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Yeah, fuck ’em. This is the 21st century. Right, Millennial voters?

The Pacific Palisades estate of Nobel Prize-winning author Thomas Mann, once referred to as “the house that Death in Venice built,” is for sale, and is marketed as a tear-down. Mann connection aside, the Los Angeles Times reports the house is of great architectural importance, having been designed by architect J.R. Davidson—a Neutra contemporary who designed three Case Study Houses, and who, like Mann, was a German transplant to Southern California.


Hey, did you hear that this new Burbank airport terminal is a “done deal”?!!! That’s reason enough to vote for it!

Thomas Mann in this May 1955 photograph as he handles a book, won the 1929 Nobel Prize for literatur mostly on the strenght of his firsts novel "Buddenbrooks," subtitled "The Decline of a Family" The building known as Buddenbrooks House has been acquired by Luebeck, Germany and turned into a 4-million mark ($ 2,5 million) Heinrich and Thomas Mann Center, and dedicated on May 6, 1993. (AP-Photo)
Look at all those old books.



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14 responses to “Who?

  1. Doug

    Done deal is reason enough to vote no on the bigger airport. Telling us it’s s done deal is giving us as the voters a middle finger so we need to give them the middle finger back with a big no.

    • semichorus

      Agree. It’s arrogant and insulting, and no rebuttal at all. It’s just an agreed-upon PR attempt to create a phony aura of inevitability.

      Because that’s all they’ve got. The arguments clearly aren’t on their side.

  2. Anonymous

    I was at an event a few months ago when Bob Frutos told a group of us that we are getting a new terminal no matter how we vote and shrugs his shoulders and says there is nothing we can do. My thought was what a great cop the guy must be because there is always crime so i ber he shrugged his shoulders and didn’t do anything about right ?

    • semichorus

      He’s full of it.

      If the airport wants to re-do its current site, let them. But that doesn’t mean Burbank has to make it easy for them to expand on B6. Which is what WILL happen if approved.

      • Anonymous 3

        Never mind that the B6 site is the best site from an airport operations view.

        It is the best site and it will be the next site.

    • Anonymous 3

      So it’s not just Gordon saying that it is a done deal?

  3. Eileen Burnett

    O.K., I’ve had enough. Someone needs to bust up the bullshit in Burbank. It’s gone too far. Does anyone get it?
    Did you watch the police commission tonight and city council last night? A coffee shop owner (Romancing the Bean) on Magnolia is mad at another merchant and said he pooped inappropriately in her bathroom. Two weeks later she called the police to report it. Give me a break! I heard that when she made the police report she told all lies to discredit the guy and make him sound like a real weirdo! The guy swears he has never spoken to her or been in her coffee shop. I believe him.. The police would not release the video to him and said at a recent police meeting that the matter is still under investigation.
    News flash: The police know he didn’t do it and left him out to be the abused jerk. Don’t forget that they have seen the tape!!! IF he were on it, they would have gone after him. They blow off everything brought up at city council.. The police gave the owner of the coffee shop back the video because they didn’t have room to store it. GIve me another break! Please someone help this guy! He was set up and the police not only closed their eyes to all of it but, they participated in the cover up and denied him access to the video. If you can’t show it to him make an announcement that he’s not on it!!!!!! Now we’re supposed to trust the Burbank P.D. to be fair????

    • semichorus

      Is she still going at it? She must have lost her phony SLAPP suit last week.

      My theory is that there is no such incriminating video. As far as it goes with a cover up, since nothing happened to him police wise, it matters little what machinations went on behind the scenes. Who cares? It’s frigging, awful Burbank…

      Par for the course in this increasingly creepy little town.

      Now, if they were all conspiring together to get him into legal trouble with the cops, that’s different. But that never happened. So my opinion is that he should just drop the issue and let her continue to stew and save face in her little cloistered community of fanboys.

      Remember, she lost on the police involvement, not him.

      • Barrett

        Obviously you haven’t heard the audio CD?
        Kerry & her manager did conspire!
        Conspiring is a nicer word for what they did.

        • semichorus

          I’m talking about the police conspiring with her. Her crowd doesn’t count.

          • Dina

            Why was a Police Report even taken two weeks after the “event”?
            The report taking officer claims she never looked at the video?
            But she confronted the neighboring merchant and claimed that she
            “knew he did it” anyway?
            Who’s training whom?
            Who’s supervising whom?
            Where do they find these people to bring such discredit upon BPD?

    • Donald McDonald

      I guess the laws in Rio de Janeiro are stricter
      about filing false police reports than in Butbank.
      Too bad for Lotke that the Olympics
      Were’nt held in Burbank!

      • semichorus

        There was no false report there. They were clearly robbed at that gas station– and I love how people on TV think there’s nothing weird about the idea of “gas station police.” Or holding customers at gunpoint.

        And let’s see all this supposed “vandalism,” ok?

        No, Rio’s just trying to save face. This is typical banana republic behavior.

        And also typical corporate news media stupidity, and sucking up to the people they have business deals with. Like NBC.

  4. Barbara

    I am feeling like the country is in deep debt and Burbank can’t even fund everything so why go in debt for a big new airport when fewer people are even flying because they can’t afford to ? For me it seems like when you are in a struggle to pay the bills is not a time to go deeper in debt. Just saying.

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