So what about the schools? Where is Burbank going to put all these new kids?

Get used to that nightmarish “Burbank2035” document of a few years ago being used as an excuse for more outside development.

It’s already started.

This is from Crown’s recent mea culpa about why they want to put in 1,000 new “multi-family” apartment units at the old IKEA site:

According to the City’s vision, downtown Burbank is the ideal location for additional new housing in the city. As explained in the City’s General Plan, “Burbank 2035,”

“Downtown Burbank is the civic, shopping, dining, and entertainment center of the city and is also a major employment center. The area has direct and convenient access to public transit including buses and trains, and the compact nature of the street grid facilitates walking and easy pedestrian access. As a community center with transit access, it is appropriate for Downtown to have a higher allowable intensity of development than other areas of the community. The area is well buffered from residential neighborhoods, so any potential effects of higher intensity development on these neighborhoods are minimized.”



Guess what schools these families will soon be attending? Unfortunately, there’s no room at Miller or Emerson for all of these new downtown apartment units, which should make these several proposed projects complete non-starters.

You didn’t think of the schools, did you? — you Burbank staff members who wrote that horrid “Burbank2035” expansion plan. The one that automatically turned Burbank’s manufacturing and commercial zones into future “mixed use” profit centers for the landlording class.

But why should you have cared, really — most of you have gone on to lucrative jobs in the private sector, like Joy Forbes. You were never working for the rest of us.

As for the four council members who actually approved this particular version of Burbank2035 — and it didn’t have to be such — may they each rot in hell. What they’ve done to Burbank with this plan can never be reversed. It absolutely demands big development in town, and considers lack of such to be culpable.

Burbank2035 is a marketing plan for Burbank real estate. Look how it’s being used.




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15 responses to “So what about the schools? Where is Burbank going to put all these new kids?

  1. Nancy

    I am guessing they will build, build, build, and then we will be told we must pay, pay, pay, for more room in our schools. Of course the new overbuilding won’t pay for it we will all be expected to.

  2. Irwin Fletcher

    “We’re gonna need a bigger bond measure…”

    • semichorus


      The school issue is the deal breaker for these projects. There’s no room for them.

      Simply no room at Miller and Emerson for the population influx.

      • Gary

        A new bond ? Are we not already paying on this bond for like 25 more years ? Sure guys lets talk about the cost of housing being too high and oh by the way add more bonds to make it even higher. Great plan right there.

        • Irwin Fletcher

          It was sarcasm- of course I don’t want to pay for three bonds simultaneously. If you’ve been to a school board meeting, you’d know that the district often comes up with emergency expenses that require them to use Bond money for things it wasn’t planned for. We’re already going to start building new classroom buildings for the next few years for the kids we already know about.

  3. Irwin Fletcher

    McKinley is full too- not even accepting transfers

  4. Irwin Fletcher

    “Major employment center” ? For what, retail minimum wage jobs?

  5. chad

    You miss the point. The market for these new apartments are for singles and couples with no kids. They’re too sophisticated to be breeders.

    • Anonymous

      Chad is absolutely right. Burbank is the new Mecca for gay studio wannabe’s. “People, that’s what we’re all about!”

      • semichorus

        There’s studio wannabees everywhere. The gay ones at least have more entertaining personalities.

        • Anonymous

          And, also, no children…

          • semichorus

            If those new apts were going to be filled with Blacks and gays I’d say bring them on. We could have our own little Upper Upper East Side.

            But it’ll never happen. Just like those Angeleno complexes, they’ll be full of families.

  6. Matilda

    Just what is the BUSD doing with all the required $$ from the developers. My understanding it’s considered off the table, as in not in the budget reports. Where is this money being spent? No planning ahead? What about parking for staff that over-runs neighborhoods? School upgrades? Or will BUSD just wait for the overcrowding then a bogus claim for a new bond event.

    • semichorus

      The latter.

      Any responsible school district would be already screaming about these 1,500+ multi-family apts being foisted on downtown Burbank.

      Joan Baca from Washington would have been down there already. Alas, that was LONG ago.

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