Let’s make America great again



Looks just like some of that Flatland moms’ crowd, at least in the boyfriend and husband department.

Don’t they look the same? It’s hard to tell the difference now between all those white people.






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19 responses to “Let’s make America great again

  1. chad

    A lot of Massholes in Wrentham.

  2. Anonymous 3

    Trump will lose big.

  3. JT

    All these white people ? Rather racist there don’t you think ?

  4. Jennifer Jean

    Did you see this weeks post on “What’s Happening
    In Magnolia Park” blog ? by Ashley Erickson for Magnolia Park Mercants Association.
    It showed a picture of councilman Fruto’s at a MPMA P. R. Event at the Credit Union .
    With a big shit eating grin on his face !
    With his turquoise purse with its strap over his shoulder.
    He looks very content and happy.
    What you don’t see is the big mirror in the background .
    Fruto’s is like a deer in car headlights when there’s a mirror for him to gaze at himself?
    Bob Frito’s is a legend in his own mind after
    the short video cartoon clip that he starred in.
    We need city council members looking out for the best interests of the city , which includes many small businesses in Magnolia Park that he has snubbed and others that he favors who have carte Blanche with the city , thanks to all his under the table and closed doors deals!
    Fruto’s needs to put down his purse and listen to what the majority of small merchants are saying.
    Not what he thinks is best for HIS city .
    We need to VOTE Fruto’s out of his seat this next election !
    He doesn’t represent the best interests for our city anymore .
    Fruto’s only cares about his name on a plaque at the NEW “Burbank Airport Terminal” He’s ramrodding thru!
    He only cares about his legacy !!!!
    Please vote him out and also kill the B6 initiative.

    • semichorus

      Btw, I’ve written about this before, but it’s worth a repeat.

      I’m one of the people who first encouraged Ashley Erikson to get into her MP blog. I thought it was a good idea because of all of the interesting niche businesses that were down there and which deserved special coverage.

      Such as the kind of local cottage and recreational industries that once made Burbank great. I even gave Ashley a short list of them to talk about– places like Pro 8 and Autobooks, or Automotive Book Stop, or Fuji when it was still down there, or the Lionel train store, or the microcinema at the old Gene Bua theater, that kind of thing. I even told her to head over to Burbank Blvd for more interesting businesses.

      I thought the whole Magnolia Park thing was a good hook for Ashley, her just coming from CSUN and all that.

      I quickly realized though that Ashley could really have cared less about those type of sustaining businesses. All she was interested in were the boutiques and the parlors and other newer fem and food joints.

      I obviously overestimated Ashley’s intellectual maturity and sense of social and historical curiosity. (Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve done that, and it’s always depressing as hell.) So none of this latest news about her surprises me, nor who she chooses to hang out with. It turns out that this version of Ashley is absolutely perfect for Burbank though: she’s just another disappointing young person in their 20s who really doesn’t know very much, and could care even less.

      I’ve known quite a few of these people in Burbank over the years — especially women — and it’s all very sad, really. They rarely change either, and if they do — and still stay in Burbank– they each become quite dumb again within a few short years.

      I see this ALL the time. I’ve seen it for years. It never fails to happen. And so consider the source there and try to avoid them all. Frutos is just the latest tool.

    • Penelope

      Jennifer Jean … Kudos to you for calling out
      That slimy grease ball & arrogant “FRUTO’s !
      At every City Council meeting he sits there with that
      “Shit Eating” grin on his face .You just want to walk up to him and “Bitch Slap his ugly Mug”!
      Your right again! Fruto’s is a legend in his own mind!
      He comes off as the self appointed Guru to make
      Our bedroom community into a thriving metropolis!
      Again , your right that “Fuck Face Fruto’s”needs to be………
      (VOTED OUT) of his now stagnant city council seat!
      With common sense and no ties to a select few
      Priviledged freinds!
      Fruto’s is a BUFFOON!!!’

    • Ginger

      Frutos, Frutos, Frutos !!!!
      What a loser !!!

  5. Anonymous 3.0

    Anonymous 3 again showing signs of mental decline but keep living in your little hack world.

  6. 91505

    No worries they will take what they want out of Frutos and then leave him by the roadside for the street sweeper to pick up. They think he is a joke already anyway.

  7. Citizen Cane

    Go Trump! Hillary will be lucky to be well enough to give a concession speech on election night.

    On Election Day, Democrats will be filing law suits of voters being disenfranchised just in case Trump wins. Dems did it against Romney and against McCain. It is part of their playbook.

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