Wasn’t this on airport property?


Just asking.



And doesn’t Burbank have an anti-billboard ordinance?





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18 responses to “Wasn’t this on airport property?

  1. Anonymous

    Chandler and Hollywood Way.

  2. Irwin Fletcher

    And for years there was a recurring billboard for AdultCon above the Shell station on Magnolia/Victory- the kind of billboard you’d find plenty of in Panorama City.

  3. Anonymous

    I forget where I was but last weekend in Burbank driving I saw this big parked bus thing that had advertising all over it for the “stripper bus”. Best I could figure out as I drove by it was advertising a buss full of strippers that you rent out and get lap dances and stuff like that. Maybe they could let it park, advertise and do pick ups at the airport to raise some extra cash to pay for the new bigger airport buildings.

    • semichorus

      Again, unless the strippers are using the bus at that very moment, it’s an ILLEGAL mobile ad in Burbank.

      I love how these clowns are trying to sloppily get around the local law against mobile advertising by masquerading these vehicles as something else. It’s so sleazy.

      • 91506

        In Burbank legal does not mean much if you have a few of our corrupt council members in your pocket. Wonder how many council members are getting free lap dances ?

  4. Tom

    Must be that these ads attract business from Burbank or they would not waste the money to put them up ? Anybody else noticing a lot more signs stuck to power poles and light poles along streets than we used to get ? I am seeing a lot of them on the weekends now.

  5. Robert

    Come November this American Latino will be voting NO on the big airport, NO on the higher sals tax for that crazy bus they think costs 200 million of our dollars, and no on any new or higher tax they stick on there. This American Latno will also vote for TRUMP ! BASTA on politicians taking our money and telling us what we can’t do we need encouragement and the people in power need to go find a real job for a change. #Latinosfortrump #MAGA

    • Anonymous 4

      Like that song and love the beat to it. Thanks

    • Anonymous

      As soon as I saw that Mr Rogers and Mis Luddy support Clinton I knew who I was not voting fo, birds of a feather flock together so when the crooks I know show support it tells me they support another crook

  6. chad

    Buena Vista and the railroad tracks as well I believe.

  7. Anonymous

    Hollywood Way and Chandler. Always a shitty old wooden 1/4 size billboard.

  8. Anonymous

    Maybe they can replace the current sign with a naked picture of Frutoes with a naked Tellamonty saying Vote for us come the next city election.

  9. Craig Sherwood

    Actually, those billboards are on Railroad property and is not subject to City of Burbank control. They are under federal law. Burbank has tried to get them removed but Southern Pacific says no. Even though the tracks are still not on Chandler, they still own the land rights, not Burbank

  10. chad

    You’re right Anon.

  11. Anonymous

    And that ugly van, now parked st Clark and Hollywood Way. Advertising, among other things, legal services for a bad abortion. In front of a church no less.. Or the one about stripper maids. Council has claimed in the past their hands are tied cuz if 1st amendment. And they can only park for 72 hours. Funny . Drove thru Beverly Hills via west Hollywood the other day.. Didn’t see any of this stuff. Thanks council !

    • semichorus

      Not so. If these are service vans, yes. They’re allowed. If that’s the strippers work van then it’s ok.


      If they are not, and are merely masquerading as such as pretext for mobile advertising, then they are clearly illegal. They’re commercial mobile advertising vehicles and only that.

      Burbank does need to rewrite its code to make it more bulletproof.

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