Tarkovsky, Kiarostami retrospectives pegged for Burbank International Film Festival




Screenshot 2016-08-15 at 11.08.40 PM


Btw, except for “The Wave” — an aquatic disaster film from beyond the North Sea — what’s the “international” part?






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12 responses to “Tarkovsky, Kiarostami retrospectives pegged for Burbank International Film Festival

  1. chad

    How do you make a “thumbs up” emoji on a laptop keyboard?

  2. Anonymous

    California voters will be asked to decide a whopping 17 ballot initiatives this November, as corporations and interest groups turn to the direct democratic process to advance their causes.

    Voters will face questions relating to everything from legalizing marijuana for recreational use, banning the death penalty, taxes on cigarettes — and whether performers in pornographic films must wear condoms.

    So just where are they gonna shove the stupid Airport voter that puffer,etc insisted must be on the November ballot?. That thing will be pages and pages long. Serves ’em right if folks don’t vote cuz they can’t find it. ….

    • semichorus

      I know. It will lose its focus.

      Which of course is the point– encourage the unengaged to vote for one more shiny new thing, and NOT make it part of the normal city hall/election period debate.

      • R.T.

        Corporate interests ? You mean like buy an election just like the airport is trying to do ? What is 200,000 when your rich like that airport is anyway right ?

  3. Burbank News

    a Must see video of our taxpayer paid Burbank City Attorney attempting to explain and clarify deals and conflicts in things like the airport deal amongst other things. Doesn’t she make everything just so clear to you ?

    • Marilyn

      God help us with this attorney making legal deals for us ! How do we get this woman removed from her position ? This is such obvious incompetance. Imagine how a jury would react to her in court making arguments in a case. Is she like a discount attorney ? I hope she works for cheap.

  4. chad

    The Herzog doc was initially funded by Tesla. When the company started demanding that they see his dailies and cuts, Herzog resisted, found another funding source and bought out Tesla.

    • Question 4 Semichorus

      Hey at the council mtg tonight in this discussion with Dr Gordon and that city clerk it sounds like there is stuff available at the city clerks office now about this airport vote thing. Do you have it Semichorus ? I am not sure what it is but just thought we could see it faster here instead of never finding out about it in the Burbank paper.

  5. Burbank91505

    Mr Frutos must really think we are all stupid. Week after week he has this urge to tell us all about his little campaign activities. Arts for all ? Really ? Come on Mr Frutos the only thing you have done for the arts is to use them for face time in an attempt to get votes. Mr Frutos needs to accomplish something and end all of this self promoting and hollow empty efforts to look like you accomplish something.

    • Stan

      So these two women at council mtg are telling us all how they also want to add more to sales tax for some crazy metro transportation thing . The thing is crazy expensive and they have no idea how much it will end up costing. Kind of like the bigger airport on the same ballot. Sounds like a lot of things to vote no on come November.

    • 91505

      I have come to the conclusion that Frutos is just a self interested douchbag. He seems like the type that spends a lot of time in the bathroom looking at himself in the mirror.

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