Think there’s still going to be those debates?



Back home, watch the Airport boosters around here start to compare those loony airport critics to “Trump” and Trump supporters. It’s inevitable.

Oh wait. They already have.

but an ample record shows he’s offering a Trump-like version of the calendar…

You know who’s being talked about here of course. And who’s doing the talking.



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6 responses to “Think there’s still going to be those debates?

  1. Greg

    Someone told my Golonski has a Hillary sign at his casa. That tell me he and Luddy and Rogers support her and they are people i do not trust.

  2. Citizen Cane

    Vote Trump!

    Hillary? Really? The Clintons have created their own world living above the law, raking in billions of dollars on the backs of tax payers. Thrown in at least 5 suspicious deaths this summer of people willing to testify against the Clintons and there is major concerns supporting get.

    What had Trump done? Financed his own campaign winning the GOP primary at a fraction of what others spent. Hillary has outspent Trump 90 to 1 in spending and she has a single digit lead.

    Trump has not hid anything (Libs want his taxes) and Hillary has delayed releasing, deleted, and hid 1000’s of emails about her activities. People like Semi who are experts in the Brown act and the FOIA, should be demanding Hillary produce this data, but Semi will give her a pass, she is the next best thing to feeling the Bern.

    • semichorus

      Everything you’re saying is a lie.


      Condoleeza Rice deleted ALL of her emails when she left office; Colin Powell had his own personal server just like Hillary; Trump won’t release his tax returns because they’ll prove he’s a crook and a liar; and only right-wing NUTCASES would claim that she’s murdered people.

      You Republicans are nuts these days. Truly pathetic.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with Citizen Cane, Hillary is going backwards and those who want to go backwards are doing that for their own personal gain and power

  3. CornFused

    I wish they both would just drop out and go away. Let the VPs move up a spot and fight it out…Trump and Clinton have to be the worst candidates to ever get the nominations. The only positive with Trump is he’d only be in for 4 years until hopefully this country wakes up and finds someone of value to take the reins. I don’t think he could do too much damage in 4 years. Clinton would be in for 8 years…so I’ll take a chance on a shorter run with hopefully help on the way in 2020.

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