Because they’re just like your friends


Don’t you love it when outside corporations try to invoke in you a smarmy sense of familiarity with your own surroundings?

Feel the warm, neighborhood fuzziness here…


Screenshot 2016-08-11 at 12.07.23 PM



Who the fuck are these people with this phony, unctuously ingratiating approach? Who even thinks of Burbank this way?


Screenshot 2016-08-11 at 12.09.01 PM


How about a box for jacking off alone at home?

That would be more in keeping with the average Burbank recreation. Who in Burbank does any of the above?







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11 responses to “Because they’re just like your friends

  1. Anonymous

    Just Bob’s old time Burbank.

  2. Burbank Resident

    Why is there no box there for me, it is the none of the above boxes

  3. Irwin Fletcher

    How about a box for: avoiding downtown traffic at all costs by staying home or leaving town?

    • Eric

      Avoid downtown. It is overpriced and it smells. Thank God for Walmart. Clean and affordable, unlike that dirty downtown.

      • CornFused

        Really? I was in that area a few weeks ago and decided to walk in. I will never make that mistake again…my only thought was how embarrassed Burbank should be for letting that place open. It has to be one of the worst shopping places I ever walked into. It’s like a big 99cent store after a black Friday sale. Absolutely terrible.

        • DixieFlyer

          Just as with Sprout’s–shop where you are comfortable.

          Burbank didn’t “let” them open.

          A Union-backed trio of local folks went to Court.

          Wal-Mart is now open.

          They own the land, not rent.

          They own the building, not lease.

          We get the sales tax, not LA in Panorama City.

          Absolutely wonderful.

          • Cornfused

            Nothing you’ve replied with addresses what a horrible store it is. Not to mention how rude and beat down some of the workers were.

            I don’t shop at Sprouts…walked in once (like I did with Walmart) and that was enough. I shop at Ralphs most of the time, but I’d really like a Stater Bros.

            • semichorus

              Both good union markets.

              In fact, Stater Brothers is so good to its employees that it never gets struck. They always sign their contracts right away.

  4. TONI

    I walked into Ross a few weeks ago and left within five minutes because of the smell. It is so gross in there. A security guard at the door? Ghetto. The mall is totally depressing and so tacky. Get rid of Macys and it’s over.

    • Irwin Fletcher

      RDL is abysmal and doesn’t deserve to occupy that corner, or reserve valuable parking in that lot. Similarly, “Burlington” is just a frigging head-scratcher to me and doesn’t deserve to anchor the mall corner. Both should be on the fringes of town, or in Empire Center, but not in the main shopping corridor.

  5. Slim

    I’ve been in nice Walmart’s somehow Burbank’s missed the mark won’t go back.

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