Airport boobs censor airport boobs

From the “takes one to know one” dept.
July 18, 2016 - Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. - Republican U.S. presidential candidate DONALD TRUMP gestures at his wife MELANIA TRUMP after she concluded her remarks at the Republican National Convention.  (Credit Image: � Mark Reinstein via ZUMA Wire)
Wonder if the Leader will get around to this little bit of bad publicity for their friends at the airport…


Two California airports find themselves tangled up in a story about Mariah Carey’s body parts.

On Monday, celebrity gossip and entertainment site TMZ reported that Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport and John Wayne Airport in Orange County were nixing the installation of billboards scheduled to go up near each airport to promote Mariah Carey’s upcoming shows at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

The issue, said TMZ, is that on the billboards Carey’s breasts are “barely covered by a gold sheet” and the airports consider the image “way too sexy.”

“Sure, we get that airports don’t want any, um … distractions for the pilots trying to land planes,” noted celebrity gossip blog, “but we’re hoping that Mimi gets the freedom to promote her residency in all her curvy glory.”

It’s definitely a titillating story, but when contacted by Today in the Sky, officials from both the Burbank and Orange County airports said the details in the TMZ story are wrong.

Neither airport can ban the content of billboards that go up off airport property, but each airport has staff that does weigh in on the ads airport advertising concessionaires plan to place on airport property and inside the terminals.

“The Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority received a proposal to post a Mariah Carey advertisement,” said airport spokeswoman Lucy Burghdorf. “It did not ban the proposed artwork. It simply requested that the artwork be revised.”


Bull. They censored the picture. And how bad could it possibly have been?

See how they lie?

They are right though. We can’t have such inappropriateness at our Burbank Airport:





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31 responses to “Airport boobs censor airport boobs

  1. Daniel

    Airport boobs for sure and airport crooks as well.

  2. Anonymous

    Just wait for the new terminal to make the friendly skies less friendly, cost more and less convenient. Ever have the misfortune of using the new not improved rental car facility yet ? It costs more for the inconvenience

    • semichorus

      That and the new “transportation center” are a great preview of what Burbank is going to get if this stupid and unnecessary project goes through.

  3. Norm

    So the airport requested the art work be changed but since this burgdorf douchbag says the art work was not banned i am guessing it goes up if change is declined ? Or is this Burgdorf douchebag just a liar ?

  4. Truth

    So where is anonymous 3 tonight ? Battery run low ? Sure anon 3 can defend his airport peeps, right ? After all Will Rogers can always find a way to bastardize truth right ? He calls it investigative reporting, but it always was nothing above the quality journalism one finds in the National Enquirer. Difference was Will’s inferior journalistic skills were in a throw away paper that was given away all over Burbank for FREE.

    • Anonymous

      The runt probably put her foot down about “Anonymous 3” posting here from the dais

    • semichorus

      A3’s (and Will Rogers’) corny little cliches and defamations about the airport critics don’t fit this site at all, and so they’re having a hard time dealing with the fact that a non “fever swamp” individual in town is making a better case for maintaining the current site than they are the opposite position.

      This “It’s a done deal!” claim ain’t too convincing a reason to vote for it, and I’m more left wing than they could or would ever be in life.

      Thus, the sudden “janitor” talk and all the smarminess that it involves — which doesn’t get very far.

      This doesn’t stop Rogers of course, who I understand has been going around lately and making additional psychological diagnoses of my whatever it is.

      It’s all they’ve got in the arsenal, really, and it often works with stupid people.

      • Kyle

        My feeling is that Rogers, Lubby, Talamonty and Frutoe just sold the citizens of Burbank out on the whole deal. My question really is what exactly are they getting out of the things they vote for because no way do I believe they have our interests in mind.

        • semichorus

          If you think someone like Donald Trump has your interests at heart, you’re wrong.

          He’s a very spoiled and stupid rich guy. Don’t kid yourself.

          Republicans are the party of the rich. Don’t be stupid.

        • Anonymous 3

          Yeah, they’re all out to get you.

          Just because you’re a paranoid does not make it untrue.

          Go hide under your bed.

    • Anonymous 3


  5. Anonymous

    Perhaps the airport could play this on a constant loop instead of the arriavls and departures on the tv screens they hav

  6. Lois

    Anonymous 3 ???
    Are you the peckerhead of Pepper Street?
    No wonder you look used up at the city council meetings.You spend all you time blogging on
    “That Angry Blog!”
    Which is thee absolute best source of ACCURATE information pertaining to “Burbank’s City Affairs!”
    Which consistently calls you out for all your lies!
    Yes Will , AKA Anonymous 3 ? You are a hypocrite,
    and a babbling idiot TOO!

  7. donkeypunch

    You win (bitch about it) either way, and you know it too dipshit.

    They put up racy billboards and you get to post some whiny-as-fuck cartoon about how it “wasn’t like this before”, and how they offend you. But we all know you’re happy to catch a glimpse of teat.

    • semichorus

      I love the “available.”

      You know, unless the topless maids are specifically using that van, the ad is illegal in Burbank. The BPD needs to check out these phony “work” vans — they’re clearly being used as mobile advertising only. The supposed utility of these vehicles is pure fakery.

  8. Robert

    California and coast to coast Latinosfortrump why ?

    We do not want to be talked down to . We do not want to be treated like we re dependent on government. We want freedom and we want truth and we are voting for Trump. He might not be perfect but he tells us what we need to hear and he inspires us to be proud to be AMERICAN.

    #latinosfortrump, #MAGA

  9. Truth

    Semichorus, so happy you support the removal of all walls, fences and doors so that everyone can simply go where ever they want. Just what wall do you think someone needs to hurdle ?

    I am suspecting you are speaking about a wall of racism, but open your eyes racism has changed it’s form today. The walls are created in the name of “charity” and “generosity” today.

    The people in power today are very racist. They hide it with their “oh we are such good people” and ” oh we are so generous” yet in reality they are into control and telling everyone what they can’t do.

    These so called thoughtful and generous leaders today sure like to make certain their own families and their friends and associates are taken care of yet the poverty level in the last few years has grown greatly, the middle class has declined and let’s be honest the murder rate across the country has shot through the roof.

    Excuse me but I believe Hillary was secretary of state and Obama has been president while the quality of life has declined for all Americans except the special class of government employees who se to get pay increases yearly and great pensions while everyone else is forced to shop at Walmart just to survive and the rulling class of liberals wants to take Walmart away from people as well.

    Open your eyes things are worse off now than they were 8 years ago and I did not even mention the highest debt in American history or the growth of unemployment with the black community.

    Sure keep the rulling class in power, elect Hillary and watch it all grow even worse because she has been a major player in the policies that have done so much harm already.

  10. chad

    Just saw a van on Hollywood Way and Clark advertising an attorney who can help you with accidents and bad abortions. I wish I was making this up.

  11. chad

    Truth, eight years ago we were entering into the worse economic meltdown since the Great Depression. Jayzuz.

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