A hard-sell effort — masquerading as a “survey” — that not much was said about at the time


In anticipation of that upcoming “informational” brochure the city will be sending out to help inform sell the voters on this ridiculously unnecessary new airport terminal it wants, we thought we’d review the last official sales effort.

The Authority itself performed a telephone survey about four years ago, and from their later published report on it, they initially came up with this alarming response from those Burbankers who were willing enough to answer the phone and not immediately slam down the receiver…


Screenshot 2016-08-25 at 11.23.56 PM


Naturally, this was not very good news for the boosters. The results are way too close for comfort. And so these very same phone survey people then instantly began a sales effort on the respondents in order to get them to change their minds.

The report illustrated the process by this graphic:

Screenshot 2016-08-25 at 11.28.00 PM


And that was it. What they did not do was include the actual sales script/spiel in their report so that we could know exactly what “knowledge” was being imparted to the other end of the line, or how fearsomely apocalyptic full of crap this motivational information was, and with what urgency it was being pushed upon the listener.

Instead, the report quickly glided over to a much more satisfying conclusion just one page away:



Screenshot 2016-08-25 at 11.27.31 PM


That’s quite a change, and we can only imagine what was in the interviewers’ phone script to elicit such a dramatic change of heart in their listeners, and in just a few short minutes. They certainly earned their money.

Now this was basically a push poll anyway, because the report also effectively admits that it was just a promotional effort to get across a desired point of view about the supposed need for a new terminal. There was nothing impartial or objective about this official “survey,” if that’s what they want to call it. It wasn’t news gathering, it was telephone sales, like how hawking toner and copy paper was back in the late 1970s. Remember those ads in the throwaways?

But still.





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2 responses to “A hard-sell effort — masquerading as a “survey” — that not much was said about at the time

  1. Anonymous

    Only trump likes polls when he was ahead. Now the airport — they must be trump supporters putting so much emphasis on polls.

  2. Kyle.

    Oh Please. The polls are as phony as the news stories are. Switch off the mainstream media. They are dishonest about everything.

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