There’s better stuff out there

That shouldn’t be forgotten.

We couldn’t believe this wasn’t noted yesterday. Probably not commercial enough.

Do kids even still read the book? Everything about it is out of style.





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9 responses to “There’s better stuff out there

  1. Jeff

    Tonights meeting. Mr Perole really gave it to them hardcore tonight. It was awesome.

    • Anonymous 3

      If you think the council cares what he thinks or says you are deeply confused.

      • semichorus

        I’m the one who’s been bringing up the LTC over the last few months. No one else has publicly. And they are addressing MY exact issues with it.

      • Willie Watcher

        You sound as though you are a city council person.?? Your arrogance and efforts to devalue other’s opinions are very familiar to me.

  2. Anonymous

    The little prince ? Maybe they are reading the aitobiography of Mr Rogers of Burbank Council shame.

  3. Sue

    Oh yes Parole nailed that city clerk. So she has all these old out of date reports and not the ones for last night. I liked how the city clerk says I have no idea why those old reports are there. Well lady get a clue and start taking care of business. How much do we pay her to know nothing anyway ?

  4. Sharon

    When Parole went off I started cheering and my wife came in and said are you watching a football game. The way Luddy responded to Nolan was so out of line. Does she realize how bad her nasty arrogance plays over the television ? Overall it was the best council meeting in months, first one I did not fall asleep on.

    • Beth

      Not only was it the best Council Meeting in months, the Council attempts to thank the ass kissers was comical–they had all left the building!!!

    • Anonymous

      Burbank City Council meetings are like watching a sport in some fashion. People out of the loop are really missing out on some outrageous entertainment. It’s beyond belief sometimes. The ego maniacal council members (with absolutely no manners or respect for people who don’t agree with them) is way disconcerting.
      Talamantes looks like he wants to jump on the table and punch Gordon sometimes. Luddy chews something, rubs her fingers and flings out insults. Rogers goofiness and barbs are very annoying.
      Reality T.V. at it’s finest.

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