Combined Chaucer, MLA Convention set for local venue


Unfortunately, this year the Dickens and Quiller-Couch societies will be meeting in nearby Saticoy.

We only attract the best, don’t we?


son of monsterpalooza 2016 - v104

Checked on your kids lately? Are they still learning anything?




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16 responses to “Combined Chaucer, MLA Convention set for local venue

  1. chad

    Well, I’m going to admit I think it’s kind of cool we have this in Burbank.

  2. CornFused

    I think it’s good as well. Every convention hall (no matter size) will have something a bit off beat. If all they booked was dildo shows or vape bullshit, then you’d have a stronger point. That said, they do have a lot of bullshit they run through there, but this isn’t one of them.

    • semichorus

      I don’t like monsters. I actually think dildos make more sense.

      It’s all low class, in my opinion. Burbank never gets anything else. Why not gourmet food and beverage conventions, say? Other cities get those.

      Plus, you don’t screw around with that sort of thing, this monster horror stuff. It’s not good.

      • CornFused

        I was more in line with the “make up/special effects” angle from their ad. A while ago I was watching the Oscars and noticed a friend from high school sitting in the audience. He was up for “Best Achievement in Makeup”. Knowing how we both grew up in a differ part of the country (very limited opportunities), I was rather proud. He lost. But his current IMDB profile is extremely impressive. He started doing monster masks in high school and has done very well for himself.

        “Motion Picture FX” on Magnolia is a great little shop run by really nice people. They do monster stuff as well…mostly products/materials though, but if you ever stopped in to talk with them you’d change your opinion a bit.

  3. Jay

    Did they really need to put the city attnorney’s picture on the front of their advertising for this ?

  4. Anonymous

    So Burbank is the perfect place for the Mosterpalooza. We have crooked cops, crooked council members and the place is filled with it’s own in house monsters like Luddy and Rogers.

  5. Anonymous 3.0

    Welcome to Burbank City Government. see if you can spot Rogers in the film

  6. Anonymous

    The American people are waking up – it is time to change the direction of our country

  7. chad

    I think Dick Smith, the best special effects/make up artist of them all, lived his later years in Burbank. Does anyone know if this is accurate? I had a conversation with a lovely senior citizen a few years back who claimed to be friends with him and she said he lived in Burbank.

  8. chad

    And Rick Baker lived in Toluca Lake for years. He may still.

  9. My kids and I have attended this for years. It’s filled with creativity and serious craftsmanship. Google Mike Hill – in all seriousness he’s every bit a modern day Michelangelo. The show is a celebration of makeup artistry and horror movies. Completely appropriate for Burbank and our studio ties. There are a ton of practical and makeup effects businesses within a few miles of Burbank. Lighten the hell up.

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