No politics, please


A fair sampling of recent Leader headlines:


Screenshot 2016-08-27 at 1.37.33 PM


Screenshot 2016-08-27 at 1.37.10 PM


Screenshot 2016-08-27 at 1.36.41 PM


Screenshot 2016-08-27 at 1.43.09 PM


They all sound like promotional PR releases. There’s nothing conflictual or politically disputatious about any of these issues. And if there were — which there certainly could be — we don’t ever hear about it in the stories.

It’s not like people in Burbank aren’t speaking out about non-crime-related things in town. It’s just that the local paper won’t carry any news of the conflict.

Compare this to the Leader of 15 or 20 years ago.  That paper was almost too bitchy about everything. It literally generated conflict. But nowadays it’s either all happy talk or done-deal time. Rarely is there any note of controversy or conflict or community disagreement.

Political disputes? People complaining about various city or school board policies or actions?

What? You mean it’s happening somewhere in Burbank?







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13 responses to “No politics, please

  1. Anonymous 3

    You miss the days when Rogers did INVESTIGATIVE journalism?

    • semichorus

      Not him. But when he was there the paper as a whole was more involved with the community — and often enjoyed stirring the pot.

  2. Anonymous

    Rogers was a flaccid schlub in print, and is today far worse on the dais.

    Bob Kramer was the Leader columnist who really sent shock waves through this town….

    Cue A3 redfaced, spittle-flecked, stammering apoplexy….

    • semichorus

      Yes, Bob was very effective. Still is, in a different capacity. I was disappointed though when he dropped his old rebelliousness.

  3. chad

    Off Topic: Just had a soft serve ice cream with my daughter at Fosters. Thank god there are still places like that.

    • semichorus

      Btw, there are several plans being quietly worked on at City Hall’s development dept that involve essentially bulldozing both sides of Glenoaks from Olive to Providencia. The Olive to Angeleno plans have been held up by the Chevron station and Varon estate.

      For now. Get ready Burbank for some big surprises in the next few years.

      Staff was absolutely GIDDY a few years ago (Joy Forbes) when the city council foolishly voted 4-1 to make it super easy to convert commercial zones into multi-family.

      Burbank2035! Hooray.

  4. Cissy

    You ungrateful slogs!!! What other paper has a weekly grammar column!!!

    • Claire

      Thanks Cissy, they also have Two Pages on Marquee.
      From all over the place.
      Great Local Coverage.

      • Nancy

        Rogers would make the paper complete for putting in the bottom of my birds cage. Perhaps he could spare us all and go back to his pathetic attempt at journalism.

  5. Citizen Cane

    Burbank has always lived in a fantasy world about what is reported. The old Independent Journal and now the Leader are basically a PR front for the city. The juice that we all want to read about is often “not there.” We have to dig into blogs to find the real meat and potatoes.

  6. Claire

    The follower is at it again.
    Check Wednesday (Sept 31) front page.
    What a waste.
    Much more Sports than News.
    5,000 copies is the current run, for a City over 100,000.
    What are the Editor’s up to?
    We pay for “legal” advertising in the follower?
    More Burbanker’s follow the Blogs than that on a Daily Basis.

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