Tattoos and animal rescue



Just a quick question/observation. We’ve been seeing this everywhere now, but it’s especially apparent in Burbank. And it might really be more of an issue for Sigmund Freud than C. Wright Mills:

What’s the deal with formerly cool and interesting women suddenly becoming obsessed with rescuing animals and getting lots of weird tattoos the minute they hit their mid-40s? It’s become a noticeable condition that’s mostly afflicting semi-affluent white women.

It’s not just the forsaken dogs that this crowd is worrying about now, it’s also horses and elephants. The tattoos used to be literary minded, but now their subject matter involves exceedingly hostile, aggressive or other angry and off-putting imagery.

It seems like the further away from college these people get the more they decline intellectually. Their interests shrink to an obviously baser level, and it’s worse than the normal Burbank pathology would historically be responsible for (local outsiders have always jokingly known that there’s a classic IQ drop involved in hanging around Burbank too much).

So what’s going on now to cause such odd behavior in this age group? Or is everyone that age just squirrelly as hell?






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6 responses to “Tattoos and animal rescue

  1. Anonymous

    It’s all to make up for lack of sex.

    • semichorus

      I’ve noticed that quite a few of them were once randy little sluts. And happy about it. They had very fulfilling sex lives.

      So possibly, yes.

  2. Stan

    Hasn’t Mary Lou Howard been into loser Mike Nolan rescue since back in the eighties?

  3. F Beezer

    Tell us about it Dixie! hahahaha

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