The precious, sensitive darlings


Burbank looking like an ass again.


Screenshot 2016-08-20 at 2.22.35 PM


The government panel that runs Bob Hope Airport in Burbank said an ad for a series of Mariah Carey concerts in Las Vegas needed “more coverage.” The ad will run, starting Monday, at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana.

What Carey should do is sue this “government panel” for rank and illegal First Amendment censorship. The bad publicity will doom this little upcoming election of theirs.

It’d be a smart move for her.





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7 responses to “The precious, sensitive darlings

  1. Anonymous

    The greatest part of this whole tempest in a D cup is how NO ONE refers to the ‘airfield’ as “Hollywood-Burbank” ha ha haaaa

  2. Anonymous

    Burbank passes up the income revenue with the ban when the busiest route is to Sin City? Good one.

  3. chad

    Yeah, staff and Council are cautious alright. That’s why they gave Cusumano a street and “remnant properties” for pennies on the dollar.

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