been so reamed out by these crooks and maniacs that you have to defecate through your mouths.

          Get lost. Leave the few rٚemaining sensible people alone. Go all shoot each other.

  5. Juan S.

    It’s a new day.It is time to unite as one. To unite as Americans and not as colors. There is room for everyone so get on board and let’s unite America

    • semichorus

      Under … a right-wing Republican subliterate, racist, pathologically dishonest and hate-filled maniac !

      Yeah. God bless us.

  6. Marcos

    “Get lost. Leave the few rٚemaining sensible people alone. Go all shoot each other.”

    XXXX Why are so many Hillary supporters such hate filled people ? Why do they want to keep us all divided and why do they push the racist narrative like they do ? Go shoot each other is just so intelligent and pathological.

  7. anonymous

    Why does Hilary make it sound like nationalism is a bad thing in that video ? There is nothing wrong with nationalism and our nationalism is American.

  8. BF

    Hey Semichorus,
    talking about “subliterate, racist, pathologically dishonest and hate-filled maniac ! ”

    Did you see that the New York Times this week called crooked Hillary out for her connections with her Clinton Foundation during her time as secretary of state ? It is coming out more and more as they find more and more of the emails she washed away to hide. I think we are talking about a pathological liar named Hillary. BTW why did she snub the president of Mexico yesterday ? Maybe it didn’t fit into her Taco Bowl Engagement ?

    • semichorus

      Someone needs to start doing brain scans of Trump supporters.

      I love this claim now that she snubbed the pres of Mexico. That’s a yuuuuuge insult!

      • DixieFlyer

        As the comment from semi, himself, indicates:

        Donald Trump has had an affect on semi’s own verbiage,

        “That’s yuuuuuuuge!”

        Step-by=step, you are not a lost cause!!!

        • Norm

          Dixie Flyer,

          When good paying jobs are driven out of the country with regulation, taxation and this fear of climate change, and government supports low paying jobs and these new green jobs that do not pay enough to survive on we need rent control among other things but bring back jobs and you really begin to address the issues. Clinton proudly says she will shut down jobs , for example coal miners. So her grand plan is put coal miners out of work anx give them a walmart to work at. It’s doing nothibg for their si called climate change fears at all due to the fact that the same manufacturing is still taking place in another country. The only difference they make is where the jobs to do it go. The whole thing is insanely stupid.

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