Gabel-Luddy must think it’s beyond review for one of her deputy police chiefs to send racist emails to his buddies — and on a city computer


Which — remember–  it took the LASO to do something about.

Summer’s almost over.  So what ever happened to BPD monitor Michael Gennaco’s big public conversation into why our Burbank police chief not only refused to discipline one of his imported cronies for those bigoted emails, he then additionally conspired with the CA and CM to keep it all secret — even from the city council.

That means Gabel-Luddy too, who only had this to say at last month’s police commission meeting that was supposed to be specifically about this derogatory email topic, but curiously was not.

Instead, they completely changed the subject to how good things are. Rah rah!

Burbank police leaders were praised this month for implementing a series of reforms in recent years that one City Council member said averted the Burbank Police Department from federal oversight.

During a series of presentations during a recent joint meeting of the Burbank City Council and Police Commission, police officials pointed to several achievements reached since Burbank Police Chief Scott LaChasse took the helm six years ago, including a more detailed internal review of uses of force, a more accessible complaint procedure for the public and increased diversity on the police force.

“It’s clear to me that we avoided a consent decree six years ago,” said Councilwoman Emily Gabel-Luddy, referring to a time when the agency was reeling from allegations of police brutality as well as racism and sexual harassment within its ranks…

Which Gennaco was brought in to waylay in the future.

The joint meeting was put on the books after a police commissioner sought the authority to investigate an email scandal involving the agency’s former deputy chief Tom Angel, who forwarded emails from his work account in 2012 and 2013 that mocked Muslims, Latinos and others.

The Burbank Police Officers’ Assn. board of directors criticized the agency’s response to the discovery of the emails, raising concerns that Angel’s emails weren’t properly investigated, as the offenses apparently were not reported to the management services director, nor to Gennaco.

At the meeting, the emails were only briefly mentioned, with LaChasse noting that a lieutenant recently met with representatives of the Burbank Islamic Center.

Gennaco’s team, which is expected to deliver an annual audit of the department in the coming weeks, is reviewing the incident.


Nothing’s changed in this town. But for their $12 million+ legal expenses and the get out of jail free card that it bought them in the end, Burbank would now indeed be under a federal consent decree. Everyone and their brother became so at cross-purposes to each other that no one could figure out what was going on. It was deliberate obfuscation at the hands of the attorneys.

And, but for the  Sheriff’s Department finding out about Tom Angel’s racist Burbank emails — and then actually doing something about it — none of us in Burbank would have known a thing.

Again, where’s Gennaco?






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25 responses to “Gabel-Luddy must think it’s beyond review for one of her deputy police chiefs to send racist emails to his buddies — and on a city computer

  1. Anonymous

    i have a question here. If Emily Luddy a Republican or a Democrat ?

  2. Anonymous

    Luddy is very judgemental and thinks of herself as better than others. She is a Democrat I checked it out and if you watch any council meeting you see that she feels others are below her and always talks down to them. She is what we need to change because she stands in the way of uniting America and furthers division. The people in power today tell the people what to do but their own actions are devisive and self centered. We must make changes in November this election is important.

  3. Bryan

    I watch some council meetings and Emily Luddy is one of those all talk and no action politicians. Just watching and listening to her I could tell she is full of intolerance. It is sad that Burbank could elect someone like her because she is really a vote for intolerance

  4. Anonymous

    I’ll guarantee one thing, if more people watched city council, Ms. Luddy along with most of the council members would not be reelected. I personally am flabbergasted at the arrogance and rudity displayed.

    • Kyle

      I am very sure your guarantee is correct. I hope every voter gets to see the inane ramblings of Mr Rogers before he runs for re-election

    • CornFused

      Still can’t understand why it’s not available on Directv. I know it’s streamed online, but I don’t think there’s a lot of people interested in having the whole family sit around a computer to watch. On the TV…yes. It’s a public service channel, no reason not to air it (unless they don’t really want more viewers watching their monkeyshines).

    • Anonymous 3

      “Rudity”? Did the English language let you down?

      • Willie Watcher

        Definition is rudeness, ignorance. Why are you poking someone referring to city council’s behavior? Feeling defensive? Very interesting.

      • Penelope

        Anonymous 3
        Get a grip on yourself “Will “…..
        You have a lot of nerve scolding Willie
        Watcher for grammar!!
        You Will , are no scholar yourself.
        The best thing you have going for
        Yourself is staying (incognito)?
        Also , YOU “Will” don’t Babble while you’re

  5. It is sad

    So true any idea that is not their idea and anyone who doesn’t agree with them is always racist it is all they know how to say because they have no real ideas at all. I am not really liberal or conservative I just want what is best for my country.

  6. Anonymous

    Ok so question. Any suggestions would be appreciated. On August 19th and August 22nd our mailman urinated and littered in the gutter in front of my house. We filed two police reports, as well as sending all the video footage from our cameras to the police and his supervisor. Even after reporting it, he did again on Tuesday. To our surprise he was our mailman again yesterday. Who can I call and talk to about this? At the least I feel like he should be suspended. His supervisor said she would follow up with me, and I haven’t heard anything back.

    • semichorus

      Sounds like a special delivery to me.

      Call the postal inspector.

    • Dan

      Does the Mailman know Ralph ?

      • Anonymous

        Ha.Ha. Speaking of Ralph, maybe it wasn’t a good idea to give the police the video. They may do nothing, keep it for a year and say there is no room on the shelf to store it.
        Tell me this is a joke about the post man doing this? Hard to believe.
        By the way, we’re off subject. Someone can bring this up at city council and Luddy can ignore them also. Even if comments are distasteful she could kindly comment once in awhile to show she has some degree of concern.

  7. Anonymous Burbank

    I would send a letter to the postal inspector in San Francisco. San Francisco is the headquarters for the us postal service on the west coast. I would send a letter so that there is a record of exactly what you reported. I have contacted them about a few problems in the past and they respond quickly and may even send out a postal police vehicle to interview you from Pasadena. When San Francisco headquarters gets involved they jump fast here is the contact info
    Postal Inspector in San Francisco

    U.S. Postal Service Inspector


    P.O. BOX 882000
    San Francisco California 94188 CA

    (415) 550-5701

  8. Charles

    Would the Leader “follow-up” on this story?

  9. chad

    Hey Bryan, two of Trump’s top Latino advisors just quite after this immigration speech.

    • Bryan

      Chad, doesn’t matter truth is advisors and staff follow the money and look put for their own interests. Very few are comited to the truth or a cause. Just look at Burbank City Hall. If things turned around snd changed for the better I sort of feel bus loads would run like rabits from the place. To me most advisors are in it for what they could get and few believe in any real cause that makes things really better. Just my take on advisors.

    • Tom

      Back to this story. While I ger there’s an issue here I am more concerned with the classified emails that Secretary Clinton so poorly handled when it comes to email where is the justice department on the Clinton breech of security that endangers us all. Genaco where are you ????

  10. chad

    Well there are two prominent Latino’s who aren’t supporting Trump any longer. The email crap is just the same stuff they tried with Whitewater and they found nothing.

  11. Citizen Cane

    Funny how the police are expected to change when certain demographics refuse to change and who are presenting the problems in our society. If a cop shoots a black person, it becomes national news, but 69 murders in Chicago don’t make the news.

    • semichorus

      They make the news all the time.

      So what are you saying? That niggers and Mexicans are subhuman? They’re criminals.

      Say it then.

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