We’ll take Kiko’s instead


Or the old Pippity-Pow taco truck that used to sit on SF and Alameda every weekend night.

Guisados Wants to Dominate Downtown Burbank Next

Local taco favorites Guisados just can’t seem to stop opening restaurants. It says a lot about the homegrown company’s product and perseverance in a market already saturated by tacos that owner Armando de la Torre and his son Armando Jr. are willing to drop a fifth location in nearly as many years, this time right in the thick of downtown Burbank.

Signage is up as of yesterday on the space along North San Fernando Boulevard, across from Tender Greens and deep in the suburban core of the neighborhood. The storefront is a former juice shop that’s currently finishing up construction both inside and out, which means that by the end of September guests will be able to mosey in for a sampler platter themselves — or to eat the whole menu.

 Like some of the newest iterations of Guisados, this 2,000 square foot location will also carry beer and wine at some point in the near future. It’s become a strong component of the late evening side of the restaurant, whereas lunch at the other locations in Boyle Heights, Downtown, West Hollywood, and Echo Park have always been top billing.

It figures that Burbank would get a big “taco” place exactly when the bottom is starting to fall out of the taco market.

Don’t tell anyone, but the new thing in this direction is what some in Southern California used to call antojitos — cheap combination plates with tacos, rellenos, tortas, tamales, and enchiladas etc. in any big or small combination. That’s what’s needed.

Tacos? Find a truck. Like La Viagra!
Screenshot 2016-08-24 at 8.50.27 PM

You can grab some Yolanda’s while you’re there.




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8 responses to “We’ll take Kiko’s instead

  1. Anonymous

    Well, I can’t find any decent tacos in Burbank. At $2.75 each, these might be worth a try. Also, I prefer hard shell tacos anyway, which they don’t serve.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh yeah, cheap combination plates are definitely needed in town.

  3. Arty

    More booze on San Fernando there’s a wine tasting room going in the old news stand spot. Guess staff sees no concentration of alcohol on the street wait they turned down Starbucks?

    • semichorus

      I loved that newsstand. He really made an effort, but of course no one reads any more. God bless our Millennials!

      More than ironic then that it’s being taken over by a wine shop, which will last about as long in Burbank as a Brentano’s would in Palmdale.

  4. Anonymous

    Love the Brentano reference Jim. Very 80s lol. The fancy juicers on San Fernando went belly up in less than a year. the Melt is gone too. Must be the rents. Yes , they turned down Starbucks wine , for fear that all the Burroughs kids would race in there after final bell and gulp,down the wine remnants on the tables. I. Love wine, but 3pm is too early even for me!!

    • semichorus

      Upscale + Burbank = you’re better off locating in Glendale. Always has been.

      I’d forgotten about that wine fear. So Burbank.

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