GOP 2016


She’s right:






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9 responses to “GOP 2016

  1. Anonymous 3

    He’s a peach. Thank god there is no way he becomes president.

  2. Reality

    Beheading ….hmmm could be a good way to deal with incompetent Burbank politicians and attorneys maybe. Can we get it on the November ballot so more people get to vote for it ?

  3. Eileen

    Watched the video and the point digsby is making is ??? Does he try to act as if he does not know that under sharia law they are beheading people ? Trump did not say he wants yo behead people he said they are beheading people whic is true.

  4. Juan S.

    Return to WE THE PEOPLE where they work for us and not the other way around.


  5. Juan S.

    Hillary is all about women’s rights and minority rights but that’s only the talk when it comes to bring in the big cash, well Hillary is into the worst countries when it comes to human rights.Hillary sells us all out and has become a millionaire doing it. Crooked Hillary

  6. Anna

    I’m not with her !

    Being with “her” , like hearing this or not is like being with:

    Islamic terrorists who support Sharia Law
    Being with the corrupt political establishment
    Supporting nepotism
    Theft through taxation
    Being one with Gable Luddy
    Being one with Amy Albano
    Being one with the Burbank Chamber of Comerce
    Being one with the failures of the past
    Being one woth political corruption
    Surrendering to defeat

    As an American I will not surrender my freedom to ‘her” or “her” cronnies foreign or domestic.

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