The two current Landlord-Tenant Commission applicants work in property management


Too funny. We thought we’d bring this up again. Both applicants for tomorrow night’s open LTC slot work in property management.

Both of them, and only them.

So the fact that they may or may not be “renters” in Burbank is irrelevant to the issue at hand, which is proper representation of conflicting interests. Status as a renter doesn’t make anyone an instant tenant advocate, which is what the city clerk is trying to imply that these many “renters” on the Commission indeed are.

The addresses of the two are redacted, and so we don’t know where they actually live in Burbank. But so what. They’re landlords.

What’s really hilarious is that this staff report for tomorrow night is clearly written to rebut the valid points we made last month about LTC improprieties. Nice try.

Btw … are they renters? That would seal one of our points.



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40 responses to “The two current Landlord-Tenant Commission applicants work in property management

  1. Anonymous 3

    If the Commission had any power, it might make a difference.

    But it doesn’t, so it doesn’t.

    • semichorus

      It’s the idea, and the utter gaul of this city trying to pull this dishonest crap.

      • Anonymous 3

        If the Commission had any power I might just care.

        Oh, I know one of the commissioners; she is a passionate advocate for rent control. Fat lot of good that it does.

        Get the signatures needed to put a measure on the ballot introducing rent control. No other path gets it done.

      • Anonymous

        A3’s enthusiastic, Pavlovian acceptance of Burbank’s meticulously neutered joke of a bureaucratic non-civil service apparatus demonstrates true, genuine nobility.

  2. Marcos

    To look good they have no choice but to forget history

  3. Rene

    Hilary is right Senator byrd (small letter for name for reason) was an original but catch she did not say hero. No because he was an original racist that came from the kkk which was started by the Democratic Party to keep minorities down.

    • semichorus

      Where do you people get this stuff.

      Yes, the GOP. Lovers of the Black folk.

      • Anonymous

        Yes the Democratic party the founders of the KKK and inner city , not latinos.

        • Ernie

          If you took the time to read the campaign sttategy emails you would see and know that there is no reference to Trump regarding the taco bowl engagement. It is the term used for their idea of a film to do outreach to us taco bowls.

          • semichorus

            No one used taco bowls as a descriptor. The DNC was referring to Trump’s taco bowl tweet, not Latinos.

            Anyone who thinks that Donald Trump is a credible candidate for anything is out of their mind.

            • Ernie

              Anyone who denies reality is in trouble and not only did they use taco bowl that way but the chair of the DNC rrsigned over it but then went to work for crooked Hilary.

      • Frank

        Funny saying where do people get this stuff when it’s an undisputed fact that Robert Byrd was a racist leader in the Klan. It is also an undusputed historical fact that the Klan waz founded by the Democrats. Now I do find it funny that Hillary says that racist trash was her mentor.

        • Anonymous 3

          Then why is the deep south solidly Republican?

          LBJ said that the passage of the Civil Rights amendment would lose the south to the Repugs for a generation. We know now that he under stated the impact.

          The Repugs today are the racist party. Wake up and smell that coffee.

      • Mr. Kosteva

        Most Burbank kids learn their History in school.

        • semichorus

          Ah, Mike Kosteva. The old Bircher.

          The guy whose commadre wife once wrote a letter to the BUSD school board accusing the 1973 BHS Ceralbus of being a Communist inspired plot designed to confuse people.

          True story. I saw the letter myself.

    • Anonymous 3

      And the two parties gradually changed places between 1920 and 1965, such that the racist party is the Repugs.

      Why do you suppose the Olde South is so solidly Repug?

      • OccupiedCalifornia

        Can you name one GOP segregationist Governor or Senator past or present?

        • semichorus

          Strom Thurmond. (I can’t wait to see this crowd say, “But he was a Democrat then…! Yeah, and he was a what later on?)

          Just go away people.

        • Anonymous 3.0

          Hey ocupied Caliornia ever catch how they say long ago the parties switched but they forget to explain good DemoRats like George Wallace ?

      • Larry

        Typical liberal when you can’t talk facts just delete. Much like the mainstream media ? Silence the voices and silence the truth thought this blog was better than this.

      • Carl

        And the two parties gradually changed places between 1920 and 1965, such that the racist party is the Repugs

        Those are great years to chose from, so please explain Governor George Wallace. Renowned Democrat Segregationist

  4. Anonymous 3

    Trump is polling about 15% with Latinos. Good luck with that.

  5. chad

    Robert Byrd is an American original. He genuinely re-wrote himself. The guy actually had the opportunity to fix a lot of crap from his seat in the Senate. And guess what? He voted against the invasion of Iraq. So Marcos, think again.

    Also, the KKK was founded by Confederate soldiers after the Civil War. By the 1930s, the Democratic Party had significantly changed and sadly the Republican Party did as well. Political parties of 1870 are very different today. Look at the political history over the last 80 years and please tell me which party listens (more) to working people.

    Listen to the speech Byrd gave that I provide here. The man ended his political career on a very high note. (Hillary voted for the invasion, BTW.)

    • Gary

      I would say you aaked the question wrong Chad. Had you asked what party puts great efforts into apearing to listen to working class people the answer would be the democrats. Things like NAFTA really hurt the working class.

    • T-2016

      So Byrd can rewrite himself, but Strom Thurmond, no way! He did, btw. You people on the left are in serious denial.

      Please provide the historical reference to prove that the Republican congress voted at anytime in they way you are implying. The civil rights activities in the 60’s would not have passed congress if not for the GOP. Most of the dems including Byrd were still segregationists then.

      • semichorus

        He can reinvent himself– although he didn’t. But he was a Republican later on. By “Byrd” logic.

        The idea that Republicans are some kind of savior to Black people is so absurd that it’s beyond contemplation.

        • T-2016

          Oh, I see, unless you remake yourself as a redistributionist social justice warrior than any remake doesn’t count. Pathetic.

      • Anonymous

        Such serious denial that they need an intervention friends just should not let friends become so dilusional. Becareful Semichorus you might look in a mirror and see a growing resemblance to Mzzz Luddy and or Mzzz Albino.

  6. chad

    Gary, you are correct. NAFTA was horrible. Started by Bush, signed by Clinton. But I think history shows that the modern Democratic Party clearly has fought for working people much more than the Republican Party. Not even close.

  7. chad

    Good to know that Will Rogers thinks rent control would not be supported by at least half of Burbank citizens and elected officials. How does he come to this conclusion?

    • semichorus

      It’s because he doesn’t want rent control.

      And first of all, who cares about “elected officials”?

      Since over half of Burbank are tenants, I disagree. As well as I’m sure some homeowner sympathizers would exist, too, on the subject. And what is HIS opinion on it?

      It was OK for him when he lived in LA and North Hollywood? He personally benefited from rent control himself, but not young Burbankers now?

      Just for fun, he and the council should put an advisory-only vote on it, and on an upcoming consolidated ballot– you know, just to reach more voters. Let’s see if he’s correct or not.

      That’ll be the day. Rogers would NEVER even want an advisory vote on rent control in Burbank.

      • Anonymous

        Rogers is an over-medicated, inarticulate mess and appears to be on the verge of a total breakdown.

        Involuntary scratching, weird gestures, painfully broken English, slack jawed wreck.

        Dude needs a looooong vacation, preferably in an accredited sanitarium.

        Talk about Lost Weekend Jr. Where’s Bim when you need him?

        • semichorus

          Some White guys sure age quickly, don’t they. Makes me keep looking in the mirror.

          I want to see him move to put this rent control question on the ballot. Just an advisory vote only.

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