Hillary finally starts to call out Trump and his supporters for their overt bigotry, and the corporate media suddenly claims “it’s a race to the bottom”


Jesus H. Christ. Trump finally gets countered for his bad behavior by the Dems, and the national news media immediately wrings its hands about how awful both of them are.

Instead of responding to what she’s saying and considering whether her criticisms are valid or not, it’s a pox on them both.

Enough is enough! We just can’t have this any more!



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Digby’s right.

This though is standard operating procedure for the American corporate news media: let the GOP get away with ridiculously awful behavior with maybe a bit of negative comment in response; but then as soon as the Democrats as a campaign strategy start to counter these same Republicans by using their own ugly words against them, it’s suddenly how dare they all both drag us into the mud.

Never trust rich people in control, especially when they’re on TV. That’s the clear lesson here. They’re also not very bright either, because that’s not why they were hired.

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32 responses to “Hillary finally starts to call out Trump and his supporters for their overt bigotry, and the corporate media suddenly claims “it’s a race to the bottom”

  1. CornFused

    How anyone can find something positive about either one of them is difficult to understand. This upcoming election is so disheartening.

  2. DixieFlyer

    BTW, Women’s Equality Day was just the motivation for Fronnie to put up a new Post on Media City Groove?

    Lots of time between Posts recently.

    Still NO comments allowed for weeks-on-end.

    • Dina

      What happened to Media City Groove?
      Semi, you directed many of us over there at one time.
      She was “in pursuit” of stories at one time, even doing follow-ups.
      Now, wondering if she’s OK.
      Or as others have speculated, has she thrown in with Scary Kerry and doesn’t dare to Post or allow comments without the Approval of Scary?

      • semichorus

        Yes, I’ve noticed that.

        She’s obviously caught the Burbank disease of “friendly collegiality.” Hang around the crowd too much and it catches.

  3. chad

    Mainstream media wither in the face of the right wing drum beating that calls them “liberal.” In desperate attempts to not be perceived that way, mainstream media collapse arguments and debates into these false representations like saying “both sides of the story” as if there really are only two sides to a debate or issue. By responding this way to Clinton’s remarks about Trump’s overt racism, they let themselves off the hook. They actually don’t take a stand and represent the debate as if they are “objective” whereas in reality they are genuinely afraid of being perceived as bias. This is the result of being corporately owned and profit driven. There was a time when news media lost money for their companies but that didn’t interfere with their journalistic responsibility. Now, they routinely shirk their responsibilities and this is a good example.

  4. chad

    Yes Anon 3 and Yes Anon.

    • semichorus

      Fuck you.

      Any “latina” who supports Trump — and they’re almost all Cuban, btw — deserves to be put at the top of the deportation list.

      • Ed L.

        Semichorus, sorry but she is not Cuban she is a Mexican American and there are many more of us than you think that support Mr Trump. You sound like the media when you make the assumption that no Mexican American or Latino for that matter would ever support Trump. What you call racist we all know is true, there are murderers and rapists crossing the boarder.
        Here she is saying exactly what she is and it is not Cuban (not that there is anything wrong with being Cuban, just responding to your comment about that)

        • semichorus

          Maybe you can help with the wall.


            • semichorus

              Hillary wants to bring in additional thousands who are mostly persecuted Christians. And the FBI has said no such thing.

            • Marcos

              YES they divide the country by giving minorities hand outs instead of hands up. They do it by teaching division instead of greatness. Look at inner cities and what the hand out programs have done to people making them dependent and making them feel no ambition. It is time we “taco bowls” no longer allow ourselves to be taken for granted and handed crumbs while we are told to blame everyone else for our situation. It is time to stand up and believe in greatness and the American Dream and to demand excellence rather than division.

  5. Eileen

    The fact is forget the media they are all for sale to the highest bidder, sorry folks the one spending the most to the media is Hillary through her Clinton Foundation.

  6. Carlos A

    Such a racist reply to the idea that a Latina would support Donald Trump ? You do not understand much but you think that you do. Most of us come from or are the children of people who come from horrible corrupt and socialist governments. We are proud to be Americans and we are thankful. Stop acting like we are poor pathetic and stupid stupid things that we need the government to tell us what to do and take care of us. We need freedom and we left countries that do not have it. I think you should go live in Mexico for a year and learn what it is really like there before you decide you know what is best for us American Latinos.

  7. F.M.

    Funny how the only thing Democrats have got it is the race card. It is why I changed to independent. How about addressing real issues and get off the race card for a change. Oh it’s because they depend on the problems to keep power sort of like that city attorney we watch on tv during the council she likes problems and she likes turmoil its a way to justify her over bloated salary and her power.

  8. Francisco

    Saw a link to this blog and this discussion. Got to say I am not TACO BOWL and I am not owned and my children are not owned by the Democratic Party. I have one and only one loyalty and that is to the United States of America. I am the son of immigrants and America needs all of us to stand strong with Trump to make her strong, great and prosperous again. I stand for unity no so sure you stand for unity here.

    • semichorus

      It was Trump who did the Taco bowl thing.

      • Francisco

        No it was not Trump who called Latino Americans taco bowl engagement. Trump had a taco bowl to eat on cinco de mayo, which is an American holiday and is not celebrated all over in Mexico. The emails no matter how much you want to change the history to protect the Democrats were written inside the DNC calling out reach to Latinos the taco bowl engagement. That is a fact look at the emails they are online and available to see unless you just want to defend at all costs crooked Hillary and her pals at the DNC

  9. Marcos

    August 28, 2016 at 3:00 pm
    Fuck you.

    Any “latina” who supports Trump — and they’re almost all Cuban, btw — deserves to be put at the top of the deportation list.

    Stop trying to divide our country and our people I am most proud of being AMERICAN and to the people who do not want to be American or love being American. To the people who want to take away our freedoms and make love of our country some kind of bad thing no one is making you stay here anyone is free to leave anytime they want.

    • semichorus

      I love it. It’s the DEMOCRATS who are trying to divide the country. Yeah.

      This country is no match for the evil and idiocy that is amongst us. We’re doomed.

  10. Rene

    Wake up Americans, this presidential race is not about race, creed , color or sexual orientation it is about Americans who are homeless and without jobs, it is about our veterans and the lack of care, it is about Americans being free and it is about forces that want to take our freedom away and destroy America. In difficult times we must stand together for the nation and for each other. God Bless the USA

  11. chad

    The rapture is coming!!

  12. DixieFlyer

    The Cuban refugee’s that have primarily populated Florida could not help but to remember the slaughter that occurred when Bobby Kennedy walked into the Oval Office and talked his brother John, the President,
    into calling OFF the support for the Bay of Pigs Invasion,

    Many Mexican-Americans, who earned their American Citizenship,
    and carefully learned the language of their adopted Country,
    bitterly resent the double standard advocated by some bleeding hearts.

  13. Claudia

    “Never trust rich people in control, especially when they’re on TV. That’s the clear lesson here”

    uh um Ok writer of this story, so Hillary Clinton is a multi millionaire and your saying don’t trust here because she is rich and wealthy ? Trump is rich but Trump worked for it and Clinton she got it what from countries that enslave and rape women ?

    • semichorus

      Trump was a child of privilege. Hillary worked for it.

      I don’t trust anyone rich, and certainly not billionaires.

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