Why is the Landlord-Tenant Commission being packed with landlords — and due to the council?


Our city council is also being asked this week to fill an LTC position solely because they kicked off one of the tenant representatives for reasons of absenteeism — despite the rest of the Commission pleading for his retention. Rogers wanted to keep this member on, but the other four voted to remove him.

The problem with this action is that — besides being unfair, and against the wishes of the rest of LTC membership — it involves replacing him with one of two landlords. Both of the applicants for the open position work in property management, and they are the only two people on the appointment list.

Now this would not be happening if Burbank hadn’t changed its old LTC membership rules about 15 years ago. In the old days the Municipal Code spelled out a 2-2-1 qualification requirement for the Commission: two members had to be tenants, two landlords, and one a neutral resident who was neither.

Since the LTC member removed last month was not a professional property manager (he worked in the entertainment industry), the old rules would have necessarily pegged his replacement as a tenant — or at least someone not in the business. So what you have right now is an either intentional or unintentional bias in LTC membership, and in favor of the landlords. Those two up for tomorrow night could be considered under the old rules.

So where are all the tenants on the Commission? Where are their voices?

For reasons of equitability, the LTC membership rules must be changed. And why were they ever changed to begin with?



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6 responses to “Why is the Landlord-Tenant Commission being packed with landlords — and due to the council?

  1. DixieFlyer

    Tuesday City Council meet was priceless.

    Frutos asked about the “current” make-up of the Landlord-Tenant group.


    There were responses, just not answers.

    Shitty Attorney and Clerk were unwilling to acquire the answer.

    Poor performance by both.

    Are the minutes so bad that they are no longer representative of what occurred at meetings?

    Be sure to watch the rerun and give a shout.

    • semichorus

      I noticed that.

      Staff knows. They just don’t want to say.

      So the obvious answer is that it’s now known as the “Burbank Landlord Commission.” Which I’m sure those three would think was A-OK: what better group of people than landlords to help out our tenants with their problems?

      After all, this is Burbank.

      To be fair, I suspect Rogers believes in the original purpose and makeup of the LTC.

      • DixieFlyer

        At first you were right.

        Then as he watched and listened to staff, he just floated out to space.

        He started to remember, then his brain stuttered and stammered.

        The runt refuses to give a straight cogent answer, ever.

        City Clerk needs to build her self-confidence and not let the Shitty Attorney discourage her from responding with common sense.

  2. Anonymous

    Rogers looked more confused than he did about a belief in anything. The man believed so much he wanted to move forward and appoint even more landlords to the thing. Some commitment from your boy Rogers right there

    • Claudio

      Will the Burbank Leader (follower to many) cover this Saturday?

      • semichorus

        A comedy club.

        Or a warm personality story about someone from way back in time.

        Like 1990. Some harmless sort in town who never had a brain in his or her head. A natural community favorite.

        See Claudio, we could write this stuff for them. Maybe throw in some society news about La Canada.

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