Get ’em while they’re young

It has a name!


Now this is odd. Or is it obtuse?

That school/business combine is becoming even more incestuous around here. Imagine the family dinner table conversations on this one:

Overton Moore Properties (“OMP”), the firm that is developing the large parcel adjacent to the Hollywood Burbank Airport called Avion Burbank, approached the District with a plan to introduce students to the careers involved in the project. Mr. Timur Tecimer, the CEO of Overton Moore Properties has proposed what he is calling the A Day on the Job program. He successfully solicited partners and consultants working on the project to participate in the program. The students will be able to tour the various companies involved in the project and have the opportunity to hear from the executives about their individual career paths.

Overton Moore Properties has agreed to serve as the umbrella organization to coordinate activities with District staff and to provide funding for the buses and lunches for the students.

Umbrella organization? So what’s in it for them?

“But Dad, they really need that variance!”

Exactly what kind of high school kid wants to job shadow a bunch of guys in hardhats at a construction site? Movie studios, maybe. What a ridiclously absurd idea.

The following companies have volunteered to participate in the A Day on the Job program:

Screenshot 2016-08-22 at 11.20.55 PM


Glamour careers all. The kids are lining up for it at this very moment — we’ve heard that Invesco already has a big waiting list.

The A Day on the Job program would be implemented over a span of two years with approximately two to four field trips per month. OMP hopes to bring in other companies as the program develops. In some cases, the business representatives would visit the Burbank Schools. Once Avion Burbank is under construction, the students will also have the opportunity to visit the job site.

Overton Moore Properties will be the first business to participate in early fall. The partnership, because it involves many different businesses, will provide District students in a variety of career pathways, the opportunity to see potential careers and to ask questions of current executives.

A future as developers?






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55 responses to “Get ’em while they’re young

  1. Juan S

    a message from LatinosforTrump

    After the Democratic National Committee emails were leaked out on the internet we all no that the official DNC refers to us as Latino voters by the term Taco Bowls. In bringing awareness to the taco bowl issue LatinosforTrump is declaring September to be taco bowl month and it all begins with a kick off rally in Orange County on Augist 28. For more information and to join us go to

    Watch video for more information on the movement

    • semichorus

      Why do you Republicans lie so much?

      It’s really nuts.

      • Robert

        Now that you bring-up the Subject of telling LIES……….
        Verrrrry Interressting conversation at Porto’s this AM.
        The story has it that last week a Burbank Superior Court Judge issued a Tentative Ruling, and later Ruled from the bench, that YOU CAN TELL LIES IN A POLICE REPORT AND IT LETS YOU WRAP YOURSELF IN

        On numerous occasions we’ve heard Mike Nolan ask at City Council and Police Commission meetings about some video allegedly offering PROOF that a local businessman “took a dump” in the restroom at Scary Kerry’s coffee shop on Magnolia Blvd.

        The Judge refused to even consider allowing the accused merchant to view the video.

        Whatever Scary Kerry said in the Police Report is THE TRUTH.
        NOT to be challenged.

        The august “judge” refused to listen to the Audio Tape retained by the Police Department.

        You may recall that the Police “staff” gave the video back to Scary and REFUSED to allow the accused to view it.

        • semichorus

          Was this on that SLAPP suit? I would think verifiable truth would be a major defense to such an action, or justifiable cause.

          Didn’t this Kerry woman SLAPP a suit on that neighbor? If so, how friendly, ANTI-SLAPP or whatever it was. How neighborly. And you’re right– where’s Fronnie on this story?

          It was her chosen topic at one time. And where’s the Leader’s coverage?

          • Todd

            Kerry had to go the extra mile to shut that merchant up because everyone else had buckled under her ruling. She muscled a few other merchants. She may think she won the battle but, most of that block loathes her.
            To the merchant accused of wrongdoing: Congratulations. You are the only one who dared to challenge her takeover. I think any thinking human being knows that he may have lost in court but, Kerry has lost in public opinion. Even her supposed buddies on the boulevard know that she is a troublemaker and also know that she has a real problem telling the truth.
            This type of crap has been following Kerry around for decades. She ruffles feathers wherever she goes. Pity Wishes to that block.

            • semichorus

              Who in their right mind would file a SLAPP suit on a neighbor? Or whatever it was– none of it makes sense. She obviously got pissed at him because he was creating bad publicity for her. He can’t even talk about the suit.

              Anyone have a copy of the suit? I’d love to read it– and write about it. Bench ruling only, eh?

              Btw … if there is a surveillance video … is it of the interior of the b/r?

              If so, that’s illegal — which could be a reason why the BPD gave it back to her. They would be clearly helping to protect her from potential invasion of privacy lawsuits from ANYONE who’s been in there.


              At first I disbelieved the existence of an inside video, then one at all. But now I’m not so sure.

              Someone should ask where the camera is.

              • Barrett

                It’s totally disgusting that Kerry Krull of ” Romancing The Bean” won the
                malice lawsuit over Ralph at Burbank Antiques.
                Her lawyers hit Ralph’s attorney with the SLAPP suit just after the the B.P.D. was subpoena’d ? The SLAPP suite froze all information pertaining to the case.
                At that point NO ( CD AUDIO TAPE ) or any other information could be added into evidence!
                The CD AUDIO tape that was full of lies from Kerry and her manager which were inadmissible because of the her SLAPP suite!!
                In the audio CD provided by the BPD after being subpoena’d and recorded by officer ASHLEY JOHNSON and SGT. KENDICKS A.K.A.(KERRY’S COUSIN)?
                On the taped interview with officer Ashley Johnson, Kerry stated that she believed Ralph put screws under all her tires behind the Bean to give her multiple flat tires . then she said Ralph has screamed at her and her employees .Then coming down to her coffee cafe to use her bathroom and take “THE DUMP”!!!!
                Also on the CD Kerry stated that Ralph came down to her cafe and asked for a glass of ice water and said he wanted to party with them?
                Lastly, she accused him of explicit sexually oriented prank calls to her manager an many hang-up calls? wheres her caller ID?? to prove this OUTRAGEOUS LIE????
                Everything KERRY told the officer was a BIG lie after lie after lie!!!!
                No wonder the first words out of officer Ashley Johnson ‘s mouth to Ralph
                that was as recorded on the tape was…..
                “I know you did it? Even though I haven’t seen the video tape yet!!!!
                Ralph has never stepped foot inside the infamous coffee cafe!
                Ralph has never spoken to Kerry ( NOT ONE WORD)!!
                Also a handful of merchants on” KERRY’S block “,too scared to speak up.
                ( Yes! Kerry has bulldozed her domain ) they have verbalized quietly and privately to him that they had hoped Ralph would win his case so that Kerry would essentially back off!!
                ONE guy (a merchant) on the block shook Ralph’s hand and said please get that bitch!!
                However the lawsuit needed at least ( ONE WITNESS) to prove her vindictive and MALICE behavior!
                Even though there were several merchants who have experienced or witnessed her disgusting behavior & wrath ,NONE were unwilling to step forward and risk their business. SO…..HE LOST!!!!

              • Anonymous

                Please write about this. The abuse of this guy is unbelievable. Telling him he can’t see the video and not clearing him. A year later Kerry says she made a mistake. Bullshit! How about announcing that a year ago. The police didn’t clear Ralph all year. They announced at a recent police commission meeting that the matter was still under investigation. What does that infer? This may be a relatively small story but it is unbelievable that the city council and the police commission let this guy be abused by Kerry in this manner and did not clear it up. I personally heard the police audio. I feel there should be a punishment for intentionally lying to a police officer. Many lies were told. Not just one.
                That was not admissible? Kerry lied over and over again to make Ralph look like a nut. Lies. Lies. Lies. If Ralph had a chance to show the judge the audio and prove the lies, the judge would have realized that Kerry needs to be stopped. Screw everyone in her way!
                Her behavior is working for her in Burbank. No wonder she does not stop.

                • semichorus

                  They said it was “under investigation” so that they could maintain holding the evidence. It’s an old tactic.

                  If there is a video (and there may not be), there’s a good chance it could be from inside the bathroom. If so, the BPD is clearly protecting her from civil lawsuits. News of a surveillance camera in a bathroom would absolutely doom her in court in any invasion of privacy lawsuit.

                  Anyone who had EVER used that b/r would have standing to sue her coffee shop and win an easy monetary settlement.

                  So someone should confront the BPD on exactly where that camera is. And where’s Fronnie on this story?

                  The investigating cop too was also lying to him about “just admit it and apologize to her and the whole thing will go away.


                  It would be an admission of guilt on his part, and THAT’S why she was soliciting it. The fun would only begin at that point.

          • Anonymous

            The leader covered the uprising of the block when the city first allowed the restaurant in without a parking lot. People were in Burbank Books going crazy. The store was wall to wall with people. The leader did not portray the extent of the animosity that the merchants were projecting. Talk about rage! The reporter didn’t cover the story accurately or the editor sugar coated it to the point of inaccurate reporting.
            The city quietly approving the restaurant while disregarding all parking requirements is the base of all this trouble. It was gross disregard for the entire block. That decision combined with Ruthless Kerry has proven to be a “Screw all of You on the Block” from the city. The city’s lack of concern is very evident.
            It’s my understanding that two more shops will be leaving shortly.

            • Tommy S.

              Fact: the second officer sent to Burbank Antiques responding to Mike Nolan calling the Police Depaartment about the alleged “POOP” incident . Asking for Ashley Johnsons supervising officer to show up and clear up the police visit and police report! When Sgt. Kendricks showed up it was discovered that he is a blood relative of Kerry Krull!!! Can you believe it???
              Sgt . Kendricks called the police department got the police report number. He told Ralph that he was heading back to the police department to read the police report and view the Video disc taken into custody (evidence) by officer Ashley Johnson.
              Sgt . Kendricks told Ralph that he would get back to him by the next day and let him know what the Video disc showed? One year later Ralph is still waiting for that timely callback!!

            • Tom

              The media dishonest about meetings and rage at Magnolia Park bookstore ? Heavens no! Sounds like how dushonest the media has been during this election covering for Hilary.

              • semichorus


                Again readers, these aren’t real comments. They’re planted here deliberately to make this blog’s readership look stupid. It’s been going on here for years– it used to be worse.

        • Anonymous

          The whole thing and reading about it just confirms that the Burbank cops are bunch of corrupt liars. That’s something most of us already know

          • semichorus

            I think this Kerry story does raise some good questions about them, and issues of favoritism.

            Are they covering for this longtime friend of Burbank top cops?

            Exactly WHERE is that video camera located in her store? And how come Fronnie refuses to do a follow-up story on the lawsuit?

      • Anonymous 3

        Because they are going to lose SO big.

      • Barb

        Is Hillary a Republican ? I thought she as a Democrat, I do not think anyone lies more than that woman. I still want to know why she accepts millions fro countries that enslave women and kill gays. Why does she do that unless she works for them and supports their agenda. When I heard her say she will raise taxes on the middle class that was the absolute end for me I can not afford more taxes.

        • semichorus

          Yes, Republicans are much better for gays, Blacks, and women.

          You know that everything you’re saying here is a lie. Show us where she said that about taxes.

        • Anonymous 3

          Hey Barb,

          What utter bullshit. Clinton never said that she is in favor of raising taxes on the middle class. If you sincerely believe she is, then you are letting yourself be deceived by Faux Noise or where ever you get your right wing propaganda.

          The beauty thing is that Clinton is going to get ALL of CA’s 55 electoral college votes, no matter how YOU vote.

          • Barb

            I am sorry Anonymous 3 I did not get that Hilary said she would raise taxes on the middle class from any news service I saw and heard her say it when she was speaking at a rally. Some of us do watch things and learn for our selves. I watched her say it do deny all you want but I am not making things up you are.

            • Anonymous 3

              Yeah, I saw the tape. She starts by talking about how the rich are not paying enough in taxes and then mispeaks.

              You are an idiot if you think she meant what she said there. Just an idiot.

    • Anonymous 3


      And the word you wanted was “know”, not “no”

      You illiterate cretin.

      Small wonder you can be so easily manipulated.

    • semichorus

      Where are all these rich young people coming from? LA’s becoming like Manhattan– land of the Eloi, with a bit of Logan’s Run thrown in — people over 35 are disappeared.

      The tone of that article though. It’s a 1940 cliche of LA. I also hate it when transplants think they have a line on the place. Try pulling that in NY.

      Staff see’s Burbank as being able to join in on this Millennial nightmare. Yuuck.

      • Don

        Where are all these rich young people coming from? LA’s becoming like Manhattan– land of the Eloi, with a bit of Logan’s Run thrown in — people over 35 are disappeared.
        ANSWER: The rich young people are not rich they are just used to drive out the poor and the middle class in order to change everything. It is a plan of Hillary and Obama. Drive out the old and bring in the new who are bought and paid for and will do as they are told. Welcome to the new world Semichorus and if we do not take action everything you have known in life will be gone, including you.

        • semichorus

          Those damn Democrats. The party of the rich!

          By contrast, the GOP and rich billionaires like Donald Trump are devoted to the little guy.

          You people are really stupid. Criminally so. I blame the last 40 years of TV, and the corporate news media.

          • Anonymous 3.0

            Semichorus please watch it is Hillary saying she will raise taxes on the middle class. Watch it, hear it and know this woman is out to get us all

  2. Ed

    Interesting video. I was a Democrat but about 5 months ago changed party due to the California primary when it comes to president not being an open primary. Why did I change ? I think it is time to try something new. Years of Democrats seems to me to have left us in a circle where we just keep making the same mistakes. I think most of it is due to special interests. The rich have gotten very rich over the last 6 years while the middle class declines. I have had enough I am ready to try something new and that is Donald Trump, the only one who is not a career politician.

    • semichorus

      The rich have gotten very rich over the years, and so ……. let’s elect a rich guy.

      That makes sense.

      Yes, the Republican Party: the one that’s against the “special interests.” They’re for the little guy!

      This is all soooo insane.

    • Anonymous 3

      Then you should be working to move the House from the Repubs to the Dems. That would be a change that would make a difference!

  3. Ed


    It makes very good sense to change what you are doing when what you have been doing is not working.

    We live in California. As a Democrat I was part of the party that has controlled the state for decades. Our state government is a disaster. It is disfunctional and they never meet a stupid idea that they didn’t want to make into a law.

    We are way overtaxed and the money is given to the rich that support them. Just lok at the Cusamanos and others, they get far more than you or I do ever.

    Open your eyes to what is around you man, we have to change what we are doing. It is insanity to keep doing the same things when nothing is working right.

  4. Carlos A

    I want to put Donald Trump in charge of things because he knows how to create jobs, he knows how to make deals, he knows how to build things and he knows what it takes to run things. Hre knows from decades of experience while all Hillary knows is how to sit and come up with bad ideas. I am voting for Donald J Trump.

  5. Anonymous 3

    All these socks purporting to plan to vote for Trump, assuming they are residents of CA, are in for a shock.

    All of CA’s 55 electoral votes will go to Clinton, and there is NOTHING anyone can do about it.

    So go howl into the wind. I’m laughing at you.

    • semichorus

      I think the term is “concern trolls.” All of these supposedly disappointed “Democrats” who are begrudgingly changing their vote to Trump.

      I’m waiting for the “former Bernie supporter” to come on and tell us how he’s now supporting Trump. They’ll soon be hitting the news media.

  6. Anonymous 3.0

    Hillary always proud of being part of Walmart and their union opposition and low pay jobs. In her own words, she is always proud of Walmart.

    • semichorus

      I think that was in Arkansas. What else could she say?

      • Marie

        Not going to say what she should say however on one hand she talks about rich people as the cause of our problems and she is so supportive of unions and she supports women nd gays yet she was a major part of Walmart, against gay marriage and calling black kids super preditors. Now she takes money from the countries with the worst human rights records. Looks to me like “I think that was in Arkansas. What else could she say?” is very true of here she stands for nothing but says whatever it takes to get stuff for herself.

  7. Anonymous Burbank

    Hey Semichorus here is Hillary saying she plans to raise taxes on the middle class. She really did say it so take a look and of course her fans cheer raising taxes on the middle class

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