Where can we get a divorce?



Why is this always considered to be a good thing?

Also attending the orientation was Supt. Matt Hill, who encouraged the new teachers to text him, email him or drop by his office any time.

“I have a very open-door policy,” he said.

The new school year marks Hill’s second as Burbank Unified’s chief.

“Burbank is a special place,” he told the educators. “We do come together as family.”

Not only is it absurd for a new boss to be talking about what a warm and wonderful family he’s lucky to be a part of, it’s also a horrible image for anyone to invoke. Just ask Danielle Baez about how great this BUSD “family” was to her.

Characterizations like his — and they all do it now, not just Hill — are always smarmy, unctuous, and unprofessional. They reek of insincerity and subterfuge. The schools and your employer are not your family, nor should they be.





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7 responses to “Where can we get a divorce?

  1. Anonymous

    Where did you find the photo of Ashley?

    • semichorus


      Not her. Not enough tattoos.

    • I.M.Disgusted

      WOW ! Ashley and family in the “HOOD” ?
      From Trailer to provided guest house and then on up to Evergreen Street!
      Talk about stepp’n on up?
      I guess Ashley owes it all to her Mentor, Sugar Daddy & Provider????

      • semichorus

        I’m tellin’ you, I’m doing something wrong here.

        Dixie, we’re not playing this town right. We should have pulled a Rogers years ago.

  2. Just Another Informed Voter

    Was there a City Council meet this week?
    According to the Follower there were Kids in The Park.
    TWO stories on Airport Authority.
    NO City Council.
    No coyotes.
    No Landlord-Tenant attempted appointment.issues.
    C’mon, the reporter was there–No stories.
    Do the editors need PERMISSION from staff at City Hall?
    Airport Commission didn’t meet this week–TWO stories???

    • Jack Ricketts

      Now that you mentioned it JAIV, the City did run a FULL PAGE legal notice recently it the local paper.
      Does anyone know the name of the “editor” these days.
      I mean the one who actually gives thumbs up or down?
      Too much fluff and Marquee, where’s the NEWS?????

      • semichorus

        Ah, the postmaster’s son! (I guarantee you that we’re the only two people in town who even begin to get this reference.)

        Or the guy with … The Grip!

        THE GRIP !!!!

        Does the Leader even still have an editor?

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