Protecting their PR buddies


Guess what Times’ headline isn’t showing up in the local Leader?


Screenshot 2016-08-20 at 2.22.35 PM


You’d think to cover the beginning of the story would also motivate you to want to cover the rest of it, no?

Not when it’s embarrassingly bad publicity for one of your main story sources, and when we finally get to see how ridiculously tame the ad is.

These Burbank airport people are clear morons, and so let’s tamp it down.








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3 responses to “Protecting their PR buddies

  1. Adelyn

    Check the Saturday follower.
    What happened to our City Council meeting?
    Next week is dark–last week never happened according to the follower, but the Airport was “doing business”.
    Some editor is not considering the “local” issues, week after week.

    • DixieFlyer

      After some effort, I failed to find any Agenda with the Mariah Carey ad as an item for discussion or deliberation

      The L.A. Times and their ‘Follower” have milked this story for some time.

      I took the liberty to speak directly with members of the Authority to inquire as to the topic surfacing in Closed Session.

      Vehement denial was received.

      I’ll disagree with that Authority until the cows come home on real issues,
      but one can only imagine where this “issue” came from.

      • semichorus

        I’ll bet they’re lying. After the initial story came out they asked the PR person about it, and are quietly backing her up.

        Government agency as it is, their direct involvement would make it a Grade A First Amendment violation. So of course they’re denying it.

        No, I’m convinced they’re lying. It certainly came up in discussions. It’s a big news story.

        Did they discuss or ask staff about it in public during the meeting? Or was “mums” the word?

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