Why is there a news blackout on this once-covered story? (updated)

(UPDATE: Turns out what happened is that Persinger filed a lawsuit against the coffee house after those “bathroom” allegations didn’t pan out. In response, the coffeehouse filed an anti-SLAPP action against him as part of their response, claiming that he was improperly retaliating against their protected activity of speaking out and going to the police. The judge agreed and threw out the case, and most likely sanctioned Persinger as well for his “SLAPP.”)

Got this message today. What the hell is going on down there in Magnolia Park, and why are the Burbank police apparently helping this woman out by withholding the “evidence” after the “investigation” into the matter has concluded?

And we’ve got another good question to ask, and which no one else is.

Where is this alleged “surveillance” camera located inside the shop — is it inside the actual bathroom itself? If so, that would explain why no one over there wants to let it out, including their friendly BPD. It would be instant invasion-of-privacy lawsuit time for anyone who’d ever used it.


It’s totally disgusting that Kerry Krull of ” Romancing The Bean” won the malice lawsuit over Ralph at Burbank Antiques.

Her lawyers hit Ralph’s attorney with the SLAPP suit just after the the B.P.D. was subpoena’d? The SLAPP suit froze all information pertaining to the case.

At that point NO ( CD AUDIO TAPE ) or any other information could be added into evidence!

The CD AUDIO tape that was full of lies from Kerry and her manager which were inadmissible because of the her SLAPP suit!!

In the audio CD provided by the BPD after being subpoena’d and recorded by officer ASHLEY JOHNSON and SGT. KENDICKS A.K.A.(KERRY’S COUSIN)?

On the taped interview with officer Ashley Johnson, Kerry stated that she believed Ralph put screws under all her tires behind the Bean to give her multiple flat tires. Then she said Ralph has screamed at her and her employees. Then coming down to her coffee cafe to use her bathroom and take “THE DUMP”!!!!

Also on the CD Kerry stated that Ralph came down to her cafe and asked for a glass of ice water and said he wanted to party with them?

Lastly, she accused him of explicit sexually oriented prank calls to her manager an many hang-up calls? wheres her caller ID?? to prove this OUTRAGEOUS LIE????

Everything KERRY told the officer was a BIG lie after lie after lie!!!!

No wonder the first words out of officer Ashley Johnson ‘s mouth to Ralph that was as recorded on the tape was…..
“I know you did it? Even though I haven’t seen the video tape yet!!!!

Ralph has never stepped foot inside the infamous coffee cafe! Ralph has never spoken to Kerry ( NOT ONE WORD)!!
Also a handful of merchants on” KERRY’S block “,too scared to speak up.

( Yes! Kerry has bulldozed her domain ) they have verbalized quietly and privately to him that they had hoped Ralph would win his case so that Kerry would essentially back off!! ONE guy (a merchant) on the block shook Ralph’s hand and said please get that bitch!!

However the lawsuit needed at least ( ONE WITNESS) to prove her vindictive and MALICE behavior! Even though there were several merchants who have experienced or witnessed her disgusting behavior & wrath, NONE were unwilling to step forward and risk their business. SO…..HE LOST!!!!



One moral of this story is to ALWAYS get a change of court venue on any local legal matter. These area judges are way too friendly and familiar with the local status quo. In most cases you are not going to get a fair hearing.

Although a SLAPP or anti-SLAPP action wouldn’t involve getting into the detailed particulars of a dispute — it’s just a question of malicious reprisal or not — it does raise serious questions why a judge wouldn’t at least want to know if the original complaints on his (or her) part were justified.




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46 responses to “Why is there a news blackout on this once-covered story? (updated)

  1. Anonymous

    Isn’t this all just business as usual in Burbank ? I mean I don’t shop in Magnolia Park for two main reasons. No parking and some really crazy business owners there. Magnolia Park is like stepping into the Twilight Zone.

  2. Anonymous

    A great compilation of just how divided and unhappy the DNC really is. The super delegates were hidden and their vote was hidden in an attempt to hide that Hillary only won with super delegates

  3. Tommy S.

    FACT: The second police officer sent to
    Burbank Antiques responding to Mike Nolan
    calling the police department about the alleged
    “POOP” incident . Mike asked for Ashley Johnson’s
    Supervising officer to come to Burbank Antiques and clear up the police visit and the police report?
    When Sgt. Kendricks showed up, it was discovered that he is a “Blood Relative” of Kerry Krull !!!
    Can you believe it ???
    Sgt. Kendrick called the police station and retrieved the police report case number. Then The Sgt. Told
    Ralph that he was headed back to the police station to read the police report and view the video disc that was taken into custody ( evidence ) by officer Ashley Johnson.
    Sgt. Kendrick told Ralph that he would get back to him by the end of the next day and let him know what the police report said , and what the video disc showed ?
    One year later Ralph is still waiting for that timely callback!!
    Don’t you just love the integrity of the B.P.D. !!!!!!

  4. thevintagehouse1@yahoo.com

    Lots of comments about this matter on your other story titled “bring em when they’re young”. I agree with Todd. Anyone with half a brain gets that Kerry Krull manufactured a story because she couldn’t get Mr. Ralph to stop trying to get the parking back (in some way shape or form). Everyone who knows her, knows that she likes to start trouble if anyone gets in the way of her business. Whatever happened to her being the new person on the block and trying to fit in? She has a history of this exact behavior.
    I can’t blame the other merchants for not speaking up. The city plays dirty sometimes and this is a perfect example.
    A restaurant on that block without a parking lot is ludicrous. There is never any parking. Even if the city doesn’t respect the other merchants, they should have addressed all of the troubling issues. After all, they are the ones who broke all codes to let this ruthless woman take over.

  5. DixieFlyer

    Typical “follower” policy :

    Repeated references to “Airfield” (we haven’t had one in over 60 years)

    Neglect of Board & Commission Meetings.

    Neglect of Public Comments; unless individual has gov’mint title.

    Waste of 3/4 of Front Page “above the fold” for photo’s.

    Yet, nice placement of Mariah Carey at top of Page 3???

    (Under their “leadership” even the News-Press is now TWICE a week)

  6. Shopper

    If there was a camera in the bathroom, I’m certain it is not there any longer! What a thought. You might be onto something though. Something smells in Denmark with this entire story.
    The councilman who is a policeman seems to be involved with the Magnolia Park group.
    How many people on Kerry’s block are members.? ? It’s seems like a conflict of interest with all the manipulation, control and abuse going on. I read plenty of things a while back. I notice that city council totally blows off the long grey haired guy who keeps asking them to be fair and address this issue.
    Strange, ignore the entire issue and then ally with Kerry and her followers. Doesn’t seem right to me. In fact, I think it is downright disgusting.

  7. Ms. Matthews

    I hear that long grey haired guy mentioning this story at city council all the time. The one city councilman who is a policeman brags about going to Magnolia meetings. He totally ignores the guy’s plea for attention to the matter but finds time to go to the meetings that this Kerry woman is part of. Does any of Kerry’s block participate? What is the councilman thinking? An entire block has been manipulated, controlled and abused. How many people on that block are members of the Magnolia group? I want to know. If the entire block are not members, this councilman is allying in a spot he should not be in. Please someone, I want to know how many people on that block are members. This reeks of trouble. I read that people on her block are too scared to speak up. I want more of this story. Something is way wrong.

    • Barrett

      Ms. Matthews
      In answer to your question?
      Nobody on the 3400 block except for Kerry Krull is a member of the Magnolia Park Merchants Association!
      The meetings were held at Romancing the Bean!
      Who would want to attend a meeting at the Bean?
      When Kerry was a board member during the one hour parking fiasco while trying to get it approved by the city. Kerry fought hard to kill (one hour) parking!!! She only thinks about herself !
      Kerry liked to talk negatively about the other merchants on the block who didn’t attend the meetings or for not belonging to the worthless M. P. M. A. !
      Ashley Ericksons pitiful M.P.M.A. would be dead & stinking without butt head Frutos using every trick he knows to keep her afloat!
      Ashley Erickson is such a failure , she tried to get people on a donation sight to buy her an “Apple computer”! She has no pride or self respect!

    • Eileen

      Cameras in bathrooms are illegal right ? Did they investigate why a camera would be in a bathroom. What store has or had a camera we need to know so we never use that restroom.

  8. Bryce

    Thank you Burbank City Council, Burbank Police Commission (and all those who know about this injustice) for not getting to the bottom of it.
    M.P.M.A. Is just like the block. They don’t dare get to the bottom and truth of this matter.
    kerry rules that quietly also. She was on the board with all this going on.
    The meetings were in her coffee shop.
    Looking back, I’m more disgusted than I was in the thick of it..

  9. TONI

    Semi can you confirm that Kerry owns The New Deal? I don’t want anyone in my family or circle of friends spending one bean (excuse the pun) there if she does. Thanks for a great article.

  10. Longtime Acquaintance

    Burbank police department and city council should have helped this cause before it got so far out of control.
    We have known Ralph for decades. He does not put nails under tires, he is to be believed when he says he has never spoken to Kerry or been in her cafe, he does not ask people who are defaming them to party, he would never make sexually explicit phone calls and he was set up by Kerry. She had to make him stop trying to get the block parking under control. After being successful shutting everyone else up, she felt she needed to take a final step. Perfect environment to set someone up. She has bullied several people on the block. There are many witnesses. No accountability and she has a support system for her behavior.
    Ralph was a thorn in her side and she took care of him.
    Not being able to present evidence of her behavior and lies is a big injustice.
    He did tell us that his lawyer was unable to get anyone to speak up. I can only imagine why.

    • semichorus

      If she initiated these legal actions — which I can’t get to the bottom of — then I am absolutely astounded that this local judge didn’t rule it as a SLAPP suit.

      There’s nothing wrong with Persinger speaking out in public about being hassled by people. Going public is his free speech right, and truth can be a defense to a defamation claim. Going to a city agency is also a legally protected activity. So is talking about it.

      But if he’s then sued in response for “malice,” that’s a SLAPP. No two ways about it. And he never said very much but that he suddenly got accused of vandalizing a b/r and couldn’t get any answers to it.

  11. Jennifer Jean

    Kerry had a man hand deliver a threatening letter to Ralph’s business
    two years ago. It was full of bragging about the success of Romancing The Bean and threatens a couple of merchants to stay away from the parking situation.
    Kerry said that Burbank Antiques was threatening her, her employees and her customers.They were calling the city and parking enforcement because all of the stores on the block were hit so hard with parking choked off. Kerry also sent the treat letter to another merchant on the block besides everybody at city hall including the Mayor.The letter was ludicrous.
    Ralph said the other merchant named on the threat letter never called the
    city or parking enforcement. She tried a few times discussing the matter with Kerry to no avail.
    Ralph’s wife walked outside to write down the license plate number of a car that had been parked in front of her store for over four hours . As the car car was moved back and forth to hide the chalk mark on the tire. The manager of Romancing The Bean came out and told Mrs. Persinger that the entire block would party when she died and that she was ” an ugly old bitch!”
    After Kerry set Ralph up with the “POOP” incident, Ralph sued Kerry.
    Kerry put up a slapp order on the lawsuit.
    The police denied Ralph access to the supposed video CD and returned it to Kerry. The police still maintained that the matter was under investigation.
    Does anyone see what is going on???

    • semichorus

      Well what happened is that she then filed an anti-SLAPP action, accusing him of SLAPPing her for her protected speech and actions. Which — unfortunately — could be a valid case under current California law, because everyone has a right to go to the police without being sued for it, even if it’s an “error.”

      Same thing happened to Chris Dunn and the BPD when they (improperly) handed over half his personnel file to the Leader, which immediately published it to make him look bad. Their claim was that they were merely defending the City from his public statements against them, and thus he was just trying to punish them for it with a lawsuit. The judge agreed.

      That’s life in this SLAPP legal world of ours. It’s not always fair for the little guy.

  12. Rick K.

    I want to know how filing a lawsuit against someone who is spreading malicious lies about you is improper retaliation. Was Persinger supposed to just allow her to make up lies and be ok with it? Her accusations are childish and from what I keep reading about this missing surveillance tape they are unfounded. I can’t believe that a grown woman would conduct herself in such a distasteful manner. She should be ashamed of herself.

    • semichorus

      That’s the problem with the anti-SLAPP laws. Originally designed to protect the little guys from the big guys who were retaliating against them for protesting, the big guys soon learned that they could also use them against the little guys.

      What happens is that if you sue someone now for defamation — or bad faith, etc.– the first thing their attorneys will do is set up a SLAPP hearing with the judge before the suit can proceed. Since defamation cases are hard to prove anyway, the judges will often dismiss them outright — and then pin additional SLAPP penalties against the plaintiffs for levying a weak or nonexistent charge against the defendant merely because the defendant took a protected action against them.

      That’s at least how it can now be looked at by the courts with these new anti-SLAPP laws in place. So you don’t just suffer a tossed case, you also get punished for bringing it up. The idea is that you were just doing it to get back at them, not that you had a legit or well-founded grievance and loss.

  13. Penelope

    So Kerry got her tires flattened?
    I see camera’s in the back of Romancing The Bean , one pointed right at her white BMW. Isn’t it on film or CD who did it?
    If not, I would suspect at least a dozen people that are holding their rage ( due to the City permitting her to get her way all the time)!
    How convenient to blame Ralph for everything! Even when people are making angry phone calls?
    PLEASE boycott “R.T.B. and T.N.D.
    Let that miserable,shameless & ruthless restaurant owner know she’s stepped ( over the line) big time!!
    “ONE STAR” YELP HER………….PLEASE!!!!!!!

  14. Anonymous

    WHO or Whom is Kerry Kruell Blackmailing in the City of Burbank?
    Why is her immoral behavior and defiance of the law allowed to
    continue on Magnolia Park? If ALL of us are supposed to obey
    the law. WHY?? is this woman EXEMPT on all counts, at the
    UNFORTUNATE EXPENSE of Burbank Antiques and the surrounding
    merchants. She becomes an ignited stick of dynamite wherever
    she goes. (Likened to a psychopath saying it’s everyone’s fault).

    T. Shoestring

  15. Anonymous

    What business does Frutos have allying with the Troublemakers
    on Magnolia Park when he knows there is a problem. He has
    denied any help whatsoever in resolving this conflict. He is
    playing Politics. It still continues.


  16. Anonymous

    Frutos like Kerry Krull ,both lack integrity and fair play for the small business owners on Magnolia
    Frutos is the worst for continually showing favoritism for a select few friends on the Blvd.
    He turns a blind side to everybody else.
    That’s why FRUTOS needs to be voted out next election!
    Bob Frutos is a disgrace to fair play to ALL Burbank small business merchants!!!

  17. Kassy

    The way Kerry is behaving is absurd and truly unfortunate!!!
    Yes – security cameras in a bathroom are illegal. Of course!
    Security cameras showing who goes in/out of the store are not. If she can’t provide proof – how was this a “case” at all?
    And her allegations are just that – allegations…. false and unjustified!
    Kerry seems to be torturing her retail neighbors and getting away with it!!
    No one likes a bully and that is exactly what Kerry is!
    It would be wonderful if the Burbank Police and all of the neighbors understood how harmful she is. This should not be tolerated.

    • semichorus

      There’s no evidence the camera was in the bathroom. Without seeing the tape, we don’t know where it was. But I suspect it was not.

      I suspect too that the BPD’s not too crazy about her. She’s wasted a lot of their time!

      Since nothing resulted from this, I’d put it all to rest. You know how many times people tried to get me into trouble in the past? I once had BUSD chieftains gossip with each other and claim that I was doing cocaine with the adult students “in the lab” because one of the administrators there thought that old plaster dripping from a window sill was cocaine.

      There’s nothing you can do about most people but ignore them. Or laugh. If the police take them seriously and proceed against you on bogus charges, that’s something else entirely. But so far it’s a no-go in Magnolia Park on any police action. I think Persinger was ill-advised to initiate the lawsuits, if that’s what actually happened.

  18. Anonymous

    I’d like to drop a bomb. A prominent merchant In Magnolia Park told two business owners that a week before Kerry called the police (stating that Ralph had pooped inappropriately in her bathroom) the merchant had told her when you’re really after someone, just say they shit all over somewhere and it will shut them up.
    That’s proof to me that she made it up!!!

    • semichorus


      But with me, I would only question someone who was going out of their way to talk about “shit” like that. It’s always a weird thing to bring up.

  19. T.Shoestring

    Who or Whom is Kerry Kruell Blackmailing in the City of Burbank?
    Why is her immoral behavior and defiance of the law allowed to
    continue on Magnolia Park? If ALL of us are supposed to obey the
    law. WHY?? is this woman EXEMPT on all counts, at the UNFORTUNATE
    EXPENSE of Burbank Antiques and the surrounding merchants. She becomes
    an ignited stick of dynamite wherever she goes. (likened to a psychopath saying it’s everyone’s fault)

    • semichorus

      What has she done that’s illegal?

      • Jennifer Jean

        How about that she knowingly filed a false
        Police report and backed it up with a lot of lies.
        She new she was telling several lies.
        That’s illegal.
        She sticks by her lies to save face!

        • semichorus

          She’ll just say she was mistaken. Case closed. It wasn’t a false report.

          I think it was terrifically unwise for Persinger to initiate this lawsuit, if indeed he was the one who started this legal stuff. What he should have done instead is hire a lawyer to present a personnel complaint to the police commission. I think there was more meat there about familial favoritism and the first officer lying to him in order to elicit a confession and apology that would clearly have gotten him into trouble.

          If he had “just apologized” to this woman it would have been IMMEDIATELY followed by a prosecution effort from the city attorney. THAT phony tactic is what should be addressed.

  20. Dianne

    How many remember Scary Kerry’s problems on San Fernando Blvd.?
    Calling the Police TWO weeks after an alleged DUMP?
    Stupid rookie policewoman taking Report seriously?
    Rookie confronting local businessman with flat accusation based on the lies told by Scary Kerry?
    Department personnel lying themselves about availability of “evidence”.
    Voice tapes prove lies from Scary AND Police employee’s.
    Police personnel viewed the CD.
    Why do they have a sock in their mouths?
    Why did the Police Captain Dermenjian get up before the Joint Police Commission and City Council meeting and “correct” Mike Nolan?
    Should telling lies to BPD be punished?
    Should telling lies to the Police Commission & City Council, and the People of Burbank be punished?
    If Detectives “bothered” to view the CD while they had it, who watched it?
    What did they see?
    Mr. semi, the potential charge is “Filing a False Police Report”.

    • semichorus

      But nothing came of it. What loss did he suffer? That’s what courts look at.

      And she’ll just say it wasn’t false. At worst she was mistaken. And who was going around publicizing the alleged wrongdoing?

      It wasn’t her.

  21. Kassy

    Semi – What would YOU do if Kerry wrongfully accused you of countless things you didn’t do and it was impacting your business and reputation? Nothing?!

    • semichorus

      You have NO idea what people in this town have falsely accused me of and which has impacted my “reputation.”

      Shall I make a list? Shall I start with the phony criminal accusations? You’re talking to the wrong guy. People have no idea how much organized evil I’ve had to deal with in this town during the last 30 years.

      I would have filed a complaint with the PD about the whole thing. And made public what she was doing. But sue her for what?

      • Kassy

        Wait, I apologize for the response a moment ago. I missed the last line of your entry. However, I’d like to clarify… You would have filed a complaint with the Police Department and “let them handle it” then walked away? I find that HARD to believe… After all — you have a blog and seem to express your opinion re many issues… It appears as though you don’t seem like the kind of person who just lets other people handle things… (I admire this quality, by the way!)

        And, I am sorry to hear you have had to deal with slander and “phony criminal accusations” in the past.

        • semichorus

          What else can you do. Life isn’t fair sometimes.

          Persinger will get his satisfaction. He needs to sit back and wait.

  22. Anonymous

    The suggestion to file a personnel complaint is all well and good but would anything have even happened? The police would likely respond in the way they did to this false police report. They seem to just say words and not resolve or reveal the issue???? Remember that in the past Kerry has sent letters to merchants that she will sue them. I believe those letters were also full of mistruths. She verbally bullies people in and out of stores with witnesses listening. One person running for City Council happened to be standing on the sidewalk listening to her wrath one day. She is very intimidating. Do not get in her path. Her supposed friends also know that she has issues that are out of control. They know better than to be on her other side. The block merchants have rage for her.
    This entire incident is disgusting. The person who made it up, the way the police handled it, the way the city council and police commission pretty much ignored Mike Nolan as he brought it up over and over.
    Kerry is torturing her neighbors and getting away with it. Kassy gets it.

    • semichorus

      Anyone she sues would have an instant anti-SLAPP case against her.

      If she is the way you describe, the news will get around. I’d avoid her.

  23. Burbank Mom

    It sounds like this “lady” Kerry is a piece of work.

    I don’t wish harm on people. But, let’s just say, I don’t wish any success to her or her businesses.

  24. PAUL

    On the 3400 block on Magnolia Blvd.
    The word is Kerry A.K.A. “BUTCH”?
    Because she looks, talks and walks
    Like a man dragging her bolt on BALLs
    up and down the street!
    With all her negativity?
    She has to burn out.
    Sooner or later.
    Then the block will Party!!!!!!

    • semichorus

      She’s actually quite cute.

      Why don’t people just ignore her/leave her alone. I’m beginning to think there’s a bit of jealousy here.

      • TOMMY

        Quite cute? I don’t think so.
        Are we talking about the same person?
        I totally agree with PAUL.
        We both see a different Kerry than you Semi.
        I guess, it’s each to his own Dude!

  25. Anonymous

    How did these comments start to discuss people’s looks? That’s just pent up rage. There are loads of “cute” gals in Magnolia Park who behave and respect their neighbors. Why aren’t people jealous of them? I see loads of healthy relationships down in Magnolia Park.
    Hopefully, there can be some type of healing or moving forward. This has all been just awful.

    • semichorus

      I meant jealous of her success.

      I’ve always hesitated to write about this MP story because it looked like it was turning into a classic “I love to hate you” situation, of which there is no end. My suggestion to people is to just stay away from it.

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